Random in a sentence as an adjective

It prevents random people near by phone from being unable to unlock it.

It does not have, as its primary goal, the delight of random web users.

I do use this feature -- I often select random blocks of text while reading.

For example, you can think of the market as a random walk with an upward bias.

Not in comments, buried in random threads, but in somewhere prominent on the site.

Provide your password to some random site purporting to check if your password's been compromised.

If you meet probation terms such as random drug testing and so forth, then your conviction record is "erased".

Pick places at random, have low expectations, and spend your life constantly being pleasantly surprised.

Mainly from the recent crop, but those bad seeds kinda ruin the whole "work for a random anonymous YC company!

Cherry tried to circumvent that by having sub-contractors, which in other words means giving some random joe $5 to wash some car.

✓Have an existing audience you can leverage to get some random Google employee's attention?

Exactly, and this is why this random variable was so intimidating.

I don't care about that answer, and I especially don't care about some random internet commenter's opinon on that topic.

More ideas about this in passage: "Right, so you send it to random internet hosts"- The internet lets one hear their own beliefs echoed back with such force that it drowns out any other input.

But, since you only made it through the few paragraphs of the paper, you missed an intuitive explanation that's right there on that page from an paper reproduced by that blog post:Stated informally, the k-means procedure consists of simply starting with k groups each of which consists of a single random point, and thereafter adding each new point to the group whose mean the new point is nearest.

How can I take the article seriously when it says that "GitHub has been embroiled in a series of diversity controversies, such as programmers adding racial and sexist slurs into their code", which links to an article where someone took GitHub search and found random people putting bad words into their public repos?This author can't seem to distinguish between the code employees at GitHub write, and code users put onto GitHub.

Random definitions


lacking any definite plan or order or purpose; governed by or depending on chance; "a random choice"; "bombs fell at random"; "random movements"