Scrape in a sentence as a noun

The debtor doesn't repay because he legitimately can't scrape up that much3.

I know many talented architects and designers with experience who just scrape by.

I know of lawyers that barely scrape by on insurance law suits because all they know how to do is prey on the fear and pain of injured people.

I do say this however as someone both privileged and experienced enough to really not need to scrape for a job too hard at this point in my life.

I was seriously considering to make a browser plugin which would scrape pages for Google Analytics unique IDs, make a local database of them and randomly mix them up. Like this: 0.

But I know for sure that you will read this thread, so I'd love to hear why a database dump can't be provided, or a couple of IPs whitelisted to just rip through a scrape.

Scrape in a sentence as a verb

A lot of companies pay good money for affiliate lists, scrape web sites; basically do whatever it takes to get emails for marketing/spam.

If you could arrange a letter from Facebook and Twitter to us, that would be helpful.” [1]Sounds like the reporter expects Google to be able to scrape and index all tweets in real time.

What with all your ridiculous market valuations of various mobile apps, surely you could scrape together enough funding to convince the experts in their field to write a book.

"I was a lower middle class kid with a lackluster middle class education and good manners so I was able to scrape by on $17K a year and "live" off my motorcycle and later out of my truck in between stints at a lodge in back country Alaska.

What the **** is wrong with Microsoft's marketing departments?I'm to understand that Pawn Shops won't exchange the used Chromebook you bought for your mom but then decided to, what, steal back so you could put it in hock in order to scrape together enough cash to get a bus to Hollywood where you'll wait tables for six years whilst failing audition after audition before finally being shat out the butt end of the porn industry?I bet the Chromebook doesn't even make people dance in board meetings like the Surface apparently does.

Scrape definitions


a harsh noise made by scraping; "the scrape of violin bows distracted her"

See also: scraping scratch scratching


an abraded area where the skin is torn or worn off

See also: abrasion scratch excoriation


a deep bow with the foot drawn backwards (indicating excessive humility); "all that bowing and scraping did not impress him"

See also: scraping


an indication of damage

See also: scratch scar mark


scratch repeatedly; "The cat scraped at the armchair"

See also: grate


make by scraping; "They scraped a letter into the stone"


cut the surface of; wear away the surface of

See also: scratch


bend the knees and bow in a servile manner

See also: kowtow genuflect


gather (money or other resources) together over time; "She had scraped together enough money for college"; "they scratched a meager living"

See also: scratch


bruise, cut, or injure the skin or the surface of; "The boy skinned his knee when he fell"

See also: skin