Slopped in a sentence as an adjective

You can see your data being slopped around and processed.

I know it's a few days late, but I was bored between classes so I slopped this together.

I absolutely despise that my current place has a slopped roof.

"CPython3 was slopped together" - From my perspective, most of it has been extremely well thought out.

> Every gulp of ooze that slopped down my throat left my mouth feeling simultaneously dry and greasy.

"Pa says that all sorts of cliffs and buildings toppled, oceans slopped over, swamps and sandy deserts gave great sliding surges that buried nearby lands.

I feel itchy when all my **** is just slopped into a single folder, especially when I need to work in the terminal for something.

What a terrible language for teaching beginners, full of syntax and slopped-together features.

[0]- Downloads are still dramatically in Python2's favor, to this day. Judging from downloads, there's a ~10% community userate of Python3.- The bullet above means that the Python3 packages you do use are far less vetted and tested than the Python2 equivalent.- CPython3 was slopped together.

Ive worked with so many Docker houses of cards slopped together that like to pull the latest docker images regularly in their docker compose and, surprise, something changes in that images structure and assumptions they were leveraging that breaks the rest of the application.

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