Lopsided in a sentence as an adjective

I feel like it was a bit lopsided because I certainly learned a lot more from them than they learned from me.

I stuffed a shaved down tampon deep into my right nostril and died the tip dark brown giving my nose an awkward, lopsided, disgusting appearance.

That said, from polls we know that the overall vote is going to be very close to 50/50, so the lopsided totals are a sign of skew in Twitter users, not the country.

Or should we genuinely think these numbers are lopsided for some nefarious reasons?Edit: Un-Edited the Edit.

But the entrepreneurship ratio is lopsided in the opposite direction.

If you put single-payer healthcare to a referendum in black working-class neighborhoods in Atlanta or Brooklyn, it'd pass by lopsided majorities.

As I was lying on an MIT couch the next day trying to recover, I had an entirely unexpected revelation: the 4-dimensional lower bound could be proved by a series of reductions from lopsided set disjointness!

Much popular misinformation notwithstanding, the balance of risk between vaccination and not vaccinating is extremely lopsided.

[tl;dr: With a lopsided sex ratio in a field, women are more likely to experience sexism, and men are less likely to witness it, than if the ratio was closer to equal, regardless of the actual frequency of sexist behavior.

You can look at it both ways:If the parties in the trade are nations, then the benefit is rather lopsided to the receiving country: they get a new, productive worker, and any money they give that worker is mostly spent inside the receiving country, boosting that economy further.

A common issue where this responsibility needs to be better policed is lopsided risk decisions where in many cases executives can make large bonuses and on rare occasions they don't make a bonus while shareholders lose big - a complicated mess of scheming and tricky incentives that can in extreme cases amount to theft.

Lopsided definitions


having one side lower or smaller or lighter than the other


turned or twisted toward one side; "a...youth with a gorgeous red necktie all awry"- G.K.Chesterton; "his wig was, as the British say, skew-whiff"

See also: askew cockeyed wonky skew-whiff