Balmy in a sentence as an adjective

But you are right, 3 C rise will be balmy.

They don't need houses - it's always balmy.

It's been balmy as **** here in Kentucky these past two or three winters.

Luckily when you fall over face down in a balmy server room the people you need to save you are close by.

I played soccer outside on Dec 26 in shorts and a soccer jersey in a balmy 6C here in Toronto.

I have blankets everywhere, because I'm not about to pay the required energy bill to keep my house balmy.

Not only did we only get an inch, the temp came up to a balmy 35, the sun came out and by 1pm, the new snow had already totally melted.

While I live in not-so-balmy Minnesota, it does get well above 90F and humid regularly in summer.

Have you ever worked in a startup with 30 other guys in a balmy office space in the summer?Will this hire go in front of clients or investors?Believe me, it matters.

Greetings from balmy and insipid Atlanta, GA, home of precious little of interest to the tech industry, especially compared to CA. But it's good for telecom - that's why I kick around.

Conversely, after a night with hard freezing, ice can remain on the road for hours, even as temperatures climb into decidedly balmy territory.

Saying that California is like a balmy Mediterranean country with a rich culture and history is not pejorative.

Although the weather was comparatively balmy and farmers' fields were bountiful with produce, Californians also felt the effects of the Depression.

Balmy definitions


informal or slang terms for mentally irregular; "it used to drive my husband balmy"

See also: barmy bats batty bonkers buggy cracked crackers daft dotty fruity haywire kooky kookie loco loony loopy


mild and pleasant; "balmy days and nights"; "the climate was mild and conducive to life or growth"; "a soft breeze"

See also: mild soft