Cockeyed in a sentence as an adjective

One time Feynman was giving a lecture and said “This triangle looks a little cockeyed.

Anyone used to the Western formatting will quickly get cockeyed seeing those numbers at a glance.

Sometimes even when you have it oriented the correct way, it doesn't always go in because you have it slightly cockeyed.

My sister always sang "But I'm only a cross-eyed octopus" instead of cockeyed optimist.

It also requires unusual attitude recovery, a drill where you cover your eyes and the instructor puts the plane at a cockeyed angle and you have to recover using only instruments.

Cockeyed definitions


turned or twisted toward one side; "a...youth with a gorgeous red necktie all awry"- G.K.Chesterton; "his wig was, as the British say, skew-whiff"

See also: askew lopsided wonky skew-whiff


incongruous;inviting ridicule; "the absurd excuse that the dog ate his homework"; "that's a cockeyed idea"; "ask a nonsensical question and get a nonsensical answer"; "a contribution so small as to be laughable"; "it is ludicrous to call a cottage a mansion"; "a preposterous attempt to turn back the pages of history"; "her conceited assumption of universal interest in her rather dull children was ridiculous"

See also: absurd derisory idiotic laughable ludicrous nonsensical preposterous ridiculous