Slobber in a sentence as a noun

I think I know what the next paper will be on...Be sure to test dog slobber while you're at it.

It's not going to get dander or slobber or parasites on you.

I wish I could teach my dog _not_ to slobber his DNA all over everything.

It's somewhat ruggedized too for grade schoolers to slobber on. Why isn't it a real ThinkPad?

In my house, that would likely result in graphical distortion due to slobber

Not to mention I find dog slobber to be extremely off-putting for reasons other than germs.

They slobber and fart and cost a small fortune just to keep alive for a reasonable period of time.

Slobber in a sentence as a verb

Marsha will realize that sitting in wet dog slobber is far worse than having to put the seat down occasionally.

Their reaction at this story when it was over on Slashdot was to laugh and wonder if they could replace the acids with dog slobber.

Other than, of course, the fact that advertisers slobber over cramming every more **** down some "channel" or other.

Sure, they may have solved the cat problem, but the well-documented challenges of "pug face" and "slobber smudging" makes dog recognition an order of magnitude harder.

The only way the CEOs or VCs would get in professional trouble for that behavior is if the women who they were slobbering on were women who they have power over in their business relationships.

In most places, regulation is a minor hurdle for a decent real estate investor, all of whom regard single-family and small multi-family dwellings as a slobber-inducing opportunity when demand is high.

Staring at the Braille-like letters formed of gargantuan pixels on the screen with the finesse of sandbags being hurtled in place against the torrent of information pouring down his Ethernet connection, the notion of finely crafting the text of an email message with the pristine elegance of detail rendered to the precision of not just the vulgarity of a "dozen" but to the exactness of "12" typesetter's points escaped him like a pedigree-free canine chasing a slobber-laden ball.

Slobber definitions


saliva spilling from the mouth

See also: drool dribble drivel


let saliva drivel from the mouth; "The baby drooled"

See also: drivel drool slabber slaver dribble