Loopy in a sentence as an adjective

Thanks, I was going for the definition of primes but was just going a bit loopy about the negation.

I wonder what happened to him. Thanks, loopy!Anyway, I created a Yahoo chat client in Win32/C as I was learning the API and the language.

And we look terrible on loopy microbench code, but run FB's multi million LOC application very well.

I think that current psychiatry is confused about which level of abstraction is the one to target - not too surprising, since it's circular, almost strange-loopy.

But where do you draw the line between "Opinions with which I disagree" and "Opinions which make you a bad person if you hold them"?I tend to classify really silly opinions as "loopy" rather than "evil", as long as they don't actually advocate violence or similar.

In physical dynamical systems we are typically interested in the global solution from which we do further analyses to prove stability etc... Bayesian networks have loopy belief propagation, and of course PCA/SVD require strict linear independence.

Loopy definitions


consisting of or covered with or having loops


informal or slang terms for mentally irregular; "it used to drive my husband balmy"

See also: balmy barmy bats batty bonkers buggy cracked crackers daft dotty fruity haywire kooky kookie loco loony