Guesswork in a sentence as a noun

It's fairly pointless to post guesswork about the UI.

It's not an exact science, but it's not dark magic or wild-*** guesswork either.

How often, or on what system, the service provider plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork.

What ratio paid apps to free apps they were running is guesswork but I'd imagine if they would fail at the mix they would fail in the marketplace.

Remember that Reddit is frequently completely wrong with it's guesswork, only a fool would rely on that communities information when preparing for a witch hunt.

Chemicals in the water?Of course, that doesn't work, because once you try to start making general assumptions about the behaviors of millions of people you're going to start stereotyping and using guesswork.

Take the guesswork out of web development, with Nota.\n Nota records every click, scroll, and keystroke, giving\n you the clues you need to ef´Čüciently understand and\n repair user issues.\n\nWHY?the thing you're missing in all of this is the question of what problem you're solving.

Guesswork definitions


an estimate based on little or no information

See also: guess guessing shot