Smart in a sentence as a noun

Bezos is super smart; don't get me wrong.

It's not a smart strategy, IMO, but that's what they're doing.

They're trying to replace a smart server with one that's dumb as a doorstop.

Raganwald, you and most of HN are plenty smart enough.

"'These are good, professional, smart people on the other side who want to do what is right by kids,' he said.

" Sorry, he can be smarter than Einstein but I ain't letting him near production code.

Smart in a sentence as a verb

Why is such a smart person as Crockford wasting his time arguing about semicolons in 2012?

Persistence can substitute for smarts and he walked away with Masters from a top uni.

I guess my parents weren't smart enough to get a fake social security card for me back then, I wish they were.

"To which the smart businessman replied, "Do you realize how much it would cost to park my Rolls Royce at the airport for a week?

Reminds me of this oldie but goodie:A smart businessman went to a bank near the airport to borrow $10,000 for his overseas trip.

I think the sign of a good technologist is less about how super smart they are and more about how they approach solving real world problems.

Smart in a sentence as an adjective

My default response to any "good programmer, bad programmer" post:A smart accountant once told me that the answer to "How much money did you make?

It's been a long time since I've read this, so I'm very loosely paraphrasing, but it's something like, if you disagree with someone who's clearly very smart, maybe it's worth taking the time to figure out why they hold their opinions rather than just dismissing them.

So even if you don't need math to do your programming work on a day to day basis, it's because a lot of very smart people have solved some very difficult math and language problems over the decades so that you have the luxury of ignoring the mathematics your code relies on.

Whenever anybody says that CSS is easy, or "of course you can do that with CSS", or even hints that CSS is somehow well-designed......the only thing I really need to say, is that every couple months, on Hacker News, where a lot of really smart people hang out, a new top-voted story comes up about how to center a div.

Smart definitions


a kind of pain such as that caused by a wound or a burn or a sore

See also: smarting smartness


be the source of pain

See also: ache hurt


showing mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness


elegant and stylish; "chic elegance"; "a smart new dress"; "a suit of voguish cut"

See also: chic voguish


characterized by quickness and ease in learning; "some children are brighter in one subject than another"; "smart children talk earlier than the average"

See also: bright


improperly forward or bold; "don't be fresh with me"; "impertinent of a child to lecture a grownup"; "an impudent boy given to insulting strangers"; "Don't get wise with me!"

See also: fresh impertinent impudent overbold saucy sassy wise


painfully severe; "he gave the dog a smart blow"


quick and brisk; "I gave him a smart salute"; "we walked at a smart pace"


capable of independent and apparently intelligent action; "smart weapons"