Pie-eyed in a sentence as an adjective

Because it's hard to pick out which of your arguments are pie-eyed what-if's.

This is why more merchandise is coming out with pie-eyed Mickey's. Making sure the trademark is rock solid.

With the insane power consumption, it's more like, "We must plow our fields under and plant only tulips, says pie-eyed lunatic with life savings in tulips.

I've got plenty of roof and reasonable capital to purchase gear but nowhere near the time to ferret out what's legit, what's a pie-eyed-pile-of-**** and what's an outright scam.

Yes, us head-in-the-clouds idealists with our pie-eyed demands that encrypted message protocols not leak the contents of our messages to anyone who can intercept them.

Off the top of my head: 'bladdered', 'blotto', 'hammered', 'pie-eyed', 'pissed as a newt', 'ratted', 'sloshed', 'squiffy', 'sozzled', 'trollied', 'wasted', 'wellied'These typically result from a night 'on the lash' or 'on the ****',

Pie-eyed definitions