View in a sentence as a noun

Biased ones feed their viewership what they know they'll eat up and do little, maybe even damage, the search for truth.

They are the advocate for the customer, to help the company see things from the customer's point of view.

" I don't see expressing this view after Steve Jobs' death as being particularly disrespectful.

Those ideas about these laws are, in my view, quirky ones that take significant liberties in interpreting how laws work.

You also start to get a long view on things, where all these new things coming out don't really seem to offer any advantage to you that keeps development fun.

He is defending a one-seided traditional view of creativity - which is where the irony of his essay lies.

Here the Guardian is just serving up an emotional, unsubstantiated, one sided view of this discussion.

"The view is so pixelated it makes decisions tough" Can you imagine military people who fight/fought on the ground in real combat and order in strikes reading that?

View in a sentence as a verb

Because the Boomers and Generation X are still considered important, their views and more importantly fears are turned into policy.

And why should this be relevant to board service?Politics, religion, and social worldviews divide people and have no place as limiting tests in a business environment.

Every decent improvement is blocked by some greedy Boomer sonovabitch whose business or view would be mildly inconvenienced by the impact of construction.

I never thought that was the case - YUI pioneered a lot of the techniques that are popular in advanced JavaScript development today, like modules, dynamic loading, and creating logical view separation in your code.

"The rest of the article explains the author's psychopathy the way the author wants you to view it: As "a highly trained perception, ability to adapt, and a lack of judgment borne of pragmatic and flexible moral reasoning.

The most oppressive and authoritarian thing about it is, at root, that most people appear to enjoy it and not see any problems with it, while you view it as this heinous violation of your freedom and imposition on your private space.

But hopefully after actually peeking in to see what it's about rather than making flawed generalizations based on traditional views of an emerging way of seeing the world, you would have learned a new way of looking at the world.

Yet, while doing just that and limiting his ruling to the particular facts before him, Judge Alsup has provided a definitive and logically compelling approach to how such issues are to be decided where they concern APIs and copyright and such reasoning is, in my view, destined to be widely applied throughout the court system going forward.

View definitions


a way of regarding situations or topics etc.; "consider what follows from the positivist view"

See also: position perspective


the visual percept of a region; "the most desirable feature of the park are the beautiful views"

See also: aspect prospect scene vista panorama


the act of looking or seeing or observing; "he tried to get a better view of it"; "his survey of the battlefield was limited"

See also: survey sight


the range of the eye; "they were soon out of view"

See also: eyeshot


a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty; "my opinion differs from yours"; "I am not of your persuasion"; "what are your thoughts on Haiti?"

See also: opinion sentiment persuasion thought


a message expressing a belief about something; the expression of a belief that is held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof; "his opinions appeared frequently on the editorial page"

See also: opinion


purpose; the phrase `with a view to' means `with the intention of' or `for the purpose of'; "he took the computer with a view to pawning it"


graphic art consisting of the graphic or photographic representation of a visual percept; "he painted scenes from everyday life"; "figure 2 shows photographic and schematic views of the equipment"

See also: scene


the range of interest or activity that can be anticipated; "It is beyond the horizon of present knowledge"

See also: horizon purview


outward appearance; "they look the same in outward view"


deem to be; "She views this quite differently from me"; "I consider her to be shallow"; "I don't see the situation quite as negatively as you do"

See also: consider reckon regard


look at carefully; study mentally; "view a problem"

See also: consider


see or watch; "view a show on television"; "This program will be seen all over the world"; "view an exhibition"; "Catch a show on Broadway"; "see a movie"

See also: watch catch