Foliage in a sentence as a noun

Dark red fruit against green foliage does not stand out at all to me the way it seems to for other people.

Yeah, but what exactly is happening in "foliage grass short?

"This is a Golden Sunrise carrot, in burnt orange with off-green foliage.

I would assume foliage is correlated to wealth.

People wouldn't like it if they left work in darkness during the high foliage season of October.

I tried my best to guide them to gather some foliage so we could make some booze and get things back on track.. but I was too late.

I have r/g color blindness, I can't see red berries against green foliage, but I can tell red from green easily.

Or the humid air which has been evaporatively cooled by a fountain or rich foliage?

The site was not public property, it was a private, for-profit, campground, which was mostly paved in asphalt and or cleared of all foliage.

> I would assume foliage is correlated to wealthLikely.

Did they just bulldoze their way through trees and use their long knecks to strip the foliage all around themselves?Elephants can do it at 5 tons, I'm sure at 65 tons they could knock down any tree.

Among the desert dwellers who eat tumbleweed seeds, foliage, and stems are Gambel's quail, ground squirrels, pocket and white-footed mice, prairie dogs, kangaroo rats, and mule deer.

Add to that the lack of seasons and the relatively monotonous tropical foliage, and you end up with nature that isn't all that enjoyable and barely any scenic vistas.

It's not about building an impenetrable fortress, it's about not being the easiest mark in your neighborhood.- Lock your windows and doors at all times.- Trim back foliage that obscure windows and doors from the sidewalk.- Ensure you have proper exterior lighting.

Foliage definitions


the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants

See also: leaf leafage


(architecture) leaf-like architectural ornament

See also: foliation