Drool in a sentence as a noun

I swear he started to drool when referring to IBM's mainframe margins.

I'm now looking forward to making recruiters drool.

If you don't like the stimulus that makes you drool currently, you can retrain yourself.

But yes, live inside your own bubble and drool at everything apple.

And I may be a gadget guy... Stupid technology and its awesomeness.... Homer Simpson drool sound>

The local councils and city governments open their doors and drool over anyone willing to buy property.

Ask your average person the difference between the accomplishments of McKinley, Harding, or Taft and they'll just stare at you and drool.

Drool in a sentence as a verb

One day we stopped, waiting for the tracks to clear, in an industrial area I got to drool over a bunch of BIG decommissioned power hammers.

I would have preferred they do that, but I have to admit, whenever I plug in my girlfriend's iPhone 5S, I have to drool at the connector that cannot be put in upside down.

If you want to drool on something why not seeing this made on SVG AND using all the CSS, JS capabilities instead of showing something made in CSS with fewer uses.

While I'll drool over the crazy new demos pushing the latest GPUs to the limits, it's always more impressive to me when people take extremely limited systems and file sizes and do incredible things with them.

Unfortunately it is now also true that on social media, those with the right perspective - those that can see social media at the thousand foot view - not only know that you are a dog, but also know how to make you drool when they ring a bell.

I don't even care about a CD player, the phone will handle it all through aux.- Cruise control is cool, but I won't pay a dollar more for it- 0-60 in under 6 seconds.- 5 star crash ratings all around- sell it with civic/accord like reliability for 5 years- then I'll buy iteverything else is cool, **** I'd love to plunk down on a top of the line model-S, I drool when I watch Veyron top speed runs, I love this stuff, but honestly when I get down to it, I think of cars like rapidly depreciating transport appliances.

Drool definitions


pretentious or silly talk or writing


saliva spilling from the mouth

See also: dribble drivel slobber


be envious, desirous, eager for, or extremely happy about something; "She was salivating over the raise she anticipated"

See also: salivate


let saliva drivel from the mouth; "The baby drooled"

See also: drivel slabber slaver slobber dribble