Soaked in a sentence as an adjective

The water soaked through, blocking Lomax’s mouth and nose.

One disk was soaked from a fire sprinkler system in a small business' office.

I have been up all night because my sweats soaked my bed and I don't want to fall back asleep just to wake up in sweat again.

An army without profanity couldn't fight it's way out of a ****-soaked paper bag."

I was getting soaked in the rain and making myself late, but felt I owed it to her to stay put and make sure she came through it all OK.

Highly refined, protein and fiber reduced, extended with fillers and soaked in sweeteners.

Even after there is income, there would be loss carry-forwards that would have soaked up income taxes from the first couple of profitable years.

Probably a combination of fatigue and not wanting to deal with the toxicity these type of threads tend to be utterly soaked in.

The increases in spending are indeed soaked up by overpaid administrators and their teams, known as "institutional support.

Most of the time, it's a sugar coated grain-based product soaked in a sugary liquid that is somehow healthier when you remove all the fat from it and add more sugar.

The one time I actually did miss a connection I wound up with a free night in a very nice hotel, but the whole thing soaked up quite a few man-hours of time at the airline's end.

The goal was to get the President of the respective business unit soaked, and elaborate measures were taken to prevent it, even enclosing Ed Zander in a plexiglass container.

Soaked definitions