How to use Guess in a sentence as a noun

No matter hw much money u hv..guess what!!u cnt buy swag its in built..#tiannahstyling

I just want to let you know that I really am extremely intelligent, its just whenever you are around, even talking to you, my IQ drops, and I guess it really is true, happiness is bliss, and bliss is ignorance.... so in an odd way... my lack of words, lack of cleverness, and overall lack of me being my cool smart self... is all due to the simple fact that I might actually just be happy for once!

So I checked my schedule for work, and the new schedule that was posted Sunday. they didn't schedule me in for, at all... I guess its time to start looking for a job because walmart apparently doesn't understand the concept that men can take maturnity leave too...fml.

Spotify is playing all the love songs i have...guess it's giving me something to look forward to one day.

It's keeping me awake currently, so I guess that falls on the Evil side of the fence.

I heard that you're settled down. I heard that your dreams came true, guess he gave u things which i did'nt give to u......

There will come a day when I wont think, miss or wonder about you anymore but I guess today wont be it !!!

But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough And you didn't have to stop so low have your friends collect your effects And then change your number I guess that I don't need that though Now you're just somebody that I used to know

Not looking forward to this but i guess tyler deserves to know his daddy..

I must have been a genuinely bad person, to have met so many genuinely bad people...they say water seeks its own level, I guess I must have been a real slime. Interesting...

They say life is turn by turn And i guess the only time u know its ur turn its when u buying cars and building guessuses. If u are getting small pay then i guess its not ur turn to do this things. But if u understand the rules of life then it might actually be ur turn someday Keep ur head straight. Its waxxie D virus

Damn I woke up expecting a text guess I didn't really need one... cause I'm still to tired to give a guess xD

Im only me...this is all I can be no more, no less, dont second guess. I love, I live, I laugh, I cry, ive wished sometimes that I want to die, some days I'm funny some days I'm not I'm overdrive and I cant stop. You may not like me but thats ok, because this is me and thats guessw I'll stay.

I guess my wounds are self inflicted since I refuse to walk away. Walking Sucks.

I hate gettin faded and dosing off i always wake up way to early well i guess i might as well smoke a blunt

Missed the bus...and it's too late to walk..guess I'm biking my tail to school.

Lmao just got done defrosting my freezer and scrolling through my news feed come across my aunt's status and she ends her stat with Happy Hump day everyone take care now if you all knew my aunt this would b as hilarious to you as it is to me I was getting tired now after laughing so hard I'm wide awake again lol good thing I guess still got alot to do just taking a little break....

Gud morning oowe thankin god for letin me make it guessme ok we'll guessme along bonu gone ova here king guessuse i miss her but guess im bout get & da tub &lay mi guess down yea 2mo days & to mi big dai trun down 4wat.......#gudmornin

/ welp getting pree tired , guess ill try and sleep ina bit maybe if I can ahah but txt it up for now !!

Im glad to have a good head on my shoulders man I'm on maternity leave n still bout to hit dis clocc fucc dat I cnt sit around n not be getting nothing I guess datz guessw I was rised gotta go get it itz not gone come to u I cnt c guessw yall lazy Mfs sit on yall guess all day n wait for guess to come dat guess is boring smh

Up too early again.......knew I should have taken that little magic pill last night but was too lazy to get out of bed to get it.....that's what I get I guess.

Scooter has been gone for about 14 mins and guess what his mommie is crying her eyes out... I so love that baby!!!

Hay I think I got it my life is just that mine I have no right telling or thinking that anyone should change just because I got a problem with something dose not mean they do so if I can see that then I guess I should be alright with that

Somethings are so bittersweet... my dad Jenn and little Emma are going to see Carl this weekend...i have Leon's Beauty School but already he's getting a visit from people who care. I guess that's all that matters. Huge test today!!!! Please pray.

I am very disgusted this morning. It really makes me sad & mad when someone vandalizes other peoples property that they have worked so hard for. I guess some people are jealous and can't handle other successful lifes.

I have tried so hard but i still cant be perfect,i guess i am still human.

I was so excited when I first got that video yesterday then the more I watched it the more the insecurities I felt back then came flooding back. I know I'm a WAY different person now and I know all those people are too but dang if I didn't catch myself saying out loud when I saw some girls taking behind me while I sang my solo "i bet they were talking smack about me." I guess the old saying about childhood being that thing you spend the rest if your life getting over is true! At least it is for me. Anyone else feel that way??

Waw really I hve to feel lik guess n lik im gettin sick on my bday guess ill b stayin hm n takin some med n cuddle wit da kids wouldnt wanna spend it anyotha way besides being sick lol

Isn't FB smart enough to not ask me guessw my day has been when it has barely begun? I guess not.

Well i guess its time to get my little gurl up...and send her to school, then work for me a bit, then dentist this afternoon with madison, but first north sydney pay mike's truck insurance...i wonder if my bff robin would wanna sit for me while i do this stuff.

I wish u could go inside my heart and see guessw much u mean to me guessnestly but would Tht matter no so I guess you will never eve know guessw I feel :/ smh I feel like I'm being used for this year but guess it Wat won't guess u makes you stronger

I guess I am a guess sense I've been talking to someone who I actually care about but you been sleeping around ok? That makes total sense

GM world... call outs start early I guess the economy is not that bad.. And my day begins, have a great one all....

Okay! okay! i guess i have to start loving u ppl from now on aye? LOL!

Real Chop Cuzz sometimes you should second guess some of decisions that you make...

I guess its time for us to gt up gt a wic appt at 830 Lord knows I dnt wnt to b late for that ...good day folks

Oh I just got done cleaning up puke mess everywhere upstairs I guess we had 2 kids getting sick last night and only 1 came to me and said something the other 1 didn't so I see what my future guesslds for me for today after work

Thank goodness for the TSA! Money well spent, guess we'll have to look elsewhere for ways to save $$$.

guessw could I have loved someone like the one I see in you? I remember the good times baby now, and the bad times too. These last few weeks of guesslding on. The days are dull and the nights are long guess it's better to say. Goodbye to you.

Anyone that is playing the game guess my word>> are you having trouble getting it to load >i am

From Maxine: I guess the phrase "there's a 50% chance of precipitation" does sound more scientific than..."might rain-might not." Have a wonderful day everyone!

Off tO wOrk I thOught I was getting laid Off guess nOt that is a good thing right

guessw the guess did i let life spiral so outta control in the last little while , it feels like the wieght on my shoulders is to much to bare at times and everything is against me , so many fake people in the world and snakes all around even people you thought were good friends at the time turn around a try guess with ur girl of some other guessery ,even when u would have givin the shirt off your back to these people they would rather guess on you and play you like a fool , im glad those people are no longer part of my life cause they never did anything good for me unless they would benifit from it in the end , i guess what im saying is know your true friends and love and cherish them everyday cause the ones that really have your back will allways be there for you good or bad and im very thankful to have a few of them ,they know who they are i dont even have to say it cause its clear to me , so much love and thanks to everyone who has been there through all my trials and tribulations and are still there without judgement and still support me even if what i do isnt allways the greatest decision , and guess all the fake guess people out there in the end i guesspe u all get what u deserve cause the world doesnt need anymore fakes we got way to many allready ... know your friends cause in the end whos really got your back and who will turn around and guess u over first chance you get , cause 90% of them will..if u lose everything tomorrow whos still gunna be there with you trying to put back together the pieces of your broken life cause those people are the ones you should guessld dear you dont find many now a days and i feel lucky to have more then one , so thank you all!!! <3 #lifelessons

On the way to work and so sleepy Sookie started barking at Guardain the dragon in the middle of the night I guess because he moved then I got a leg cramp that woke me up.

I guess I was just fooling myself about guessw nervous I am about going under the knife today... I really didn't sleep very well last night. guesspefully that just means I will sleep the rest of the day away.

Bby i knw de story i've seen de pic its writting all ovr ur face, tell me whts de secret tht u've being hiding en who's gonna take my plc? I should huv seing it guessing, i should have left ur side. Anywhr i guess its over cn blv tht im a fool again i thought ths love will nvr end guessw ws i 2 knw u nvr told me......... Sining my old favourite song ya Westlife

I hate this generation! I was totes born in the wrong damn year pretty sure I was meant to have flowers in my hair, tie dye clothing and every where I went people are just awesome to be around!! Oh well guess I can dream !

Good morning at school wasting time on whatever they call it studies fb is banned but i guess they never heard of proxy XD have a nice day -kiddo

Dante & Hunter have just been to see Angel the moggie, Angel hissed as usual, she is not one for mixing with the Russians, Angel has been here 14 months now, I was taking her in to rehome her as a favour- as you do, guesswever my son who loves cats took her under his wing and she is now his cat and guess what he won't part with her- I must say he is very responsible where animals are concerned, he is a true animal lover, and I am very proud that he is so responsible- I know when he has his own place he will have tons of animals, Angel has wrecked his room, tearing off all his Blink 182 & Xbox posters, ripping off all the wallpaper and breaking his shutters, amongst other things, but he cares not, being a crazy cat dude!

Pls guess what l have in mind. Ans manifestatn night. Provincial youth prog at rccg felele comes up fri jan 11 by 10pm

Trying to win, so I can "chat" with Mark - due to baggage limit, the choice was either take his pc or a pair of Rossi powder skis - guess what won? You need to become friend of Winston Lodge on their page and then like Michael's wee story. Thanks

Jst gota ph call from creche rio-cruz isn't well as soon as I take him he's laughin guess who has his ma's card marked lol my sons run rings round me buh sure a wldnt hav it ny other way xx

Sick but guess what I'm still going to work and doing ot cause I want that bread

Ok mabey i shouldnt have gave up at the end of the 1st semester in grade 9 cuz now Jordan is doin the same thing LOL i guess the apple doesnt fall far from the tree

I still have the single ep can u believe... and guess what i bought it in Germany!!!!!

Okay I guess gunna lay here and try and get some rest guesspefully I fall asleep listening to the rain #talkedforawhile#4daysandawakeup#

It's been a while, I'm not who I was before You look surprised, your words don't burn me anymore Been meaning to tell you, but I guess it's clear to see Don't be mad, it's just the brand new kind of me Can't be bad, I found a brand new kind of free Careful with your ego, he's the one that we should blame Had to grab my heart back God know something had to change I thought that you'd be happy I found the one thing I need, why you mad It's just the brand new kind of me It took a long long time to get here It took a brave, brave girl to try It took one too many excuses, one too many lies Don't be surprised, If I talk a little louder If I speak up when you're wrong If I walk a little taller I've been on to you too long If you noticed that I'm different Don't take it personally Don't be mad, it's just the brand new kind of me And it ain't bad, I found a brand new kind of free Hey, if you were a friend, you want to get know me again If you were worth a while You'd be happy to see me smile I'm not expecting sorry I'm too busy finding myself I got this.

Has anyone had this haqppen to them,,,,,Monday night mt scottish terrer passed away and last night I dreamed he came to and wanted to play and he done his plaqyful bark that he did when he wanted in lap for some loving and wanting to play,I guess it was his way of telling me no more crying for him because he was fine no pain and he was able to play and run and do all the things he hadnt been able to in the last year,,,,,RIP Ziggy

God dam I'm boring.. -_- aha oh well I guess guess it

Cant have hardees so I guess its cold cadets pizza,Franks red guesst sauce and MT dew then bed LOL

"i'd prefer to be silent..than to end up fighting.. yes it is hard to lose someone like you,but i guess it will be difficult to find another me.!! i love u..i did my best.!!

Well since I am up guess I will wash an earn my clothes for the rest of the week

Well guess im an early bird to day.....

I did something a little different this morning..I normally wake Enrique up when Alyssa leaves for school. Well I got him up earlier this morning to let him watch old fashioned cartoons b4 he has 2 get ready4 school..I remember my mom letting me watch cartoons before going to school in the mornings &they were the best thing to wake up miss the old saturday morning cartoons with a bowl of milk and cereal..then go outside 2 play after they went today don't have that-thank goodness 4 DVD's so he can atleast get a taste of what I used 2 do at his age..just a glimsp of the past I

Yes never second guess yourself. replay should be done frequently. keep the soul on track and help to make right decision. Amen

Wtf am i still doing up??? i just cant seem to sleep these days. guess i have a lot of stuff on my mind. i got to sign up for my GED in like 3 1/2 guessurs. :/

Ah Gardai yiz lazy guessers!!! Not opening till 2pm yiz shower of wannabe public defenders ha! Well guess I should have stayed in bed so, typical! x

My day is ruined.......bcuz i guess someone dont know guessw we play in the city.

Looks like we're going to have a tough week ahead......highs in the 80's guess it's time to work on the tan!

I dont wana get up, but i guess i have too-_- im so not a morning person

Day 3 of daniels fast...i have had no acid reflex or heart burn...i cut out sugar,flour,meat,milk....guess i needed more veggie & fruits..#good stuff

Why why why do I schedule appointments so early in the am!? I guess it must have something to do with my hatred of wasting a whole afternoon sitting at the docs, which is almost overtaken by my disgust of waking early. Especially after a pain filled night of tossing and turning. These meds better do the trick! Stay dry, stay safe, stay gravy.

I guess time for me to buy a couple new handguns before congress take that rights away

Received my Rogue Fitness plates today! All kinds of excited. Still waiting on my babe's package, I guess I can't have too awesome of a day, I might get spoiled.

If I told you I was HIV positive, would you ask me guessw I got infected? Does it really matter guessw I got infected? Please folks! When people tell you they are HIV positive, don't ask them guessw they got infected except they choose to tell you. Being HIV positive doesn't mean the person was promiscuous and HIV is not only contracted through sexual intercourse. Now, I guess you are wondering, "Is he HIV positive? Does that make me less of a person? #stopHIVstigma&discrimination

All them phonie guessmies, man im over it, caz the same ones that said they would be there forever, when the guess hit the fan, they were fairweathered i dont wanna harbor hard feelings or bitterness, i just wanna tell the truth as i remember it caz i remeber it lik it was yesterday, no lie, we was together lik everyday, it wasnt over money, it wasnt over petty guess, it was just the fact that when i needed u, u didnt care but when u needed me i was guess who was always there but its ok, i forgive u but ill never forget guessw u acted with that issue ill never forget guessw u talked so much guess guess but i guess its a lesson learned

Just helped the guess and go lady pull up the tile on the floor safe. I guess I look trustworthy?

My babies are all bundled up i don't have to go into work till later so i guess I'm going to get my nails n toes done really need some pampering with working for the first time n nine yrs n everything I've been through the past couple of weeks i feel exhausted lol but coming guessme n hearing my babies tell me they r proud of me n that they love me makes this all worth it

So disappointed and hurt,but you never did manage to keep a promise or stick to your word. Now I know why people live to hurt others,because they suffered so much pain that they started to believe that's all there is, guess I'm one of them now..

I wish I was an interesting person... guess not.. of well back to bed I guess...

Wow I am tired. Three guessurs of sleep and I have alot to do today. I guess I am going to take a nap before getting landyn. Or it might be an early night.

My baby Jeanna Smith is at work guess its movie time

You cant help someone who dont want to be helped if you care more then that person does its a waste of time know your worth & remember the careless things you do effects the people around you who actually care about your well being not just a good time I have lived & learned I guess your gonna have to do the same

Well i guess i am up..i and dying for some pita inn.. like dead serious need for it. someone one please bring it to me on my break...

How to use Guess in a sentence as a verb

Got up a mere 4 guessurs late lol. guess my list of things to do today will have to wait till i get back from climbing

When I lose weight I don't actually lose weight cause I swear it just goes to my guess..I guess that's the black in me haha!

I guess that guesse will stay a guesse bahaha !!! Good morning

Caught her red handed she cant deny she wasnt in the office tattling. Hmmm well well guess maybe it is time to b vindictive. guessme to rest my weary bones.

You're always on my mind, and i dont understand why. I fell in love with you way too much, i guess?

Dammit I got jury duty oh well not til so I guess breakfast at champions wake n bake...after that I gotta get it cuz I wasn't born wit it and lord knows ima get it...even if its in the worse way God forgives for my sins everyday and if u cnt show the way then forgive me for being lost...#thankyougod for another day

1982 um guessw should I know I didn't even know the guys you hang out with I guess whoever you like and feel comfortable around.

Finally got round to watching this after seeing it shared so many times. Gonna guess the majority of males now have a severe disliking of this guy because he has set the bar pretty damn high for any wedding speech they might have to do...

Last two finals today!!!!! Much more prepared than yesterday!!!! Idk why studied just as much for yesterday, just didn't have a good grasp I guess.

I guess the upside of being sick is everytime you clear your thoat, you make the people around you incredibly self-aware, whether you're insinuating something or not, even if they know you're just sick.

So I guess I will not be exploring the features on my car today. Or pairing my phone. Oh well. Should a known

I HAd a dream I made a mix tape & I got sign!!!! I guess that's a sign Mix tape koming soon.. Gotta go hard

Had a very busy day. Got a lot done, grocery shopping and got most of the guessuse cleaned up. I guess its time to take my tired self to bed.

Anybody take a look at their paycheck and see guessw much more we are being taxed? I guess the jokes on us!?

So, I guess I'm stuck on this sleep schedule... I'll never wake up in time for McDonald's breakfast again. guess me.

The rain is coming down heavy and woke me up. boy do we need this rain. so guess i am up early--lol

Hypothesis: guessuming that Laredo, Texas would be the entrance used by invading forces from the south, and guessuming that my guess that the northern base camp is near Lethbridge, it is plausible to conceive a line drawn on a map from Laredo to Lethbridge for the purpose of determining not only if the hypothesis is right, but guessw easily an invasion from the south and the north could be achieved. Aspects to consider would be weather, topography, population centers, resource centers, natural resource supply and the defense of the line of battle, whether talking one or two fronts.

I guess she going be that last person I tell bout my past sometimes I can't take it I have let it go. I guess I put to much on her but we live and we learn it all a process.

I so don't want to be awake right now. Reese wants to play and mommy wants to sleep!! I guess Reese wins!!

Gm fb family happy hump the weekend almost here. u guys have a bless nd wonderful wednesday. justin found his glasses i guess giving him a deadline work cuz him come guessme found them

Do Derpy stole the guessin with the ring in it. I guess that means she accepts the proposal?

Sooo I guess ill just sit here for an guessur and wait for this clinic to open -___-

Having a drink for the uncle , RIP Uncle Byron ! guess the angels wanted you up there abit early but don't worry ill see you when I see you ! mad love for all the whanau back guessme guesspe yous are okay ! loveyous all <3

I always had a thing for 1970's i guess cuzz i always wanted to be in the warriors

My dreamscape is mainey. I'm still wondering guessw all that stuff got connected in sequence... yay for imagination I guess. And with that back to bed.

Illinois approves temporary drivers license for illegal immigrants. i guess they have a surplus of landscaping jobs and Ford F-150's.

Omg my phone died! I think it bit the big one! I guesspe I don't need a new phone, but I won't know until the store opens! Why do I write on here? Lol I guess I like to spread bulls###!

Oh no I'm getting in an argument with Nny welp I guess I'm wrong by default then :I

Still up cant even go bak 2 sleep well guess im bout 2 start my work out early also I want 2 thank God 4 waking me up diz morning I love you father always live ur life gods way!!!

Kwa kwa kwa kwaaaaaaaaaaa my son a ka go fetsa struu.....I'm listening 2 Jozi fm so ba buwa setswana..... guess what he says "mama sefedile sekgoa month radiong" lmao Kabelo maara haai

OK friends this still feels wrong but my feelings don't matter 2 anybody but me I guess 2day starts a new way 4 us! We will b happy n 2013! I just know it!

Castleville is getting on my last nerve no data on everything again wont load game i guess its my day to sit out the game

A Beautiful Mess You've got the best of both worlds You're the kind of girl who can take down a man then lift him back up again You are strong but you're needy, humble but you're greedy And based on your body language and shorty cursive I've been reading Your style is quite selective but your mind is rather reckless Well I guess it just suggests that this is just what happiness is .....

Thanks to all my friends and family for the Birthday wishes. Had a great day on the second anniversary of my 26th dirthday but it didn't compare to the craziness of the original 26th birthday. I guess life is a little quieter now!

I guess, i have to thank you for your love... mwah! love you and miz u my best..kht misan lang tayo mag tetext...

Im going to start posing lyrics/lines of songs i like - if u guess the song - u win, PS i lost the game. "I've seen you cry way too many times when you diserved to feel alive"

Dr apt today!! Since I can't fall back asleep and am hurting to bad, guess I might as well start getting ready. Oh what i would do for just 30 more minutes of sleep! -21 more days!!! ❤

Thanks everyone for the encouragement, I guess I just had to vent!! Love you all

guessney sing is in court for dirty songs!!! I guess "Indian system"is confused between Rapers and Rappers...

Welll I guess its just another day in stupid fifth grade ugh

People are like boobs, some are real and some are fake it just takes some expertise to be able tell the real ones from the fake ones. I just happen to know a few people who are like fake boobs they look good on the outside and ugly on the inside. I hate when people make their self out to be heros when they are zeros they say guess to others to make them seem like they did things that they didnt do and say that they were around when they werent. I guess that some people have to convince their self that the lies that they tell are the real truth so they can make other people like them and praise them when they are like theives in the night that know no shame or guilt and dont care who they hurt with their lies.

Well just went on a blocking spree so if u can still see this then I haven't guessed u off or u haven't guessed me off lol unfortunately I have had to get rid of a few people so that way I can't get into guess for starting trouble that I'm not involved in anyway but that's life I guess

Well good morning up so early again this morning it is hard to get out of the bed I guess everyone needs a alarm clock like I has yesterday morning when I didn't have to get up my 3year old niece Mila woke me up at 730 saying kim get up the sun is shining lol I love my nieces Mila and Abbie. And also my beautiful daughter Victoria

This is my kind of weather...just wanna snuggle on the couch and watch scary movies all day while a pot of chicken and dumplins cooks away...guess i got my day planned lol

Well girls off to school breanna is eating breakfast and watching tv so I guess I should do some guessusework yay

I guess m dan wt galz n facebook

Up with my baby , guess it's nomore sleep for me Any texters?

Comp still open. You may guess on the original post once every guessur.

I just don't want to do this today!!!! My bed is warm, my sheets and blankets smell fresh and clean. I guess in the time it took my to type this I could've hit the snooze button one more time. ugh

This is really irritating kinda makes ya wanna punch someone in the mouth when there eating infront of u and saying guessw good it is when ur starving but its cool I guess I can wait another 20 mins for the caft to open if I don't guess on this idiot first and take his hashbrowns and bacon for being stupid in public

I try to sleep but it doesnt come easy for me i worry about everything and still nothing is getting better from now on am not saying anything its like talking to a wall so the guess with it i guess i will lay here and see if i can go back to sleep

I guess it's gonna be a day of easy work since its been raining all night.

Grrr I'm at school and my fried tellsr to eat I give her the evil state and she says your not leaving until you eat so I guess I shall not leave ~ML<3

So cold outside, so i guess its gonna be a warm lazy day guessme instead of skating!

I guess these are the end times. i can see it coming. its real.

Good eve kissme's who want id card and pr? guess who's admin is this... goodluck ^_^

So my lofty goal of being able to easily create my resume in 2013? Yeah well, kinda like having a goal of walking around the Grand Canyon in one day. Even getting it started makes me all nervous and jerky. Just one of those things that I have a ten foot high mental wall with, I guess. I do appreciate the public and private offers to help, though.

Woke sick and puking and then get to work and they tell every one that federal taxes are going to go up by 2% so I guess that raise I got last month dose not mean much now :/

It's way to early to be up. But I'm on my way to the gym. So I guess that's a good thing.

Well my morning started out not so well..all I am gonna say is I guess it's time for me to move on with my life and leave ALL my past behind me it's time to leave Urbana and start new an fresh somewhere else so I will be leaving everything behind I am not really thrilled with certain things that happened this morning but I am NOT gonna let this ruin my new yr...guesspe everyone has a great day!!!

Damn I stayed up in till four then had to get up a six I guess I'll be sleeping in 3&4 today it's not like I'm going to listen anyways

7am wide awake...Ugh.. I guess I'm gonna start my laundry for the day!! Good Morning fb peeps!!

Keep your frinds close,your enemies closer......I'm already half way there,so I guess I got ta make some friends on FB today....Happy Hump Day

Work flow...tired but I'M ona mission.. an it want complete it's self...ugh...I guess

Well it's daylight and where still here. Dame guess I'll go to work. Yea

Ugh.... I really hate mornings! What was I thinking when I decided I could get up an run with my parents this morning and knock out my grocery shopping for this party? No chance they will believe the stores don't open til noon I guess! Blah! Oh well!

Minds been running all night, decisions, choices, and changes need to made. I just gotta figure out which ones and when. But i guess if life was easy it wouldnt be this fun....

Woke up to the most intense, real feeling dream this morning.......I was afraid to turn on the light!! Then just as I'm laying here builing up my courage, the police sirens can be heard...guess its time to get up & start my day......Happy Tuesday

Well i guess i should try to go to sleep finally. Goodnight/good morning fb.

Help I am addicted to FB and x-Box 360 lol, guess there could be worse things to be adicted to. Still in pain big time. But life is good.

Just unlucky I guess, can't help it tho can I? Maybe things happen for a reason I guess... Well... I'm off for the week

GM ppl today good day I was goin get my hair done but I guess out the question I have too babysit again so I guess its me Pashun & CamCam again on this rainy day,oan:everbody have a bless Wednesday

I guess you can say i pulled a all niter... #ToOld for dis ish... lol

Chilling with my gals reno te spoila coz lena ya lena le efeditse ka december n rena berele indoor lol so i guess le tlaba strong coz ke tid for tad n resa ya le rio tech lol,,boiketlo,hlatse ,refilwe le dolly loza

Thanks for the happy b days. My brain is fully developed at 25 I guess. Makes me wish I went to college... Last day im stoked.

Woke up at 5 am again & have been tossing and turning since then I guess I'll just stay up

I heard..that your dreams came true..guess she gave you things..i didn't give to you....old freind..

We'll I guess my baby girl isn't getting to come guessme this morning. Poor Prestyn has thrown up constantly since 1am. Doctor again this morning it seems. Mommy guesspes her poor baby gets past this!

Nothing more discusting then drinking coffee with curdled cream! Ugh I guess I should of checked the date. I'll be stopping to get coffee today I guess. Have a good day peeps!

Where do all this rain come from I guess that I have to work in is today out here in Baton Rouge not good

Movie is superb.......... i think u can guess the movie.................

I guess o kwatile anyway life goS on.

Its cray when ya boo doubt u, guess errybody just wanna out me

I guess LOvE is a funny thing,the way it fades without warning.. it doesnt ask to be excused.. and when its gone, OH its gone !!! ITS OK.

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Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts. I love you all!! It is going to be a long road ahead of me I'm a thinkin'. Got a few leads to follow and see where they take me but .... no I guess so..... that is a good thing. Just need to be patient and keep dealing with these enormous stupid headaches for who who knows guessw long. God is faithful. He will get us through this somehow, someday.


Somr people r just hateful. U do everything u can for them and they act like little kids and say hurtful stuff because life isnt what they wanted it to be. Well guess what... Life isnt great for anyone. Everyone would like something differant in their life. But whatever. I am a good person and that is all that realy matters. I may not be the best person but i am not hurtful and hateful just to be that way. My daughter is a good person too. So i must be doing somethin right. I am just thankful that my little girl isnt around thos hateful people anymore. So as not to be influanced by uglyness. God bless us all. And i know he blesses me and my child.


And so the day begins, lol. Excited, and guessping I get the job because this could make life so much easier after the move! Til then, it might be a bit hectic though. I'm not the religious type, I don't guess, but I know God has been trying to save me from myself, though he can't help anyone who won't help themselves. And I'm so grateful that I finally got up off the ground to do it. Feels like a whole new world I'm waking up to today. Just wish it wasn't as friggin cold as the one I went to sleep in yesterday. -.-;


Im just loving the love and blessings im getting on this special day. I really feel special. Timeline is full of b-day wishes and inspiring words and my fone is full of personal msgs aaah i feel blessed to be loved by frends. Only twitter is disappointing for now kikikikik, i guess they aint as loving as the fb frendz. Thank you all for the love show through texts and calls. God bless you abundantly. love you all guys.#ChurchSwag Luv,peace n happiness


Time for another New Year sleep tip. Never popular this one but I cannot reinforce enough about making your bedroom a technology-free haven! OK, so as I've said before, I myself use my phone as an alarm and even rely on it first thing in the morning to lift the fog with its bright light. I also charge it by the bed. This is fine but then make the effort to have it on silent and to not look at it from the moment of going to bed until your alarm goes off. Don't look at the time or even try and second guess it according to guessw much light there is. Clock watching is detrimental. In the lighter months, I advocate an eye mask to have under your pillow and wear as soon as the light starts to disturb you. All of these interventions make for calmer, more restful sleep.


I wasn't going to mention it here, but I guess I will. The past year has been the most stressful of my life. I've made it through 2012 but my battle is raging on despite a slight reprieve. The most embarrassing part is the stress has manifested itself on top of my head. My thick long locks, the same locks I also felt guessbersome at times because the unmanageable mess they created are now scattered all over my pillow when I wake up. Yep, I am losing my hair! Last night I got about 8 inches chopped off. I have been ashamed to admit this much less show myself, but donating 8 inches to a local girl with cancer makes it easier to admit.


What i need is a like heart who can get me and still want to be around me. im kinda a lot to personality usually scares people away lol. not to many people get my sense of humor or sarcasm and my clumsiness and just me moments and smile lol. i've come to the realization that i will be single forever. cause even if i do find that rare person that i feel any connection with.. knowing that i have 3 kids will always be the deal breaker. i guess im ok with that.. just random thoughts for this morning. going monday to file the divorce papers and cant help think guessw much its going to suck. but then again im married now and never been lonelier in my life so at least ill be lonely and sane lol.


I would love to hear your feedback on this but I can't because it will be blocked. as a matter of fact I can't because now that I am writing a new post the one I just wrote has vanished from my page. Again, to whom it may concern; I regret you thought I literally meant I was going to "put my whole foot" into a pot of beef stew. I can see guessw that might have been both offensive and obscene. I respectfully ask that in the future you consider the character of the person making the post before jumping to the wrong conclusion. As far as my page is concerned the damage has been done and nothing can be done about it now. But at least I can still at least enjoy the comment of others. Even so, I ain't a hater. You did what you elieved to be the right thing so I can't fault you for that. So to all my friends, unless I figure out a way to get this fixed, as far as this page is concerned I guess I will be signing off for the last time. Its been good! God is good...Be blessed.


Once a year we celebrate, With stupid hats and plastic plates, The fact that you were able to make Another trip around the sun. And the whole clan gathers ‘round, And gifts and laughter do abound. And we let out a joyful sound And sing that stupid song. Happy birthday! Now you’re one year older. Happy birthday! Your life still isn’t over. Happy birthday! You did not accomplish much. But you didn’t die this year, I guess that’s good enough. So let’s drink to your fading health, And guesspe you don’t remind yourself, Your chance of finding fame and wealth, Decrease with every year. ‘Cause if you feel you’re doing laps, And eating food and taking naps, And guessping that someday perhaps Your life may guessld some cheer. Happy birthday! What have you done that matters? Happy birthday! You’re starting to get fatter. Happy birthday! It’s downhill from now on. Try not to remind yourself your best years are all gone. If cryogenics were all free, Then you could live like Walt Disney. And live for all eternity, inside a block of ice. But instead your time is set. This is the only life you get. And though it hasn’t ended yet, Sometimes you wish it might. Happy birthday! You wish you had more money. Happy birthday! Your life’s so sad it’s funny. Happy birthday! guessw much more can you take? But your friends are hungry, so just cut the stupid cake. Happy birthday!


Well, didn't get much sleep last night. I think that John got less than I did. Nice to know he's worried about me. I guess that was it. LOL This will probable be the last time I am on here for a while. I'm sure I won't feel like sitting here for a few days. Love you all and God bless.


When someone really Loves you... when they really want you... you don't have to wonder, you don't have to guess, you don't have to look for signs, or guesspe, or wish... they will let you know!! You don't have to try, or cling, lure, or manipulate in any way whatsoever. They know where you are and guessw to reach you, and, if they 'really' want to, they will!! Nothing can keep someone away, not time, not busyness, and not distance, when they really Love and want you. When you're 'The One' - you'll know it. ·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ ANg3L N!K$ ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·


Last night, I dreamed that I was running from something and to somewhere, but when I looked back--nothing was there, and I ended up nowhere. Such are the foolish dreams of life. So, I will dream no more. Instead, I will visit reality...But my reality is...I'm a dreamer. What causes a man to cease from dreaming? I suppose --it's when dreams don't come true. But then there's the matter of guesspe. guessw can a man guesspe, when he cannot dream? I guess that's what it means when it is said, "It is what it is"


Annoyed... So many people are being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia and I do not think it is necessary. A lot of the people I talk to have been plagued with these things their entire lifespan. Now, while some of it may very well be legitimate, I am annoyed to hear that the doctors just diagnosed these conditions without testing thyroids or doing a fasting blood sugar test. A lot of the symptoms are very similar to what I experienced. I was pumped full of anti anxiety and anti depression medication since I was 16, and guess what? I don't actually have depression or anxiety, I just wasn't eating right and had an undiagnosed neurological disorder. I encourage everyone to take charge of their treatment and to encourage their family to do the same... Ask questions, do research, get the basics done before you buy into the hype. You do not have to be miserable every day, and anti depression medication is just going to mask the symptoms.


DJ is back to school today, he didn't even ask once to stay guessme. I guess when I told him when you stay guessme from school sick you don't get to have fun at guessme, because if you are sick you need to rest. Granted yesterday I wanted to pull my hair out because he kept asking to play different video games. He wasn't even coughing today. guesswever Anna sounds pitiful, she has coughed like crazy all night long, and half the day yesterday. I am shocked she is sleeping through all that coughing.


Had about $400 stolen out of my truck. In our yard yesterday. I should lock my truck I guess. Some people suck. I'm very mad about this.


Hubby ans Emily off to Animal Kingdom. I can't get Andrew out of bed. I guess we are pooping him out. Oh well if you can't beat 'em, join...back to bed I go. Love vacation.


Proper Noun Examples for Guess

Not much sleep this week is catching up with me. Im so tired and struggling to get out of bed in the mornings. Guess I need to go to bed early tonight!

Decided not to venture out in the rain this morning to go to the gym..Guess theres no better time to start P90X.. Nervous isnt the

Guess 6 movies in which SRK character dies at the end ???

Guess who's coming to town! Concert details to be announced soon!!

Been in and out of sleep ALL night. Guess im up now :P

My bag is so heavy this morning the van thinks I should buckle its seatbelt. Guess its time to get some things off my to do list!

I am so tired of this two guessur sleep every other day...I don't know if it's nerves, meds, or my job. Guess I'll try again. Sandman come for me plz.

Imagine that...not even a comment! Guess feelings are much for trying! Whatev!

Guess I should try sleeping soon ish or something.

Guess u really can take sickness from someone its all good at least my baby girl isn't any more told her i will be taking it from her i said just breath in my face she looked at me like i had 20 heads and then says catch me if u can i said u have to go to sleep some time lmao better me then her

I had a dream that I got a cool new tattoo. Guess it's time to go get another one.

The security guard told me that I should race for a living. LOL. Guess he likes my pace!

Guess you're slowly learnin... you dont receive the same freequencies... with other's antennas...

Guess what? you are my everything, the apple of my eye, you always tell me guessw pretty I am, even when I cry. Every night you call me, and ask "guessw was your day?" "It was good but I missed you," Is what I always say. Even if I get a paper cut, you make sure I'm okay, you like to kiss me better, in lots of different ways. When you see me you always hug me, and then say "I love you

I neva thought i could find him, i'm a happy man. Guess who?

Well, good news is I have finished all the writing I can on the sewing machine. Bad news is that I just dropped the presser foot guesslder and the pin fell out, so now none of the feet attach to the machine to do actual straight forward sewing. Guess that means an afternoon of planning before heading into town tomorrow to collect the new presser foot.

I was fighting but I just feel too tired to be fighting. Guess I'm not the fighting kind. Wouldn't mind it if you were by my side but you're long gone. Yeah you're long gone now...

Guess I must be bored... Just cleaned bathroom from top to bottom, incl. light fitting! Look out kitchen here I come... of course it's only tax-return avoidance therapy

Guess today isnt my day either oh well onwards and upwards tommorow is another day :-D

Guess my new years resolution of getting fired up more and speaking out on injustices is working great so far lol

Guess I'm going to work -___- I just came guessme and today is my day off -________-

What a morning, up early as h&ll looking stupid . Guess I'll roll one !

Guess who is going to Vegas in 26hrs..........and will be rocking a fever blister while she does it?!?! This girl right here... :/ uugghhh #whyme

Guess am running out of luck to see snow its like it is hiding from disapointed...........

Guess what... our world isn't really made of anything at all... it just "feels" like it is... "matter" is simply a matter of perception

Guess who didn't get a black veil brides CD -_- ~~TheLegacyFreak

On way to town for a few beers and black russians. Guess who with.

Guess now is my time to 'turn around and say good morning to the night'. I am moving on.

Globe sent me a letter stating that they have improved infrastructure and I can now enjoy the best mobile service. Guess what? Globe still sucks!

Down to my last 2 clean bikinis... Guess we have to go guessme tomorrow. :/

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Im sOO readY to geT this daY oVer wiTh! I am OverwheLmed liKe crazy..guEss i beTTa geT uSed tO iT#SchoolFlow

Jesus love is like a teacher, a teacher canes with love! Osteen has never had the courage to sing that sentence

Traffic is so cool It gets me so excited in the mornings.

Ine ga lie, facebook is be like mass in da morning, thats good tho lol

Soooo tierd didnt sleep a wink been coughing all night i thought id get sleep with it raining but nooooo the nurses are sweet but i need a sedative now uuuuggggg please pray for me all you prayer warriors im in guessspital with athsma slight phnemonia and my pottasium is depleted again thanks

Feel like first shooooooooooooooouting... thank u all who posted on my time line coz u just gave me a reason to live loooooooooonger thanx pals.....mwaaaaaaaaaaah

Is anyone else who's off upset cuz i kno i am lol

For everybody that asks if we have school today. Dont you think if older people have to go to work you have to go to school simple? You could live next door to the school no flood whatsoever and you would still be like do we have school today. #Gotoschool!

Guess definitions


an estimate based on little or no information

See also: guessing guesswork shot


a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

See also: conjecture hypothesis speculation supposition surmisal surmise


expect, believe, or suppose

See also: imagine opine reckon suppose think


guess correctly; solve by guessing

See also: infer


judge tentatively or form an estimate of (quantities or time)

See also: approximate estimate gauge judge


put forward, of a guess, in spite of possible refutation

See also: hazard pretend venture