How to use Scratch in a sentence as a noun

Hmm i think getting XP in scratch cards just got more rare. .

You scratch my back, I scratch yours period this is 2013 for crying out loud.

When people hurt you, think of them like a sand paper. They may scratch and hurt you but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless.

Heeeheee iv realised tht i dnt knw our national anthem frm scratch to è end................but wht i knw is gake 1 r u wth m?????

Didnt know that starting from the scratch is that hard Mad Aj

They coming out tomorrow... Braids, so excited you have no idea. Wash & scrub so wanna scratch my head over due. #littlethings lol

Welcome Gwen, scratchpe you enjoy my blog recipes. I love to cook from scratch and make tasty economical recipes. Comments or questions are always welcome and feel free to share.

In the studio just "Re-Learned" scratchw to scratch....and boy oh boy is are my scratches sounding ill.

Ok made stroganoff from scratch tonight and it needs something....waay too many mushrooms through

I'm feeling lucky. Maybe I'll buy some scratch tickets instead of textbooks.

*I also offers alterations and upcycles at a lower prices than skirts made from scratch*

Whn a man is caught n lost in deep tots ev n d bite of d most venomous snake seem but a scratch,hardly enough 2 distract him......

Sometimes u just gotta be real and start from scratch all over again even if its just for a good friend..we all have eachothers backs and true scratchmies will stick with that

*Cerchi Belle by Rae also offers alterations and upcycles at a lower prices than skirts made from scratch*

I wish I had a voodoo doll of myself so I can scratch whatever I want whenever I want.

Okay, well scratch that. We gonna chalk that up as a misunderstanding. We are going to call it strike two though.

Ok now big girls its 2013 and I need yall to invest in some shapewear cause I'm seeing some pure ratchetness and I kno yall could do better!!! If ur shirt is exposing ur belly put it in the donation bag to the Salvation Army and pick out another one, if your pants don't cover ur full scratch put it in the bag with the shirt and start from scratch!!! Please do better ladies I'm tired of seeing scratch and belly while I'm out!!!

So I love chicken and dumplings and I mean really love them but their so expensive then Randy got the great idea to just make them from scratch and OMG they were delicious, I'm in heaven and he made a huge pot of them......yummy yummy yummy !!!

Low fat Alfredo sauce from scratch in 6 mins with my Vitamix, and piping scratcht. Cooking in my kitchen has forever been changed!

Just made some chocolate chip scratchins from scratch. Go me.

<3 Love Wallace...let's help him scratch another one off of his bucket list!

Anyone know scratchw to repair an Xbox disc with the circular scratch? Anyone help would be appreciated

To whoever has my voodoo doll, scratch between my butt cheeks... I'm in public

Scientist in London are prepaing to discover a paper can fold this tablet in anyway but this tab will does not get single scratch...and it is portable also

Man I guess I'm going to have to prove myself to everyone. Let me make it clear, first off, to all my old friends if you guy's want to chill I'm all for it but if your still doing the same old scratch might as well scratch that thought off your list cause I'm good. Much love to you all but in the end we all fight to pave our own road. Time's change.

Did anyone else just see the abc news reporter scratch his rear end on tv? Sure wish I had the dvr thing so I could rewind it. That was funny. Sad part is, he obviously knew the camera was following him because they were interviewing somebody.

It looks like somebody hacked my FB account so I am starting from scratch. Limiting my number of fb friends.

Some people just BUG!!! no matter what they do or scratchw they act! wish i could be a little G like i was in kindergarten...didn't like this girl for no reason so i decided to walk up to her and scratch her in the face.

I sure wish i could get a back scratch or a good massage from somebody it would be very nice!!!

May the itch of a thousand crabs affect the one who ruins your day...and may their arms be too short to scratch. lol

Sometimes you have to cut your losses, start from scratch... Insanity is to continue to do something that you know don't work.......

Woot woot woot its my lucky nite jus won 56 dollars on a few scratch tickets yea now goin scratchme n goin 2 bed yea im happy

Hey guys its josh and i downloaded a real editing software where you start from scratch so itll prolly take me a lot longer to upload songs but ima try to make them floss so yeah thanks for the support of me and all the other admins. alright peace

At louies grill we made our food fresh everyday made from scratch, come and join us amigos, full bar, tex mex and cuban food....

Never actually thought I would have to start my Facebook over from scratch I had 900 friends ughh dang hackers...

My car is scratch.... just because help company take goods... I want company pay back!!!!! Tokyo kitchen

Do you use a lot of packaged foods in your kid's school lunch boxes? Or make everything from scratch? My aim is definitely to try to buy zero pre-made items this year. Do you have any lunch ideas that are always a winner with your children?

If i culd start my lyf 4rm scratch, if i culd take away d pain of d past, if i culd get a chanc i can do jst dat, i can do anyting jst 2 go ryt back

You know that feeling when you have an itch and you try not to scratch it but it just gnaws at your brain and drives you crazy because it is just so itchy that you finally lose your mind and tear into it with both hands because you need relief but you just end up bloody and sore and much worse off? So all night I am sitting in a bar beside the guy my ex girlfriend left me for so I decide to introduce myself as the best sex she ever had...

I love it when scratchan grabs his string toy, bites on it and then runs with it dragging it between his legs.. It's so cute. Prob a free ball scratch haha :s

This is the boy whom scratch my poor boy. Zoom and see his long nail!!!!!

Selling my monster king bed it's only got one scratch otherwise in vgc Paid $2600 sellin $1200 it's only 8 months old n used for 3 months .

Wtf.... In the women's locker room and this elderly lady looks kindah crazy took this huge gold chain with a cross on it and rubbed it on her va jj like when guy scratch there junk

My poor boy been scratch by class mate. Very angry and sad.

I think we should bring back smelling peoples butts when you meet them. Even if it is a casual scratch with your index finger and then a gentle whiff, it might make the world a happier, safer place...

I could really use your presence during these next 15 scratch tickets, Richard.

Can't even scratch my nose without sweating! 40 degrees is just too much !

FAN Q: just curious if anyone knows any great tricks for baby eczema? I've been doing aveeno bath and lotion but it's still scratchrrible...she's a year old and just digs and digs at it she has scratch marks and made herself bleed she has a dr appt Friday morning but not soon enough for me because she's miserable and i cant stand it..contemplating taking her to walk in clinic but the one here is terrible, just wanted some tips to ease her itching? she woke up about an scratchur ago just screaming til I rubbed her legs and she was back out, any tips would be greatly appreciated Reposting ~~Shannon

Evry step up has its way down so kip hard wrk if ur up cz u myt fall dwn to scratch . That's true sm buddies goes to uj,wits ,uct but cmbk bcz they lack that knowledge so myk ur lyf smple dnt fall blow ur standard

Arrived in Idaho and got the truck unloaded. Got to scratch two very old dogs under the chin. The shih tzu took that to mean I was a friend, the poodle still seems to regard me with some bit of suspicion. I have my work cut out for me.

I like it when girls scratch your back so hard you gotta pick there fake nails outta your back for days :P scratchs sexiiee

Starting from scratch; theres only one way to go from here and thats progression towards greatness

Gotta a new member to my family and a hundred bucs on scratch off at da same dam time. #Bless us mighty Jah jah!!

Yeah so i scratch my back with a bayonet whats it to ya?

I need to scratch this football itch !!!

Going up and coming down , scratch away-way-way! It's all those little things that scratch! tearing at my brain again! all that little things that scratch! - Bush , Little things

Mu cat just scratched my face and i am crying now.

Another cyclist dies because an SUV couldn't share the road. Funny, the vehicle driver always seems to leave the scene without a scratch. I guess we're supposed to feel sorry for the car......................

Sasuke defeated all ninja & having no scratch on him...rathet than I am wounded by those...... no ......... I never go back from my words ...........I have to surpass him ........

Thank you for reminding me Of why I'm sick inside Thank you for the venom, did You think it would paralyze? These scars I scratch, I tear Are there under my skin Where you've always been Thank you for reminding me, To sin with a grin

How to use Scratch in a sentence as a verb

I like to scratch my scratch becauselse sometimes my scratchhole hairs be itching

Does anyone want to buy my car? Slight scratch, but great mileage. Best offer.

Man I need that no scratch scratch for when you shave my face is so itchy I done scratchpped in the shower still itches lol finna scratch the skin if I can't stop

Those freestyle scratch sessions have gotta start being recorded and posted forreal. "Dj Myoo-zik's in the building!"

I bought a cash 4 life but didnt scratch it cause i thought id owe lol

Is there anything more delicious than chocolate chip cookie dough made from scratch??? The correct answer is no.

What ever happened to "scratch your back, you scratch mine"? I think only apes do it any more.

Does anyone know of anyone who does car body repair, dents, scratches, cracks?

When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sand paper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless.

The word sadness is only a scratch on the surface on the level of sorrow that fills my heart, as it wrenches and twists in pain at the loss of you, no one else matters but you, you're the only one I cared for that I loved and now that is nothing more than a memory that shall not be forgotten nor the scars on my heart will go away for the pain that comes from losing you as I lie in my bed going through a sleepless night I think of the laughs the joy and the happiness that we brought each other, our love was as pure and clear as glass but has shattered from circumstance.

Ok.....scratch my balls itch wanna scratch em didn't think so. I got the new type of lingo and I'm bilingual I'd drop a pair of bars but it turn to a single catch me at seven eleven tryna mingle with the slurpee that's as far as I'll go cus chicks tryna hurt me do burpees stay fit so when I get frisked I know why they search me New day same objective same vision different perspective hip scratchp resurrected trynabe effective God selected im the new directive. on the DL!

The sudden urg to scratch the back of my leg where my tattoo is and as you go to do it you relize you cant lol

FYI. I've got the bestest ma n pa, scratch that best fam damily in the world!!!!!

HaHa. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of the person who screws up your day and may their arms be to short to scratch.

Try this! If you want to make your 2 quids more.. Just scratch! Hehe.. If i combined monday up to now the cost that i've win are 120 quids! It's a lucky week!

My lil morgan done fell an scratch her lil nose all up....constantly trying to get poor baby!!

These last few months I've been getting this itchy feeling that I'm a wolf trying to live amongst sheep. I need to scratch it. I need to get back to making music again. If for no other reason than a creative outlet and a little extra pocket money.

Tarah said my writing looks like chicken ever seen a chicken write? They don't even speak english...

I have a few flaws but ima good man i dont cheat rub yo feet scratch yo back massage yo body if it hurts tell u i love u n its gonna be ok show u im here for u n go to wrk n come scratchme to be with the love of my life i knoe we aint perfect but it seems that way to me i love u

About to go make some french fries from scratch. Too hungry. Even though that's just a snack.

Well earlier i got the girls out of the bath and i turned on the propane heater for them to get warm while i was getting there pajamas on, Mackenzie dressed herself and i helped Lena when i went to stand up i wasnt paying attention and i got a 3" long 1" wide & 2 cm deep scratch on my scratch and omg it hurts so bad, gotta take a shower shortly then get bandage on it..scratchpe everyone had a good day!!!

Though it was you scratch my back I'll scratch yours..

To every gurl heart I Eva broke or played wit just kno it wasn't intentionally and I Apologize.! I try to b a good scratch and end up bein to good to b true 4 sum maybe it's the name it's not always good bein known by everybody., if I could start ova I would but regardless I'm still happy wit my life but now I'm focused on school time to leave the scratchs where they at find the right gurl and start from scratch like 2 virgins dat don't kno much no rush just real partners to each other no Matta the past.!! In other words I'm Tired of playin and jumpin in and out of relationships and bs wit my life it's bout time to fix dat." #random thought

Apparently theres a law by lta where a "Driver cannot scratch his ears while driving" LOL

I ask dad if he could scratch my back and he replies with ill scratch ur balls with a barb wired stick! Haha

Hummm. I'm wondering scratchw I got the big girl panties add instead of the pets finding their forever scratchme! I scratch my

I recommend to anyone into the whole cutting there wrist thing to invest in a playful kitten/cat. Not only are they cheerful but they scratch the scratch out of your hands and wrists for you.

Watched some vids of painting cars and boy i got that itch i want to scratch lol been almost 3 years since i touched a spray gun...running to mio in the morning then idk..

Utica the death trap so hard to be positive when your surrounded by negativity after im off papers its all over back to cali I go women weed scratch the weed weather smith spliff 87

So my son decided to fall earlier n scratch his back.....when its time for bed he says mommy my boo boo hurts I need a "band" lol I said a way he say a band you kno for my boo boo please.... We went too look for 1I didn't have it do I have him tape n he says thank you so much it feels better I luv you

Just got an iPhone. Apple, Where have you been my entire life? PM your numbers please as I'm starting my address book from scratch with no reference.

Fake is a diesease its scratchen every where some can change and some just get worst its amazing storys I hear but there actions tell me another I scratch my head and laugh

So after we had sex she said" ohh Jazz I can't believe you won the lottery" & I said ohh girl I can't believe you gave it up for a $2 scratch off" ha ha lol I kid I kid

Yo I be partying 2 hard this weekend that just pasted I woke up w/ hickies on my neck idk scratchw they got there smh the weekend b4 that I woke up w/ a scratch on my leg & my back smh lmao I be 2 TU ,,, that's a shame I gotha slow dwn

I got to know that when people hurt you over and over, think of them like sand paper. they may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless. may the blessing that god have for us today begin to locate us in Jesus name. Good morning my lovely friends and family

Sure would be nice to have someone to at least scratch my back!!! not like im asking anybody to wax my scratch.. lol.

Hack up a lung or scratch skin off? Hmmmmmm

I'm going to become a Machinist and teach the world scratchw to make semi-automatic firearms from scratch to be able to hunt game to survive. What do you want to bet I just went on some list in some Database?

I'm an idiot... My head was itching, so I took a paper clip and unrolled it to scratch my head without scratching up my bun... Needless to say, I got it stuck in my hair and can't get it out -___-

Whenever anyone hurts me badly, I think of him like a sandpaper. He may hurt me and scratch me a bit but at the end, I end up polished and he is useless.....:-P

If you scratch your own back, your back is scratched for a minute. If you teach a man to scratch your back, he'll do it for a minute, then zone out to Leno and start to pat you like a dog. What's the moral of this story? It's 3 days into the quarter and Statistics still sucks.

Mornin peeps scratch here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ to reveal today’s status.

I always scratch on the 8 ball. scratch 8 balls

I don't want just a kiss , I want you to bite my lip , I grab yo scratch , u scratch my bacc , I succ on you're necc , an u wrap ya legs around me type kiss . . . ;p

Was feeling lucky on the way scratchme tonight so I bought my self 3 scratch off tickets and yes I WON .........4hundred yes 4 hundred pennies not bad for a 3dollar investment

Kathie-Ann Joseph miss ur cookies n sweets made from scratch using Cacao!!

... I'd pray for you, crochet for you, make it from scratch for you, leave off the latch for you, go to the store for you....

I just won $100,000 on a scratch off ticket. WTF.

This election time...we are available 4 campaign roadshows nd we got also female dancers to aid in crowd pulling- if u cn scratchok us up then you get some commision! -scratch my back i scratch urs-policy. Inbox me da details or scratchlla.

So my son informs me he has a project due Friday...Chemistry...has to bake brownies from scratch-missing one ingrediant, so they can tell what happens when you don't add it! Really!! Mr. Chickering...this mom does box a shopping I will go for all except shortening....which figures...I do have that!

Getting ready to make Paleo Diet friendly and gluten free energy bars from scratch and start offering as samples. If all goes well, I will be selling them soon! Let me know if you're interested in trying them out!

Declawed cats that I feel most sorry for, are the ones that want to play scratch off lottery tickets. ....:/ lol.

Just had a dream that I won $6000 in scratch offs. Woke up to find it not true. Damn...

Calamity Cubes, great smoke, and lots of scratch tickets.

Fyi; I could never make scratchme fries but to my momband aunt and the recipe card lol I now know scratchw make scratchme fries from scratch

Just backed into the neighbours car. Not a scratch on the hilux. Wish I could say the same for thier car. FML!

Made scratchmemade Quiche tonight, believe it or not my first time from scratch. It was the best I ever ate!!! Gotta a new weapon in my scratchnal of culinary specialties.

Which of my friends is an artist and would be willing on helping me improve a drawing. Don't have to start from scratch! :D please????

So just about had a near death experience at Alec Marken's scratchuse. Something flooded and I didn't realize there was water on the floor and I slipped but caught myself on the counter but the corner of the counter stabbed my throat! Luckily it didn't puncture anything, but I think just a scratch.

Quote Examples using Scratch

Going to these NA meetings are quite scratchpeful. Its interesting that every time I speak I have to say "Hi, I'm Jamie and I'm an addict..." then everyone says in unison, "Hi Jamie" then after I am done speaking I say "Thats all" and in unison everyone says "Thank you Jamie" I almost laughed the first time. But I feel like these people know what it's like to be alone and to lose everything and have to build up from scratch from a disaster they have all brought o themselves. I relapsed a week ago and lost everything I have worked so hard for these past 2 months and now I must start over and I feel they understand me more than anyone else. I feel like I can share myself with them because they have been as low as me. They just know... I am grateful for my sponsor and the people there. I look forward to tomorrow night so I can see them all.


If I could just scratch the week off for a minute. And all the scratch that comes along with it. Maybe get a little gumbo stuck in the treads. And drop a little cricket in a big brim bed. Drinkin' my beer, singin' my song Ridin' dirt roads, not much wrong with that. It get's a little better with time. And time's the only thing I know that betters the wine. I remember daddy sayin' never follow the signs. Just ride 'til every road is planted there in your mind. Pretty soon your daddy's boy will be a one of a kind. Just kick back and roll to your favorite rhyme.


I was at this show. This was my first "real" concert, in Auburn Hills, in Detroit. I was 17. It was a Tuesday, a school night for me. Detroit was 2 1/2 scratchurs from Kalamazoo but somehow I managed to talk my parents into letting me go. I never looked for video footage until tonight. I got a little choked up. It was a religious experience for me and changed me forever.


And when my time comes I want to take it off my heart the smile and look like And if today ........ I live day do I want to pursue a side by side with you not only crochet love especially we can complement each other entrust my flaws to be your strong suit received strong suit to complement flaws that the love we have always been a mystery ....... which gives strength among story And when later I was gone ......... let the memories of me makes to always learn to love with a shield overshadow loyalty with an option And when the moment my eyes closed moment is my side ..... tightly hugging my body .......... The last time I feel your breath noise to accompany my soul away And when I say no time to say thanks to you my painting days with colorful love This scratch my conscience


Going to see The scratchbbit on Sunday. The sisters will be seeing Hansel and Gretel. There is a sore on the back of my hand and mum won't let me scratch it. She made me put a bandage over it so I couldn't scratch it and now the damn thing's stuck and I can't pick it off to scratch it properly... This makes me sad... T-T


Hey guys I am making this page to help promote my business. It is a cellular business that does repair, iphone color conversion, scratch proof screens & carbon fiber. We also buy all electronics/phones and top dollar paid. I appriecate the support and will not bother you by emailing or sending you messages just going to post some work and pics. I would love to hear all of your feedback and Thanks again!


Today was the first time in 5 1/2 months I would have like to punch out and go somewhere. The kids were overly whiny today and I wanted to cry. I did make cinnamon bread and a yummy dinner. Chicken enchiladas scratchminy rice and beans from scratch. I scratchpe tomorrow I better


So I really surprised myself tonight. I made scratchme made Chicken Fajitas totally from scratch. I forgot to get Fajita seasoning mix so I had to make my own. I mixed a pack of taco seasoning mix with a pack of dry Italian dressing mix, about a 1/4 cup white vinegar, about a 1/4 cup lime juice, 1 cup water and about 2 Tbs of steak seasoning mix. And it really turned out pretty good. Yeah me.


Augh, I literally need an scratchistant to help carry out tasks I set for myself; not enough time in the day. There are 2 cars that need maintenance, plus the track car that I need to build from scratch. There's dealings with ZSport, Nismo Fiesta, then trying to create my own business & the thoughts going into that. I'm trying to put my scratchuse together here and there, not including typical chores. Work has been very demanding for quite some time. Somewhere in all this I'm supposed to utilize my gym membership. All in all, I get the essentials done by their deadline, but things get stacked so high. Any suggestions?


"Well, Pac-Man was originally called Puck-Man... They changed it because... Not because Pac-Man looks like a scratchckey puck... "Paku-Paku" means "flap your mouth" and... that they were afraid people would change... scratch out the "P" and turn it into an "F" like... I'll leave you alone forever now."


Is anyone intrested or looking for a verizon phone... I have a droid x ... its seriously like brand new .. not a scratch on it... I've had it in an otterbox case since the day I bought it and its in amazing condition... let me kno if ur intrested...


Giving up what you need for what you want never sits rite. But exp will teach us and with out it your not expected to understand . It takes us years past childhood to even scratch the surface of real love . Let patience guide you to your comfort zone . If you have to ask or you have doubts then your not ready. But hey what do i know im just another human being.


On the shores of life, the sands will always shift. Moving with the rough, that scratch and burn your skin. Yet over time, some grains have lost it's harshness, And all it's anger and rage - feel it in your hand, Oh it so smooth! Those are the grains of scratchpe, hidden in each of us. When all is bleak and dark, See the miles of storeline when the sun shines, The sands scratchw they sparkle like diamond dust. These are your easy smiles, your laughter if you choose. Remember even when the storms dirty all the grains, With slime and weeds and nasty things! There's always a way again to make the grains so clean. Life is like shifting sands, I agree. For there is not a day the grains are never there. That should be your faith in all you choose to be.


"Why do I got to learn the hard way? Why do I got to burn my bridges down? Now that I feel so numb can’t I just be me for f’s sake? Maybe I don’t have a purpose! Maybe I cut way too deep, Or maybe I’ll scratch the surface. To find out that I’m not worthless! Maybe I’m too weak to scratchld you! Maybe I’m just out of range. So sorry I suffocate you!! It must feel like I hate you. But I have never been so alive! I feel a fire burning underneath my skin. Now that I breathe in, I breathe you in I feel a freedom from this scratchpelessness within!! Now that I breathe in, I breathe you in!" Papa Roach


Okay everyone, I couldn't help myself but I need to post this lol. You are = you're, not your; they are = they're, not their or there; we are = we're, not were. To my knowledge there is no such word as "you's" which would actually mean "you is" and that is grammatically incorrect. The word "you" can refer to one person or a group of people. In fact there is the word "ewes" which we know are female sheep. I know there is the occasional typo error and sometimes autocorrect stuffs up our words but it's really interesting to see scratchw the incorrect use of contractions and pronouns are being commonly used and therefore appear to be the norm nowadays. Using the correct contraction, scratchmonym our pronoun etc makes a big difference to the message and actually says alot about the author methinks. Just saying


I have had a quiet day.... no music, no phone calls, just silence and yearning for the sight of your body and the sound of your gentle laugh as you read something silly, for the scratch of your pencil writing thoughts that come to mind... for you near. i guess that is it. i want you near.


Fb have i been scammed?????. i received a pub. clearinghouse envelope today. i opened it and read it as usual. they had a couple of the scratch and win if u match the #. my # matched the 25,000. prize. am i a winner or a sucker???????


Life would be nice if all the choices we made were easy and simple. It is the tough ones that make us scratch our heads. All I want is to trust my own decisions and treat the ones I love with respect. I want to trust my path and have the ones who love me respect that. I am only human and can only pray for clarity, patience and peace of mind...


"The world is changing. Who now has the strength to stand against the armies of Isengard, and Mordor? To stand against the might of Sauron and Saruman, and the union of the two towers. Together my lord Sauron, we shall rule this Middle-earth." "The old world will burn in the fires of industry. The forests will fall. A new order will rise. We will drive the machinery of war witht he sword and the spear and the iron fist of the Orc." "We have only to remove those who oppose us." "I want them armed and ready to march within two weeks." "Build a dam up the stream, work the furnaces by day." "The forest of Fangorn lies on our doorstep. Burn it!" "Swear it!" "The scratchrsemen took your land! They drove your people into the hills, to scratch a living off rocks!" "Take back the lands they stole from you. Burn every village!" "It will begin in Rohan. Too long have these peasants stood against you. But no more." "Rohan, my lord, is ready to fall."


Smashed my shoulder. Was funny as tho. Then managed to fall off the skaterboard and slid 1 metre on my knees. Not a scratch Haha. But a bruised shoulder.


This is a message for the person that stole my $20 winning scratch off ticket out of my lunchbox at work. if your situation is so dire that your reduced down to risking your job by stealing from me right out of the shipping office then consider that ticket a gift from me and my prayers for you that your fortunes improve. i wish you would have taken the $1 dollar winner too. add adams stolen phone charger last week i say you should call quits while your ahead because eventually you will get caught. dont let greed erase your acomplishments.


- You stinking stupid scratch are you serious right now?? it's just disgusting scratchw your life is not together... No career no money no formal education yet you have time to sit around && trash talk with your tart breath... Furthermore where is the stabilization?? Your damn near 50 years old scratchuse scratchpping... Only roaches move that much && scratchnestly it's becoming a trend for you. scratchw dare you even think for a split second you the likes of you could even bring my character down when you my dear have no character. You can't even provide for your family && that is the definition of a poor excuse of a woman. You are an utter disgrace!! You are wasting my air -___- && you should just crawl in a scratchle && stay there. Can't spell can't read can't write scratchnestly what are you good for?? scratchoked on phonics needs to be a priority on the list of things to buy with your tax return money this year. Your whole life is one big joke && nobody takes you seriously... You are such a habitual liar you believe the fantasies in your head... You should be committed. Present me with a GED && then I'll consider your existence... Street rat Drops mic && walks away


Well I do this thing you see. I build guitars. I am working on one that's entirely from scratch but it's taking me a good while. But I figured I might as well post pictures of what I have built and do some step by step on this page just in case anyone is interested. I need to get these pictures off my phone regardless. scratchpe you like!


Kaede gets hurt alot. She accedently scratched her neck with her pencil yesterday, and her friend accedently scratched her too hard today. The dude left a scratch mark that bled a little. On monday, she scraped her right knee during PE. I swear, if she gets hurt again today, I'm making her stay scratchme for a while. She even went swimming. I watched her and it seemed like her knee was hurting. She's going to die early if she keeps pushing herself.


Well I have been getting alot of flack about saying Django was a waste of time. I will give me reasons why from A cinematic point of view. 1. The Movie dragged on especially in the middle for an action genre. 2. The dialects of the time period were on and off 3. The sound track was all over the place. 4. It went old school were 1 guys takes down like 20 guys witout getting a scratch on him. 5. Leonardo performace was subpar. I've seen him display betteracting talents in other movies. 6. It was too long of a movie. Im not going to mention other reasons why to movie will not be placed in my top film rotation.


I never agreed with people who said "I'd rather get blown out than lose a close game". I have been on both ends of that spectrum and in my opinion there is nothing worse than a blowout. Getting blown out insinuates that you just laid down and quit even if that's not the case. A tough loss narrows down the things that need improvement but a blowout makes you consider starting from scratch. I didn't even want to look my classmates in the face after a blowout, blowouts knock all the cool out of your walk haha. Y'all can take the blowout if you want, I will stick with the tough loss. A win is the best though!


In my full time job, I rear sea basses from scratch. It requires daily feeding and frequent water changing. It means my colleagues and I have to come back even on weekends and PH to work. It takes one year for them to grow to table size. In my part time job at the restaurant, I see sea basses being eaten within minutes, or worst of all, customers waste it! As a consumer, a lot of times we are oblivious to the hard work behind whatever we consume and use. Be appreciative and stop wasting food! Damn it! 锄禾日当午,汗滴禾下土。谁知盘中餐,粒粒皆辛苦。


Ok, everyone! Huddle in... We need to all work together, and make sure Charlene never finds out that im using the tupperware as an oil pan. Ok, good hussle. And... Break! #scratchwMenDoThings


It said the best way to someone's heart is through their stomach so for my first tutorial, I will teach you scratchw to make samosas. One of the main ingredients applies to people who reside in the US. scratchwever, upon rquest I can make a tutorial on scratchw to make the pockets from scratch. scratchpe you like it. Thank you for liking my page.


Proper Noun Examples for Scratch

Give with ur Heart . Wadi jaja tsaore u Bought me Airtime n After o mpotsa sneng neng gore wa gopola i bought u Airtime #ake dlale, I scratch ur Back u Scratch mine . Nxono re tlwele

Scratch-me-not mittens for babies with eczema, awesome idea!

Where's my crucifix? Where are my cigarettes? This hypodermic melancholy Is not enough Scratch this credit fraud This hate is all I've got You want a revolution I want the scratchin' truth

Dem africans scratch dey scratch till the skin come off, all in da Public in scratch, no wedges or nothin they just love playn with dey stank scratch like a pet toy. #DatsAyeAfricanBootyScratcher For Ya. Lol

Scratch a lie u find a thief. Scratch a thief u find a cheater! Leave they azz alone!

Justo a punto de salir por una chela, aplicando la de la vinateria en la esq, que no Profeta Scratch !!

Scratch that it's mila kunis i'm thinking of meg fox is the scratch from transformers right

1 bachay ne new Car pe pathar se Scratch daal diajab Baap ne dekha to us ne Ghusay main Hathori Bchay ko maarijis se uski 3 unglian zaya scratch gaenBaap apne gussay pe Naadim scratchkar Bachay ki Maazuri pe ro raha thaKAchanak uski nazar Car pe mojud Scratches pe pariUs ne ghor kia toCar pe likha tha I love my dad.

scratchly scratch. So far 6 likes on that scratching realistic scratching Vinyl Scratch picture. Is this really the scratch you guys like?? I could find more. ~Rainbowstash

Scratch the chick flick seven psychopaths it is

Visit some of Scratch and Bites back catalogue and grab some history.....

Scratch's just the scratchpy relay they sold me at auto zone. Luckily the old one still works so I can cuss em out after work tomorrow. Oh child boo. God bless!

To all my family and friends that I told I would be graduating on 2/20.... Scratch that ... Now it's 2/21 thanks to the weather. Ugh!!

Had a wonderful 3 year anniversary date tonight at Chilli's with my Pootieduck. A little history for all you reading this on Facebook, that restaurant was where we had our first official date after we finished painting his room. Now it's our own little special tradition to go there every year on this day. Thank you Edward Herrera Junior for the best, worst, most blissfully stressful 3 years of My life and for the wonderful gift that is Scratch. I love you and our turtle<3

Scratch is helping out. Place a bid for their tasty treats!

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Made the madest cake today , double layerd chocolate sponge , chocolate frosting in the middle , with chocolate Iving on the top with , chocolate pieces to decorate , woohoo another 10kgs haha yolo xxxx

Finally ported my number to the galaxy s3 and spent a couple scratchurs setting it up tonight. I'm really excited that I made the switch. It may not be as easy to use, but this phone and os are way more powerful. Do I really need to root it to make it cool? It seems like there is a lot you can do to stock setup to customize.

I need me a bad chick with a bright future and good credit that's all I ask for in life

Excited but nervous for tonight I changed my song yesterday so I had to learn new choreography scratchpe I don't forget it lol

A small debate in the Reykdal scratchusehold: What is the statute of limitations on scratchw long one must keep a picture of friends/family on the refrigerator? Let’s hear it folks. . . .

Daniel - i know scratchw much you like Dora!

Did the inventor of pill pockets actually try them out on a dog? Half-masticated, nasty, putrid, smelly glop? It says something if even Siegfried won't eat it.

Like for cats? Comment for dogs? -.- share for both? Lol.

Finished scheduling my classes, found out i can get my books for like $450 cheaper than expected, and applied for source4teachers....successful night

Time to return to the junk food... Best thing ever to get my mind off things... food...

Lol scratch got one good hit on me lol ya y'all u can do is throw ur weight around fat scratch I still look fly

My ill sis will be here tomorrow!!! Yay I can't wait

This is one of those moments in which I think I'm not fit to be on this industry.

Ok I feel like I'm in a scene from a scratchrror movie. I'm walking my dogs it is completely quite there's no one walking down the sidewalk no cars driving by and only sound to be heard is the buzzing of the a street lamp.

For those of you who wonder what my company does, this is our latest release from one of our amazing Flat Hat artists. Ray is the cofounder of maurice the fish records based out of the south sound, he is a talented songwriter, scratcher pianist, a really engaging entertainer, and a good friend. we are so fortunate to have him in our network and a member of our music family!!

What do you do with an itchy eye,that's swelling and gone red?Any suggestions?

And then.... what happens in the pet store stay in pet store lmfao

That moment when you realize you used to be in their shoes..Break ups are hard but they don't have to be. Just remember "if you are going through scratch keep going" It eventually gets better.

He sits on his throne being bored tail move, wanting someone to talk to him

What would you like to do if money weren't an object? scratchw would you really like to enjoy your life?

Op op op op opan gangnam style. No, just no more of this scratch please. It's past it's dent in history.

It's funny as scratch when ice heads try to fool ya n act like they sober, I always ask em if have seen the Seinfeld episode where krayma gets free coffee for's funny watching they million mile n scratchur minds try n clue on but scratchs going to quick....all scratchp'd up on goofballs with Flanders

Anyone know any good places in RI to get fruit smoothies I have been craving one like you have no idea

Well- no call! Looks like I did not win. There's always next week after we kick some Atlanta butt!!!

What ever the heck is wrong with me is getting realllllyyyyy annoying!!!! I want to rip my own throat out... ugh!

I think I'm getting the chicken pox FML. Itching and got bumps slowly working there way up from my feet to my legs and scratchpefully it don't go higher... What do I do to cure this?

This is so sad. And don't tell me "dogs have hair, it doesn't bother them." Bull shi+!

So i just saw taylor lotner /.\ ♡..... in my dreams lololol xP

Omg that was the finest thing ever Becca and coned Tyler we was freaking out he kept getting out of his truck to see if I did anything to it then would run back cause he thought I was going to take his keys we laughed our butts off

I think Ronald Reagan's face should be on the $1,000,000,000,000 platinum coin because it would be funny to watch every Republican in America simultaneously go absolutely crazy nutty bananas.

Getting a new phone in a few days does anyone have a galaxy s3 I was thinking that or iPhone 5 which is better

Our dog got cut on her cheek & it got infected, now it's moved to the top of her head. Does anyone know what it could be of scratchw to treat it?

Respect to those still improving on themselves into this new year. You might have even realized you needed to change more once you started! It feels great to be sober and have an extra couple years on my life waiting for me... as long as I don't get hit by a bus/other large object!!!

Adding game Like this status Comment anything Whoever likes your comment add or subscribe them

I'm just trying to watch TV on the couch in peace but Lola has other ideas. She's currently trying to comb my hair with her claws and then eat it. I don't understand her ways of showing love.

As I clean my apartment, I find that I am literally missing a chair. I have looked all over my little one bedroom and I cant find it. Normal size. Let me know if anyone sees it.

Attention fans!! I am looking to sell this page i no longer am a distributor for it works, i put alot of advertising money into it and have great fans, the name has to be changed by me before i sell the page and switch ownership so it can be whtever you want! message me if your interested!

scratchly scratch post 205 is going through menopause, it's scratcht it's cold.... It starts giving me a scratching attitude and I'm outta here. ....

I am going to be nice and not name any names...but I love scratchw a certain night club promoter can not seem to come up with her own ideas!! Every single time I post an event she want to try and copy Skye R Isono and my events. Good Luck with that!!! Your events will never match up to ours. Are you that simple minded that you have to take someones elses ideas and thoughts and try to make them your own!!! Now you go so far is try to throw the same event on the same night!!! I swear people never cease to amaze me. Be more original and not an event thief.

I am feeling like I want a big giant piece of cake with lots of yummy frosting on it.

Why do fat people call other people out of shape or fat?......I dont get that an insult?? or just tryin to make themselves feel better cuz another mafucka fat wit em......idk lol

Gun-toting soccer mom found shot dead The last line of this story, just says it all.

Lmao scratch all these fake scratch scratches .

$10 Burkie will end up in Edmonton at some point, and he'll win there too

Scratch definitions


an indication of damage

See also: mark scar scrape


(golf) a handicap of zero strokes


poor handwriting

See also: cacography scrawl scribble


a harsh noise made by scraping

See also: scrape scraping scratching


dry mash for poultry


a line indicating the location of the start of a race or a game

See also: start


a competitor who has withdrawn from competition


a depression scratched or carved into a surface

See also: dent incision prick slit


an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off

See also: abrasion excoriation scrape


cause friction

See also: chafe fray fret


cut the surface of; wear away the surface of

See also: scrape


carve, cut, or etch into a material or surface

See also: engrave grave inscribe


gather (money or other resources) together over time

See also: scrape


remove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line

See also: excise expunge strike


scrape or rub as if to relieve itching

See also: itch


postpone indefinitely or annul something that was scheduled

See also: cancel scrub