Loco in a sentence as an adjective

In loco parentis was used to refer to this idea.

There was a time when the MIT president would bail students out of jail in loco parentis.

He could also make a detailed flow diagram, or maybe fly to US and demonstrate in loco how it works.

No, they actually declassified some of the stuff he leaked as a result of the leak, so it's not just "ese hombre está loco, yo"

If "in loco parentis" means schools taking the role of parents, then they've certainly done a bad job of taking care of their "kids", at least in the United States...

> Thomas again used the "en-loco parentis" argument he often makes in decisions involving childrenJust a note: it's in loco parentis, latin for in the place of the parent.

You can certainly believe that a decision about what games are appropriate can be left to parental discretion without believing that its the role of the state to act in loco parentis on video game selection and supersede parenting decisions.

" under "zero tolerance weapons policies", or for having mundane analgesic for menstrual pain under "zero tolerance drug policies", or for wearing a religious-themed T-shirt under "zero tolerance hate speech policies", etc. is not equal reprimand for violations, it's arbitrary abuse born of sociopolitical bigotry doled out by people suffering a tenuous grasp on reality - demonstrating exactly why they should not be empowered as in loco parentis.

Loco definitions


informal or slang terms for mentally irregular; "it used to drive my husband balmy"

See also: balmy barmy bats batty bonkers buggy cracked crackers daft dotty fruity haywire kooky kookie loony loopy