Slit in a sentence as a noun

Probably not, as the slit is kept looking at one plane.

A slit will cause it to fall faster, but not as fast as with a non conductive pipe.

But then you lose spectral resolution because your slit is wide.

You need a wide slit to get light in for these insensitive webcam sensors.

No, that would change the experiment into "Which slit does the object pass through?

If they are also attempting to slit your throat at the local Starbucks, then yes.

You don't need an $85,000 camera to play around with slit scan photography.

To most people money is something that comes out of a slit in the wall when they insert their plastic card.

Old timers and DIY'ers use abutted razorblades to make a clean, straight slit.

Slit in a sentence as a verb

", instead of the current experiment "How does a beam of objects manipulate the wall behind these slits?

If I kidnap you and give you the choice between having your throat slit and your chest stabbed, am I not still a murderer once you lie dead on the floor?

Alternately, you narrow the slit to get more spectral resolution, but then your image is dominated by noise.

If the electron two-slit experiment produces a pair of humps, it is falsified to extremely high confidence.

Combine that variability with mandatory daily scrum meetings and it makes me want to figuratively slit my wrists.

It uses gears on the inside to pull a regularroll of film through and expose it through a narrow vertical slit as you rotate the whole camera on its center axis.

The teacher went further and dropped the same magnet through another copper pipe of the same diameter that had a slit cut along its length - the magnet dropped straight through the slit pipe without slowing down.

"Observing the object in either one of the slits would remove the necessary precondition for getting the interference pattern on the wall, so the pattern would no longer be there in your experiment.

Slit definitions


a long narrow opening


obscene terms for female genitals

See also: cunt puss pussy snatch twat


a depression scratched or carved into a surface

See also: incision scratch prick dent


a narrow fissure


make a clean cut through; "slit her throat"

See also: slice


cut a slit into; "slit the throat of the victim"