Fray in a sentence as a noun

So now people can peruse their own facts and share this video to others who might jump in the fray.

VMWare has started to enter the fray, there have been Django ones that I've seen, and even the Play Framework has one.

"Of course, you stop worrying about that and wonder how the cable has managed to fray on this barely used drive"Because it makes the cable look nicer.

Actually, Japan were ready to throw in the towel as a result of the tripartite pact being enacted, and Russia joining the fray.

Fray in a sentence as a verb

Rather than improving a project, they seem to have this epidemic problem of creating a whole new one and letting the old one get lost in the fray.

The disagreement and the "fray" are part of the choreographed propaganda undertaken by powerful interests to create the illusion of dissent.

We're cynical about "people" in general, but we latch on too quickly to businesspeople who seem above-the-fray or decent, often based on superficial signals.

Who didn't see this coming?And when she pulled SendGrid, her employer, publicly into the fray via her twitter feed, who didn't know it was simply a matter of time?I mean, what else could SendGrid possibly do?

Fray definitions


a noisy fight

See also: affray disturbance ruffle


wear away by rubbing; "The friction frayed the sleeve"

See also: frazzle


cause friction; "my sweater scratches"

See also: fret chafe scratch