Smashed in a sentence as an adjective

"But Apple just took existing parts and smashed them in a case!

It's like you're on the beach getting repeatedly smashed by waves that get bigger and bigger.

I'm continually surprised at how many people I see using iphones with smashed screens on trains or the Tube.

"The impact smashed the patrol car’s windshield, leaving the deputy with cuts on his arm and glass in his eyes.

Moreover, we're not talking about any random game, we're talking about this very specific game, GTA V, which has smashed existing sales records.

Basically these engineers decided to be really clever, painted themselves into a corner, smashed a hole in the wall so as to escape from said corner, and then bragged about how great they are.

And, again, economists are primarily concerned with growing the pie.> At least since the followers of Ned Ludd smashed mechanized looms in 1811, workers have worried about automation destroying jobs.

\nHis ex-wife reportedly testified that on several occasions when \nshe unwittingly disturbed either his calculus or his drums he \nflew into a violent rage, during which time he choked her, threw \npieces of bric-a-brac about and smashed the furniture.

The paragraph after then one you quoted starts with:When [Bilbo] peeped out in the lightning flashes, he saw that across the valley the stone-giants were out, and were hurling rocks at one another for a game, and catching then, and tossing them down into the darkness where they smashed among the trees far below, or splintered into little bits with a bang...They could hear the giants guffawing and shouting all over the mountansides.

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