Sloshed in a sentence as an adjective

And then Win32 happened and coolaid got sloshed around.

But I'm ok with the unfairness getting sloshed around a little as we reduce it.

As another poster pointed out, there are plenty of billions being sloshed about.

To make things worse, it's considered a great "social activity", much like going to a bar to get sloshed with friends.

You can have a drink or two and still have meaningful conversations, but getting sloshed is just stupid.

The only way it could come in contact with water is if I sloshed around from side to side to make waves, which I don't do.

Those who don't want to participate in getting sloshed regularly... need not apply?

People at exhibit openings tend to get positively sloshed.

Her diet, while generally good, made plenty of room for curries and lager, and she liked to get pretty sloshed on her birthdays.

Or heck, not a scientist at all. Sadly that seems to be the source of 90% of diet "wisdom".Now let us get back to honestly saying that we like to drink to get sloshed, without any excuses of health or even just taste.

Of course, you don't know that in reality you're just being sloshed through some bureaucratic machine that isn't operating by the same logic.

Instead, everything just collectively gets paged out to disk, then sluggish and sloshed, and eventually inoperable.

If I feel like a genius after downing a fifth of bourbon, that does not make bourbon "mind-enhancing", even if the genius ideas that I have while so sloshed turn out to be right.

Maybe you didn't mean to use that example, but I think your point is kind of defeated if you say when women are simply being conservative or cautious and append that to a very non-cautious act. Getting sloshed is not the cautious way to go about something whether you are male or female.

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