Delete in a sentence as a verb

They're going to delete it and call the guy who has Yale on his resume.

I guess I learned that hitting delete would be worse.

We just delete spam on the forums, mostly.

> Please take this site down and delete the Github repository.

Actually, seeing as how the account is registered to you, why dont you just login and delete it?

I guess we were looking for some sign that someone somewhere is pulling for us. During the first hour this post was up I hovered over the delete more than once.

It takes a couple weeks using an app to see if it turns into an invaluable daily tool, or if you just delete it.

HTP told Linode to just publicly acknowledge that HTP was the group that broke into Linode, and they'd delete the sensitive info.

I'll go to my Settings -> iCloud -> Manage Storage menu and delete everything associated with that app and start it off on a clean slate!

I encourage her to delete this post and initiate a criminal trial in order to hold the perpetrator accountable.

It's the difference between seeing something that annoys you and moving on and having something that someone else stuck into your reminder list that you can't delete.

Facebook has value, but no matter what your privacy settings are set to, no matter what you delete, always assume that anything you write or do on Facebook - in any context - will be embarrassingly public.

Instead of whining on the bug tracker or hunting for shitty workarounds... open up the library source, delete the bug, make a diff, and send that to the project maintainers with a note like, "I was trying to call foobar, but it segfaults because bazquux is off by one.

Sorry, I completely disagree with this post, 100%First off, I want to say this right away- Its total ******** that some user targeted you like this and you definitely have a right to get a subpoena for OKC to give you the users IP and to delete the accountHowever I dont agree with your hate towards OKC- You cant give them **** for:Not giving you the Account information/IP just because you asked: Giving that info to you without a legal order just makes them liable personally.

Delete definitions


remove or make invisible; "Please delete my name from your list"

See also: cancel


wipe out digitally or magnetically recorded information; "Who erased the files form my hard disk?"

See also: erase


cut or eliminate; "she edited the juiciest scenes"

See also: edit blue-pencil