Slaver in a sentence as a noun

Will be fun once someone makes a slaver/infector virus.

I mean you literally compared him to a slaver.

>"I mean you literally compared him to a slaver.

That is a bit like criticizing George Washington for being a slaver.

You want to find a manager who thinks of himself as your equal rather than your slaver.

Anti-slavery campaigners in to 1800s used to beat their children.

Perhaps calling Jobs a corrupt, malign evil slaver the day after his death might also be construed as rude by some.

Brutal slaver warlord can take away restaurants, high fructose corn syrup, and your children with a single vote.

>> You want to find a manager who thinks of himself as your equal rather than your slaver.\n> In my experience, this doesn't exist.

Slaver in a sentence as a verb

Who, amongst other things, is a genocidal massacrer, paedophile, a thief and a slaver.

In slaver ants this disappears because the slaves are controlled by the queen who is equally related to sons and daughters.

A friend of mine often talks about the "good slaver problem"--there are certain cultural habits that are so entrenched that we just don't see the problem.

Pretty much every writer in antiquity was either a slaver or pederasts by modern standards.

Posted a videoclip illustrating that the islamic prophet is a mass-murdering slaver ?

A common pro-capitalist talking point is that merely saying "wage slavery" is somehow "emotional".

If you landed on an island with slavery on-going, does the criteria proposed have any teeth?There is, I think, a sharper edged point than this merely amusing slavery objection, but I've mentioned it in other threads already.

There is absolutely no relation between the facts that islam pushes slavery, slavery was only outlawed in that region under pressure from Christian states and the fact that they are having a movement to undo that external influence and go back to their roots.

Slaver definitions


a person engaged in slave trade


someone who holds slaves

See also: slaveholder


let saliva drivel from the mouth; "The baby drooled"

See also: drivel drool slabber slobber dribble