Loony in a sentence as a noun

It's little more than a rebranding of the loony bin portion of the Republican party.

In this case, my insistence that van Gogh didn't paint on canvas would put me squarely in the loony or wacko category.

The situation in this country as become so strange that it's impossible to talk about it without seeming loony.

Loony in a sentence as an adjective

And that just a few years ago, not only was opposing it not bigotry, but being in support of it was completely loony tunes?

We really need a less centralized internet... Otherwise, when the US turns into a loony military dictatorship it takes us all with it.

He had agreed not to pursue the charge if, over the course of nine months, I completed 100 hours of community service and attended parenting educationSuperbly written, but the underlying story and outcome disturbs me. That someone is dissuaded from presenting a fair case because a court is considered to be bad at its job and taking a revenge-not-justice punishment is the best option serves as a serious indictment of 'justice' in whatever loony tunes jurisdiction she lives.

Loony definitions


someone deranged and possibly dangerous

See also: crazy looney nutcase weirdo


informal or slang terms for mentally irregular; "it used to drive my husband balmy"

See also: balmy barmy bats batty bonkers buggy cracked crackers daft dotty fruity haywire kooky kookie loco loopy