Pixilated in a sentence as an adjective

A bit of topic, but it really bugs me, that the banner on the top so pixilated.

One screen that pixilated badly after a fall onto the street in my satchel, replaced by IBM.

I want to love it, but too often it undercuts it’s own value proposition by being pixilated, jaggy and slow.

I tried it with the latest Chrome on my Nexus 5 and as AshleysBrain said, it is really pixilated in contrast to the desktop version.

Zooming will not reduce bandwidth requirement, unless the zoomed image is also pixilated.

Heh, this 'leak' probably was on purpose and from a machine that is so old/blocky/pixilated to make the public see this as a non-issue.

This is really good fun except it's incredibly difficult to read the navigation beacon names, even with zoom it is just very pixilated.

Playing that game at 144hz makes it feel incredibly real, even if its blocky and pixilated, the movements are incredibly organic and the camera turning feels like a head turning rather than spinning around on Google Maps.

Pixilated definitions


naughtily or annoyingly playful; "teasing and worrying with impish laughter"; "a wicked prank"

See also: arch impish implike mischievous prankish puckish wicked