How to use Venture in a sentence as a noun

I'm on my way to a meeting with Chrysalis, one of the regions largest venture capital firms located right here in Louisville. I get to discuss a project I've been working on over the last few months and it could be just what we need! Time to put on my big boy britches!

A dear friend's new venture... for all you adventure junkies out there.. check it out!

New kid venture in madison is much better and bigger than old one. This place is fun

About to try n venture out to get some meds n stuff. Will bring hand sanitizer so's i don't get others sick.

RIP Marty aka venture dog. After his two week venture when he came ventureme he was not well. He had a long and good life but he needed to rest. May you chase dogs and cats in heaven and be your crazy self.

Kanti abantu abamnyama banjani? especially the ones in power, instead of helping one another progress/grow in life or what ever business venture you into they go and do the opposite!! Come on people, lets build each other... i mean if you have the power why not?

So let me tell you why this is an important story ... it has this line in it .... "their effort will give one business venture $30,000 in startup funds and the training to give a new business owner the tools to succeed." So, who needs $30K to start a business?

So I'm thinking of starting a low-key party planning/consulting business for myself. I would love to plan fun theme parties for all ages and slumber parties. Do you think this would be a good venture?

Big new from McNellie's Group... For those who haven't heard, a new McNellie's location will open near 71st and Yale this spring. We are very excited about this new venture, and we can't wait to serve our customers at our newest location!

How to use Venture in a sentence as a verb

2011 mission venture compound bow left handed 60-70pd pull 29 inch draw lenght $400. Jackson, MS 601-695-1558

Friday, that's about the sum total of it. Been to physical therapy for my hand, Mike's been to the dentist and now, I think we shall venture out to WalMart. WOW!!! We lead such an exciting life.

Its so easy to start something, but it takes more and more effort to keep up as you venture deeper and stick to it until the end.

Would like to welcome on board our new nail and teeth whitening technician who starts on thurs 10th January, we wish her all the best in her new venture! Offers to follow.....

DS Thought of the Day: "Vision isn't enough unless combined with venture. It's not enough to stare up the steps unless we also step up the stairs." -Vance Havner

We haz just got back from venture. Mummy finks the elves have given her car the cloook of invisibility. Either that or there are some stooped peoples out there.

A fellow cake baker is embarking on a new venture, please see the link below if you would like to have a 'Baking Break'!. Rhu is extremely talented and I wish her lots of luck!

Looking into writing a kids book on The Knox Sisters adventures. If anyone has any input or knows a great illustrator ... Please chyme in at anytime!! I think it would go over well at their shows.

Quote Examples using Venture

"The IRS likes to use a lot of rhetoric about "tax cheats" who won't "pay their fair share." When one lifts the curtain and exposes the lies and fraud being conducted every day by the IRS, one would venture to say that the real "tax cheats" are those who work for the IRS. Employers are being fleeced to the tune of approximately 30% of their operating budget in "payroll deductions." The worker over a ten year period with $200 of taxes withheld each pay period, would get clipped for $104,000! For what? Certainly not to fund our military, social security or any other legitimate, authorized expenditure by Congress. Those expenditures are funded through borrowing by Congress. Debt is not prosperity. The American workers and employers have been cheated long enough. If someone owns the fruits of your labor, stolen from you by deceptive and deceitful methods, then you are a slave. The withholding issue was sold under the guise of patriotism because the American people did not want this new taxing scheme back in 1942. Sixty-one years later, the American people still don't want this fleecing of the fruits of their labor which does not benefit them in any way. This process only encourages addictive over spending by Congress and more borrowing from the central bank. Again, debt is not prosperity. We the people have two choices: You can either stay on your knees to this tyranny or you can get the facts and then enforce your rights using the law."


Letter to Ill. legislature and governor done in Lincolnesque style. Will we continue to stumble over our own arrogance and pride and then dig in our heels when contempt is at the door? If this be the case, then there will be no legacy of venturenor among Illinois statesmen except in the vain imaginings of concocted history. I am of the opinion that when there is no brokenness within a group of people--who represent, above all, the basic welfare of the citizens--about the historic and tragic failure of that body to protect and promote fairly its obligations under its own constitution, both tyranny and insurrection are at the doorstep: tyranny on account of governmental insolence and disregard of its duty to uphold and protect the rights afforded to all through the state and federal Constitutions, and insurrection on account of public perception of this fatal venture. There seems to be a mysterious lack of political will in Springfield even when the prospect of complete disaster looms overhead like a squadron of fighter jets. Has the corruption grown so deep that even self-reflection unnerves and paralyzes resolve? Has such a privileged class arisen that it has forgotten that true privilege is characterized by humility, gratitude, and service? Or, has the bully of the class simply taken his self-appointed place behind the bench? We the people are not perfect and have, at many times, had unreasonable expectations and placed unreasonable demands on government and thus on ourselves. But, this is the point of duty and the sobering responsibility of the elected, that is, to do what is right and beneficial for all without placing personal aspirations or ideology above what is truly right and fair to all. Statesmanship has nothing to do primarily with ambitious ladder climbing. For, if conceit arises, it will break with its heavy feet the rungs that aid its ascent and then find no way to descend to its earthly domain. This then, is the collective problem of which we all share in creating--we have called our "wants", "needs." We have tried to eliminate every struggle for existence forgetting that healthy struggle develops the type of character necessary to lead the people. We cannot go back for we must go forward: we cannot fix that which is mortally wounded with salve and bandages. We must begin instead a journey and a mission that places virtue back into the hearts and minds of our youth and grows them up with our humble repentance and sorrow for the mistakes we have made. This happens the same way trouble is created, by degrees, and it will begin when we extend our hands to one another--not with our palms up--but in greeting and respect upholding the over-arching principles that have kept and preserved the state of Illinois for nearly 200 years.


I'm starting up a new restaurant venture called "Just Platters" and what will we be serving? You got it--just platters. You get two sides--mac & cheese and collard greens--and one choice of meat--chicken, in a non-microwave-safe foam platter. Cornbread is extra, and we only take cash. You gotta go to the corner store up the street for something to drink and your own utensils. Finger-lickin' good though!


"You can surmount the obstacles in your path if you are determined, courageous, and hard-working. Never be fainthearted. Be resolute, but never bitter....permit no one to dissuade you from pursuing the goals you set for yourselves. Do not fear to pioneer, to venture down new paths of endeavor..." - Dr. Ralph J. Bunche


Have started a new business.. Atlantic 81. We find and collect judgments for individuals. I now have three contracts and one cash offer but no money as of yet. Would anyone out there like to invest in a good business for a percentage of the business. Will have contracts designed and signed for the venture.


Well our big news is this. We are limping this truck to Nashville to the shop again. It is acting up again and chugging real bad. We have called the owner and told him we just can't take this breaking down all the time. We are picking up a new truck on the way to Nashville. It is a brand new 2013 model so we shouldn't have any issues on this many break downs. Plus with the new truck it is on with a different company called Express 1. They are the same type of company we are with now but a little smaller and not as many trucks. So our new adventure begins today. With the New Year comes new beginnings. Praying this all goes smoothly today. Lots of work swapping out all our belongings from one truck to another. venturepe everyone has a great day.


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The release of much awaited movie 'Viswaroopam" has been postponed. The movie will be released on Theatre & DTH on the same day only. Earlier it was decided to release the DTH premire on Jan10th, which was the very first ventur in Indian movie Industry

What Hayward street did you grew up on? If you were to go there today, what would it be like?

Need a full time job asap can any one help? phoned when i get told to phone and no frigging over time left

Back to reality on Monday Jan 7th. My first day of my new job in the ER. It actually feels good to get back into a routine!

I wonder if there's strong evidence that using the whole .99 thing works. And by "work", I simply mean brings in more money than all those extra pennies put together. Is it a myth? Or is it real? We're happy to adjust, but figure Dishheads will know the answer to this empirical issue beforehand. Anyone?

I am looking for Lysol. The kind in the brown bottle it's a deep yellow for doing laundry. You know all our grandmas used to use it.

First kiln run of 2013 off to a great start. Adjusted some of the firing settings and no alarms! Tomorrow will be a wonderful day to glaze all these fun items for Valentine's Day and Spring.

Good morning ,feeling awsome this morning pickin up my boys today after school gonna hit up apex Sunday with my boys can't wait

So I like projects...they keep me sane! I'm working on cleaning every room in the ventureuse and I'm just about done...Want to save money re-doing some of my kitchen and want to paint my kitchen cabinets. Anyone done this before and what is the best process for it? Thanks!

To our friends and patrons, it is with sadness that I must inform you that as of December 31st RUB has closed. We enjoyed the past 8 years of making new friends and fans of our barbecue but the universe has spoken and we must abide. We look forward to the future and wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.

Tarantino films inspire unlimited discussion. He seems to have taken over early Oscar matter venturew many nominations he does/doesn't receive.

Looking for a model to test with one evening next week, working with a new Make-up artist. Please get in touch if interested. Model preferably 5'7+ and size 8-10

Facebook Friday Funday: venturew are you staying warm in this colder weather? Monday we will draw a number between one and the total and that person will receive one dozen roses...

Well this little surprise trip was a bust! Resort is nice but out in middle of no where, food in restaurant sucked, no robes to wear down to venturet tub and too cold to walk down to it in swim suit, got call from the ranch we were going to, trails are too wet and muddy to do our 3 ventureur trail ride and baby back rib dinner, they cancelled our ride, and woke up to a backed up sink and toilet!! Woohoo, at least I won $7 at Chocktaw...LOL!

WOW! I just spent 10 minutes going through a "security check" to make sure "im who i say I am", and had to identify a bunch of pics, most of which were just random art people have posted, thank you venturebook! Then you say you removed content i posted, and won't tell me what you've removed? Really ventureing nice!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the employees and owners of Lincolnton Furniture Company during this difficult time.

A lot of rest for my hip operation on Wednesday eekkk..scared is an under statement!!

Submitted a resume to a Company - got a phone call an ventureur later - went in for an interview the next day and was hired on the spot! My boss is incredible - the staff are phenomenal and my immediate supervisor in a sweetheart! 2013 is beginning well!!

I think it's more diverse sounds and styles in my city than in the industry!

Wished this virus would hurry up and do one!!

Really want to see the venturebbit but I'm really not keen on sitting in a dark room full of folks I don't know or paying a fortune to do so I find it very odd :/

Tracks are in good shape...groomed south to Thendara and north to Sabbattis....still no one venturing out on the reservoir yet though...

Venture definitions


any venturesome undertaking especially one with an uncertain outcome


a commercial undertaking that risks a loss but promises a profit


an investment that is very risky but could yield great profits

See also: speculation


put forward, of a guess, in spite of possible refutation

See also: guess hazard pretend


proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers

See also: embark


put at risk

See also: adventure hazard jeopardize stake