Guessing in a sentence as a noun

'I'm guessing PlusFeed gets a lot of web traffic.

From your post, I'm guessing this is the issue that also occurred when you tried Pagely.

I feel like I'm better off using Google Maps and just guessing than looking to Yelp for advice.

Don't really know how many folks FB hires a year but I'm guessing hundreds?Sorry if I was curt.

There were a lot of questions about numbers such as guessing the next number in a sequence.

So I'm guessing something about your basic app architecture is off.

"I'm guessing that pretty much sums up the reaction of everyone who backed the initial kickstarter.

Given that he got his first stock disbursement last week and was due $58 million over the next few years if he hung around, I'm guessing he was pushed.

They have spent multiple decades breathing in the Unix environment, and are quite good at guessing how the other guy probably designed his system.

Guessing definitions


an estimate based on little or no information

See also: guess guesswork shot