Psychopathy in a sentence as a noun

I suspect the default state of AI would be psychopathy.

Though I never met him, I am convinced Steve Jobs is pretty high on the psychopathy spectrum.

" At this point, the author has completely distanced his psychopathy from the purely negative caricature he painted in the first half of his letter.

It always works: You shouldn't trust what pedophiles say because, well, they're pedophiles!Your logic chop fails because one of the elements of psychopathy is being a convincing liar.

It's easy to either over-demonize or underestimate the nature of actual psychopathy if you've never encountered it.

Maybe psychopathy is the default state and empathy and morals are just evolutionary add-ons t encourage cooperation.

"The rest of the article explains the author's psychopathy the way the author wants you to view it: As "a highly trained perception, ability to adapt, and a lack of judgment borne of pragmatic and flexible moral reasoning.

His points about the general public's misunderstanding of true psychopathy are equally true, although he crucially omits any and all explanations of how psychopathy can actually be dangerous and destructive to others.

Psychopathy definitions


any disease of the mind; the psychological state of someone who has emotional or behavioral problems serious enough to require psychiatric intervention