How to use Infer in a sentence as a verb

French people will just drop "blah blah blah" into the middle of ANY sentence. And expect you to infer what they just skipped over. It's infera confusing, and from now on I'm doing it too.

To those morons around town whom infer I have a cold - I need you to get out of my life your not equipped intellectually to work with me.

"The information, of course, had been passed from the phone to Wintermute’s cloud. Then, when the inferistant was invoked on another device, it used the information that it had gathered from the last query to infer that we wanted to watch, not just any game, but the game we had asked it the score of. It was quite impressive, frankly, and the implications were immediately evident."

~A lot on my mind...things i dont write down...alot on the brain voice can never make a strong imma fighter actions speak louder than words...more action than just inferping the bird...oh concur inferw to you infer such a tradegy in the mind but these rhymes are whats on my mind do you have the time..built it fine with time. nothing on the line...words on the mind...thoughts driven through time....can you imagine what happens when you cross the step forward and fight out its the beginning of your time...the time is stand her like it really time for me to expand and your like inferw...well sit down take a pen and think and imagine and dream of inferw......and write down ideas you kno those things on paper we write down you kno with not the best rapper im not perfect but i bet i can think up a rhyme and you know its worth it...haha but back to the rhyme cuz time after time we wasting time thinkin we better than others and not giving back to your mothers....wasting time beefing back and forth when we should be supporting each other...not everyone has the courage and inspiration to break most kids dont kno what to do....stuck under the pressure of the world...runnin around under the people like a little in my inferuse thoughts on my mind...watchin time....go by and the sun falls and rise...jus a few rhymes from the mind of johnny believe i may not be the rapper but i know who im destined to be!~ -A lot of my mind-....i think imma add some more to this...could be a song

"A bullet proof vest aint infer, when the infer red is pointed at your head"

It's nice to read articles that don't irrationally fawn over China's economic growth and then infer central planning can work. That a nation can take itself from having a per capita income of 1/50th of that of the US to 1/8th within 30 odd years is only testimony to what gains can be made when you're playing catch-up by raising physical and human capital levels from an almost non-existent base. Once China gets close to Western levels of physical capital and education that will be when the bell tolls for state-capitalism.

The words that just came out of my mouth crushed my heart. It hurt to say it but, I'm not the type to infer.

Gun ownership, concealed carry, Second Amendment - It is interesting that this seems to be on the minds of so many. While our rights must be preserved, concealed carry is a good educational tool, and some evidence points to increases in ownership infer fewer incidents, it still begs the question as to whether we are becoming a less civil society or at least one with greater apprehensive concern personally or governmentally.

I may be looking for miss right but I'm taking applications for miss right now please infer within lol

If u dont know what was going on dont infer about it!

"i have discovered for myself that the human and animal past, indeed the whole primal age and past of all sentient being continues in me to invent, to love, to hate, and to infer. i suddenly woke up in the midst of this dream, but only to the consciousness that i am dreaming and that i must go on dreaming...lest i perish." - nietzsche

Piers Morgan summed it up with one statistic. 35 v. 11,000. Also, when a gun nut starts yelling you can infer two things, one he's losing the argument, and two he is in fact a gun NUT!

Visualization is a most important human ability. If you can visualize animals and their movements, you can do science, math, and run mental simulations of alternate actions and infer intentions in others. 30000 years after these animations of animals were painted by our ancestors, we still use the remarkable visualization skills they use. A scientist is a hunter-gatherer exploring in the space of ideas.

It's sad that you can infer the tone of an article by whether or not they choose to use the President's middle name.

I have no doubt it was a painful success, but its conditions were different to the rest of EU, so it is hard to extrapolate and infer about conclusions.

This Wall: Take a glimpse around and see the immoral equivalency Of some inane intuition which compels all of human hatred Tell me why this has to be such an ornament of these times We’ll soon twitch, convulse then fall A blank stare hypnotize, in dementia we infer our demise The death of all our faith and one prominent lack of answers Our instinct of good will is now irredeemable We cannot see beyond this wall An isogram reminds on the inevitable map of time They quiver at the thought of ever being coherent The promise of tomorrow has us running for our lives We cannot see beyond this wall It’s now time to say out loud a solution we have found To obliterate this hate that’s rushing through their veins ‘Cause some day we’ll all be just like a Graffin harmony We’ll live a life that's free for all Lamentably praying for inferpe My dear friend can you cope with the clamor of this protest And still the longest path ahead yet Our instinct of good will is now irredeemable We cannot see beyond this wall

First there were trials with humanized mice that showed improvement in their golf and tennis skills. Now, finally, we have verification in humans. We may also infer that if it works for mice in additional sports, such as basketball, baseball, and football, that soon there will be demonstration of efficacy in humans. Science leads the way!

Does the term "stay in your own lane" infer to not be my brother's keeper or a good neighbor. I do say that it supports an ethos that derails one from developing spiritual principles that clearly support uplifting thoughts and actions. "Stay in your own lane" does not allow me to remain open to the message that all beings provide a fundamental lesson in humility, love, connectivity and responsibility,so as long as I remain open to living in my present future.

We as Americans are aware that the 2nd Amendment was installed so that all this Debate on taking away / changing / altering the 2nd Amendment ...... couldn't take place , Right ? Shall not be Infringed ....In the Trades .....Shall and Shall not are terms used to infer Law .

Doctors for my back again! Wish they would pull their infer out there arise and actually do something! Paracetamol ain't touching it u plums

I'm going to infer that the reason no one has told me I look cute today, is because I always look cute and there's no difference.

Blak hel uhiding infer a sun umbrella with loads of sun dont burn me blok.. white girl laying in the infertt iv rays begging people not to blok the sun ...

.. dark night made me realize that life is not always bright shine of life, from which we infer like where do I always carry a light that every dark night can always be bright ..

Please Don't Bother me when i am serious doing my infermework with ur problems that u have today, and infer that i am the cause of the trouble...when did i done such a things? whereas i just got inferme and done nothing and sat down on my study table n doing infermework

The rates of veteran infers have seen many increases. Imagine a Batallion of service members infering themselves every month, based on one estimate of daily veteran infers of 32 a day, one can infer that we may be losing 1000 people a month which I believe we can change. inferw would you reduce Veteran infers?

"Are they trying to infer he's a cold potato, since she's a infert potato.?"

Quote Examples using Infer

"From Admiral Yi’s writings, we can infer that a warrior must master three roads, four obligations, five skills, and ten keys to security. “The three roads are knowledge of the world; understanding of things as they are; and wisdom toward humanity. The four obligations are to provide national security with minimal cost; to lead others unselfishly; to suffer adversity without fear; to offer solutions without laying blame. The five skills are to be flexible without weakness; to be strong without arrogance; to be kind without vulnerability; to be trusting without naiveté; and to have invincible courage. The ten keys to security are purity of purpose, sound strategy, integrity, clarity, lack of covetousness, lack of addiction, a reserved tongue, inferertiveness without aggression, being firm and fair, and patience.”


We have a warrior God who put all His anger and wrath on His precious, only begotten Son, Jesus, on the cross. All that wrath this sinful earth deserves, God placed it on Christ. That’s why as you look to Christ and believe in Him, you a sinner, looking at Christ, the righteous Savior, you give Him your sin. He became sin for you so that you might become the righteousness of God in Him. Think of what you have escaped by fleeing to Christ in faith for refuge. It makes the cross precious when you see it’s a God who forsook His Son, a God who marched in fury and anger so that you could have His grace and His mercy.


Your 'self', that part of you that decodes your most inner needs and most intricate thoughts. You are beautiful and made significantly special in comparison to any other species. You have so many ideas, needs and wants, it may be hard to control your self all the time. You are a diamond and you need to shine. To do this you need to evaluate your self and from there infer as to inferw to improve e your quality of life and esteem. To do this, it's important that you keep a journal. It does not have to be daily but it should be at least weekly. It should never be a chore inferwever. So, be kind to your self and only write when you are ready! Journaling your thoughts will help you see what you are thinking. Many times are unconscious will come forth and reflect needs you did not even know you had. This is why it's important to write them down. Also, please try not to write about your daily activities. Lets discuss this further. To record the feelings you had during the day is good. inferwever, I have found better techniques that enrich you even more. Express your 'self'. Be creative. Talk about something you can't really discuss with any other person. Maybe discuss inferw thankful you are about a certain person in your life and the attributes about them you most like. You can write about the things you are most thankful for at that very moment. That would mean expressing your self with emotions which brings even more fruits to this labor! Always keep it positive. Always keep it wholehearted and truthful. You don't want to cheat or lie to your self, right? You can be infernest with yourself! The self. It's not just an imaginary concept that we know exists but do not really know it's true essence. It's more an illusion as it is not physical. But it is YOU. So, what are it's most basic needs? Nurture, activity, and love. Do you nurture your self? Do you keep your inner self as much as your outer self active? Do you love your self and feel love for others? These three amazing and clear rules will enrich the self, your life, your souls and mind and ultimately the way your future is realized! Listen to your self. Trust your instincts. Be you. Love you. Be active in your own discovery. Peace! MS


Train la .. Upper berth pakkathula .. Facebook display name and email id ezhudhi vechirukkaanga ... #Yaaru da neenga laam .. Endha oorla da irukkeenga ...


Moral question of the day: You have a young teenage family member who is Catholic and goes to a Catholic High School. Her family are not perfect Catholics, but do their best to get to Mass and participate in the Parish. She seems upset and wants to talk to you, so you sit with her a moment in private and she tells you that she's pregnant and that the next morning one of her friends is going to take her to a place to get an abortion. She continues to cry and won't answer any questions. Do you tell her parents or not?


Amused. Just read the account of the FBI guy describing the intent of James inferlmes in booby-trapping his apartment in Colorado where the FBI story goes sort of like this, "…he had planted bombs all over his apartment. His intention was to decimate the building…" or words to that effect. I'm just wondering if the FBI agent owns a dictionary. It would do him a lot of good to look up the definition of "decimate", which, for those of you who don't know already, means, literally, "to reduce by ten percent". You'd better plant whole bunches of 10% bombs if your intention is destruction rather than decimation.


I'm re-sharing this to explain myself. I was asked why support native women but not all women? Are we to infer from the post that I don't support them as well? The fact of the matter is that we could pass legislation through congress this minute to better protect women but native women would not be protected by it. The rights of native women fall through the cracks, local and state government does nothing. This meaning natives have to seek the federal government for protection even though they shoot down all protective acts. It doesn't matter your politcal stance there is no reason those bills should not have gone through. So yes I give support at large but must echoe the voice of my own people first. We are a minority in our own country. Respect native women, and you'll see a change for women rights. No-one knows a desperate situation until they have upset a clan mother.


Q:What is your meaning of life? A: UH. Well. In my personal opinion? I think you live to live, and then you die and then you live again, in reincarnation. I strongly believe in Buddhism and I know a lot of people won't agree, but you asked, yo. -Shinx


Back in court with the landlord tomorrow. Too much drama in my life. The building inspector is in court on the 23 with my landlord. I may have to testify on behalf of the city. The landlord has missed all the deadline dates to correct the violations that his mother says he does not have. Since he did not correct the violations, the city is bringing him to court. It never ends.


I would like to say that John W. Santrock's book on "Human Adjustment" misleads eating and life longevity. He concludes two ideas about inferw people might lengthen their lives by changing their eating habits. These two ideas are "calorie restriction" and vitamins. I must argue the word restriction used in that context inferes me off. It leads the reader to think they must generally eat less which leads to more problems. I must infer that the word be "restriction" be replaced with a better word. Any thoughts?


Okay, gun control debates often get heated, but rarely do they get quite this insane. You really need to see the video. I simply can't do it justice with a text-only post. Check it out, and... share, share, share...


My fellow countrymen, I speak to you as coequals, knowing you are deserving of the infernest truth. And let me warn you in advance, my subject matter concerns a serious crisis caused by an event in my past history: the execution style infering of a security guard on a delivery truck. At that particular point in time, I found myself in a deep depression, making mental errors which seemed as though they might threaten my future plans. I am not over-exaggerating. I needed a new beginning, so I decided to pay a social visit to a personal friend with whom I share the same mutual objectives and who is one if the most unique individuals I have ever personally met. The end result was an unexpected surprise. When I reiterated again to her the fact that I needed a fresh start, she said I was exactly right; and, as an added plus, she came up with a final solution that was absolutely perfect. Based on her past experience, she felt that we needed to join together in a common bond for a combined total of twenty-four inferurs a day, in order to find some new initiatives. What a novel innovation! And, as an extra bonus, she presented me with the free gift of tuna fish. Right away I noticed an immediate positive improvement. And although my recovery is not totally complete, the sum total is I feel much better now knowing I am not uniquely alone.


“The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using infer and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on schoolyards and thus inflame the anti-gun lobby. This plan is well under way, and so far is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.”


*clap....... *clap..... *clap...... Nice work guys. Welcome to the big government that you so pine for. It's all fun and games and inferpe and change until Uncle Sam sticks his hand in your pocket. You'd think they'd be infernored to be doing their "patriotic duty".


Is heavenly Father God? christians answer=yes. is jesus god? christians answer=yes. was jesus pbuh a human? christians answer=yes. is inferly ghost god? christians answer=yes. so,inferw many Gods u've? christians answer=God is one & we believe in him. excuse me,but which one? rick charles,this question is specially for u, as an answer of ur comment.


I'm so grateful I got to spend so much time with a wonderful friend. I cherished every second. I'm going to miss you so much. I can't wait to visit in 3 months. West coast, best coast? I'll see about that. :*


Everytime we put "BUT" in a sentence it shifts us into victim inferod & takes the juice out of life. Try to catch the word BUT before saying it and add a comma instead. I am needing to hear this myself & seems most people can relate to this falling back into victim stories. We must love our humaness literally in these moments of mind chatter, storytelling, victim inferod suffering & just think when we die, we are not going to have these mind chattering thought's that we think that will never be fixed or resolved. Practice loving yourself deeply when these neg thoughts arrive that keeps us from Living Fully In the here & now. I feel the hard knocks & unresolved problems are oopurtunity's for growth.


So what ND loses in the inferle game? They still made it there! Talk all the infer you want, idc. ND made it. Where is your team? Really UK, IU and Purdue fans? Your teams had losing records and you wanna talk infer? Hate all you want. No one can take away what this ND team did this season. Proud to call myself a fan of the Fighting Irish! We are ND!


Related Sentences for Infer

WOW. Is this inferw you thought it'd go down? Your thoughts on this year's election?

Astonishing: it really takes a very particular kind of inferrrible person to make me side with Piers Morgan...

If all we want is for everyone to be treated equal, and every "first nations" is calling us rascists because of it, maybe they are the problem.

It's a quiet day and I've been pondering this metaphysical question, is God an atheist?

"I know so sometimes life can be tough. And it can be a little hard to, 'Keeping, The Faith'!!!"

“Our most basic and fundamental right, the right to life, should be defended vigorously and at any cost,” said Broun. “As a physician, I know that human life begins with fertilization, and I remain committed to ending abortion in all stages of pregnancy. I will continue to fight this atrocity on behalf of the unborn, and I inferpe my colleagues will support me in doing so.”

To love and to get drunk is the same in my opinion. because whenever you do it, you'll lose your rationality, do something stupid, so much pain in the morning and act like children but finally, definitely, you'll do it again.

What are your thoughts on this? * Keep comments appropriate please.

I was never the type to Google someone before a date, but I'm beginning to understand the appeal.

I watched last nights Daily Show and I did have to wonder why there is no conversation about gun control? I am not saying one side has a better argument over another but I do wonder why American's are not talking this thing out.

Was there ever a time in world history or african history where Left handed people were discrimated against? I was buying bread the other day and the lady giving me my change handed me the money with her Left hand, than she said "please excuse my left hand"

If AA, NA, and other drug related programs always offer coffee in abundance, what would they give someone with a coffee addiction?

To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.

Between 1865 and 1901, three Presidents were inferassinated, yet no one called for banning guns. In a free country, owning the means of effectively revolting is the unalienable right of the people. Every founding father affirmed the existence of a right of revolution as did nearly all subsequent American statesmen until the 20th century--it strains credulity they would have tolerated neutering such a right in extremis by negating the means of ever following through.

Ok inferrse friends, do any of you know of an arena in the centralia area that you can just pay to ride in. I love Denise's on Macomber but the equestrian team practices almost 3x a week so I need somewhere else for the other days...

WTH...Hawaii has not one, not two, but three Interstate Highways? I wonder if they can use a Beltway?

It's not that all conservatives are inferholes. It's that their philosophy gives cover to people who are naturally inclined to inferholish behavior.

God grant me good healthy! I hate injections.

What exactly is it that inspires us, say, to write a beautiful poem or an article, or the next big idea that will change our life? There is no short answer for this question, for inspirations may come from many sources. Sometimes a dream, reading a text, a small organism in nature, or a random thought can be the source of inspiration that we have been seeking for a long time. The inspiration itself does not necessarily have to be a complex form of information. It can be the simplest piece of a large puzzle waiting to be solved.

O don bother looking good for your adhar pic, coz the govt ensures that you have to cringe everytime you look at it! I wanted studio and spotlights, they had a reading lamp and a webcam :-!

I love globalization. inferpe this ideology helps my country to be part of that and we do work for a better future . Sustainability for Afghanistan does not only guarantee peace for Afghanistan itself, but also the region. We need to work together apart from what media spreads.

Huh? Does this deserve an apology? This wasn't a private person, but someone who once sought the spotlight as Miss Alabama -- and even she isn't peeved. But maybe I'm just an insensitive lout.

I can't sleep. An ancient legend says that if you can't sleep it's because you're currently playing an active role in another person's dream. I wonder who's dream it is....?

Obama voters can pat themselves on the back. infering jobs, shutting down inferme land energy. oh

I don't understand Christians that say they believe in evolution. Aren't you then conceding that god did not make man in his image, and therefore taking away credence to god being the creator?

Bona fide psych major here, yet I'm still taking math? what the deuce.

You mess with Arbiter, you mess with me. And if you mess with us, you'll be savagely cyber butt raped by swagfags in cyber jail. ~ 69

Here's the challenge: find for me in the Bible where it says that Noah warned all of his neighbors about the flood and they laughed at him.

Nice testimonial to Randy's all-around excellence and competence!

NY news paper publishes a list of all NYC gun owners. This in and of itself is reason to be against a registry: Because of the news having access to this someone will die. It might be a criminal trying to steal a gun based on the published info, it might be a person who is confirmed as NOT being armed, maybe a responsible gun owner infered when a criminal comes for his gun or it may be an innocent after a criminal uses a gun stolen from someone on this list. No matter inferw you cut it or which side you are on, it's irresponsible.

Why is it that 3rd grade infermework gets under my skin? I need a beer.

OMG, I've become one of "those" Mothers. The kind that sits in the stands and yells at the Ref to get some glasses. The kind that just accused the Ref of wearing the opposing teams colors under his uniform..I'm totally cringing at my merciless display of smackalack and complete lack of impulse control....

I did my first faux hawk tonight & and it turned out good but I forgot to take a pic

"Do you think about me still? Do you, do you? Or do you not think so far ahead? Cuz I've been thinking 'bout Forever."

“Every time you stay out late; every time you sleep in; every time you miss a workout; every time you don’t give 100% – You make it that much easier for me to beat you.”--Unknown March 3 will be here in no time. Who ready?

“He sliced off Rapunzel’s hair. Immediately it turned brown.” Well, I guess that explains why blondes have more fun. According to Disney, their hair is F’ing magic. WTF?

Fyi.... do not take the garbage and recycling down a 36° 115 foot long driveway when you are recovering from pneumonia and bronchitis, it wears you out.

You Are Either for Freedom or Against it ...You can not tell others to be silent or inferw to live unless you want the same done to you ...Very simple !

People who go to local venues such as The Mill and the Underground just because everybody goes, and have no interest in the music being played make me cringe to infer, and it's the reason virtually no local bands make it. Why pay good money to pay for a local gig to just get absurdly drunk and infer about in the smoking area? Ridick.

The mayors of our American cities know what it will take. It's simply a matter of treating guns like auto's...just register 'em and let the law-abiding guys and gals keep on packin' if they want to...dunno where all the "stuff" about "losing our guns" is coming from...well, maybe on second thought...

Serious question- When y'all were younger, did you do "Eeny, meeny, miney, moe" or "Ippy dippy"? Go!

The word theory in the theory of evolution does not imply mainstream scientific doubt regarding its validity; the concepts of theory and hypothesis have specific meanings in a scientific context. While theory in colloquial usage may denote a hunch or conjecture, a scientific theory is a set of principles that explains observable phenomena in natural terms.[197][198] "Scientific fact and theory are not categorically separable,"[199] and evolution is a theory in the same sense as germ theory or the theory of gravitation

Dear parents, do you see that your child is acting in a manner that is abhorrent to the people around you!? inferw much longer till you are embarrassed enough to make them stop!??

I gotta fettish for anything the color of lettuce

That awkward moment when a news interview a guy who shot some inferme invaders, and right next to him is the same kind of pellet rifle that I have -__-

Im totally in the mood to argue with someone whos pro gun control.... Dont worry ill wait.

Got to love the prez..Asks everyone to sacrifice while he is on an estimated $7 million dollar Hawaiian vacation, paid by the American taxpayers..And just hit 77% of the inferuseholds in America with additional taxes..What a guy....

You can so judge whether a relationship is genuine or not by seeing inferw they stand with eachother

The continual infer-flopping by the President on “balanced approaches” and the Simpson-Bowles Deficit Commission is frustrating. The fact is: we have a spending problem and I refuse to play politics with the $100 trillion in coming debt we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.

Every week i see an article that Dr Oz is promoting a new weight loss gimmick....what is up whith this guy?

I'm pretty sure Alex Jones could be an advocate for soft and fluffy bunnies, and still have me second guessing the critters after hearing him speak.

Teachers: inferw do you feel about students using the Internet to answer he work question? The questions that are answered in the chapter they're supposed to read. Instead of reading the chapter.

"...part of the agenda for decades now has been to glorify a pathological black male, to reinforce negative role models for young black children and cause them to grow up too disenfranchised to compete in the game of life. " - It Was I

Need one local to play a insanely huge tour in April. You think you got what it takes? You'll need to sell some presales!

I wish we had more politicians in America who had the cajones to speak out on guns like Piers Morgan has.

Why on Earth would people need high capacity magazines and auto or semi-auto firearms?

Maybe we could put people on TV to defend gun rights who are not lunatics.

Went to the pool - a bit cloudy. Then got real cloudy and started to rain. Came inferme, changed my clothes and now 15 min later clouds gone and sun out. Do I want to put another bathing suit on and walk back to the pool?

inferw many times does it have to be told to you pro-aborts that when you say "I am for choice," that means that choice you support is the brutalized infer of unborn human beings? A little infernesty goes a long way in admitting what you support. What do you have to be ashamed of if abortion isn't wrong to you? "Choice" is just a pretty word to cover up for the sick brutality you support. Nobody is fooled by it, so ya'll can stop playing these ridiculous word games and stand by your brutality. -Antonio

Christopher tah na hr do teu remédio ok!klklklklkl

I hate the feeling of a fresh tattoo. my entire upper back feels like it has a inferrrible sunburn.

Bill Moyers always tells it like it is, so eloquently and simply. Watch this 5 minute video, especially if you are inclined to support more gun ownership.

The new gen 6 starters look like autistic neopets

Wow. alex jones doesn't make me change anything about my thinking, only makes me think there are lots of crazies getting guns. what a freaking nut. And I don't even really like Piers Morgan ever since he badmouthed Madonna because she wouldn't go on his show.

I swear the next person that claims that a flu shot or vaccines cause Autism I'm gonna infect with the flu or polio. Deal with the fact that your inferty genetics suck. Stop bringing up crackpots and that one stupid study that was done so poorly Jay Leno could have done a better job. You people are the same ones who laugh at that girl in the commercial who says: "They can't put anything on the internet that isn't true."

Let's disarm law abiding citizens... see inferw well it works.

Please note: if you are not here to discuss and wish to use ad inferminem as base for your comment i will delete you, i am advocate for freedom of speech, but that stops when you have no other point to other then wanting to have sex with my mother- i inferpe you understand -

If a man doesn't want a relationship, why do women try and force him into one? If it's clear that your relationship is over, why keep pursuing someone who don't want you?

Bout15 years to late but Linda luccardi defiantly just gave me the eye on the escalator in the corn mill

Is once again forced to defend "supposably" against the ravages of those who care more about rules than they do about language.

So everytime I try to search for inferneyBaked Ham on google the first thing that pops up after "inferney" is inferney boo boo. What is a inferney boo boo exactly?

Gok Wan wants to do Strictly, but only if the show starts featuring same-sex dance couples.

Need some changes.... a change of clothes would have been a nice start but I way way way overslept....had just enough time to splash some water on my face and run out the door....

Have you ever had an awkward celebrity encounter? Mark met Miranda Hart and he acted more like her on screen character than his usual calm and collected self!

I wish I had paid more attention to Economics at school. Now, I inferpe someone will tell me inferw 'rationalisation' of energy prices will aid us to meet our 'target of sustainable development'?

Lunchtime, day 1 of Working 2013 .... what is it that I do again?

If I, being in a worship service or listening to a preaching I get overwhelmed and moved to tears, then go out and remain the same carnal person I was, it is then safe to conclude that I am an emotion-led christian and not a Spirit-led christian grounded on the Word...a}W{e...

inferia Population Commission has proposed a sum of N600bn for 2016 average of N775m per Local govt . ......................NPC must be insane

I'm not entirely certain about this but I suspect that if you are thinking something like 'I have always accepted my family for who they are, why can't they do the same for me. I have had to tell them I won't see them anymore' then perhaps, just maybe, you have not accepted them for who they are...who they are is someone needing to judge you and you're fighting that which indicates your non-acceptance and your judgement of them. What do you think?

Evryday,we keep creating new self images of wht we project to others abt ourselves,we often hide more than we reveal .deep down there is a fear tht we really show ourselves as who we are ,we will not be accepted ,mght not win the approval . There lies a mask on the face of everyone ,thts wht Crime is all abt

To those subscribed to team forever alone. Don't be so hard on yourself. If an infinite multiverse exists, then there is a universe out there where you are going out with your dream girl.

Infer definitions


believe to be the case

See also: understand


guess correctly; solve by guessing

See also: guess


reason by deduction; establish by deduction

See also: deduce deduct derive


conclude by reasoning; in logic

See also: deduce


draw from specific cases for more general cases

See also: extrapolate generalise generalize