Dribble in a sentence as a noun

Like most real-time things we perceive and digest them as streams which dribble in one message at a time.

What a bunch of HacknerNews groupthink nonsense or at the very best, hippy dribble.

> “There is so much to learn and produce and improve that we should not spend more than a dribble of time living as if we were in Eden.

So where are these leaked documents?If these media outlets are holding on to them to dribble and drab them out to make a buck, there's a huge problem with that.

I think that would be more realistic but it might also lose some of that "pow" effect when you get sliced if you saw a dribble of blood pool up then slowly expand outward.

All I read was a bunch of knee-jerk emotional dribble about carbon footprints, lack of taxability, and the dreaded "some people own too many".So I called it like I saw it.

Dribble in a sentence as a verb

Once you're able to multiply arbitrary two digit numbers in your head or dribble a ball without really thinking about it, it frees you for when you're thinking about higher level problems.

When Holk, after two days of steady work, succeeded in eliminating meaningless statements, vague gibberish, useless qualifications in short, all the goo and dribble he found he had nothing left.

How can you be taken seriously when you post such illogical dribble ?To imply that US judges have been 'bought off' by Apple or by the US government is a huge claim to make that deserves substantiation.

The engineer, on the other hand, doesn't see the correlation between the company's success and his own: even if the company takes off to the tune of eight to nine digits, his little dribble of equity is just barely breaking even over the comfortable stable position he's in now.

The worst part about all of this - to me, anyway - is that they had the opportunity to be clever and funny about it and could have left it at the McDonald's-buys-BK PR stunt with continuing professional-sounding tweets, but instead they wasted their hijack by turning it into the exact flood of childish dribble that people expect when they think "hacker".

Dribble definitions


flowing in drops; the formation and falling of drops of liquid; "there's a drip through the roof"

See also: drip trickle


saliva spilling from the mouth

See also: drool drivel slobber


the propulsion of a ball by repeated taps or kicks

See also: dribbling


run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream; "water trickled onto the lawn from the broken hose"; "reports began to dribble in"

See also: trickle filter


let or cause to fall in drops; "dribble oil into the mixture"

See also: drip drop


propel, "Carry the ball"; "dribble the ball"

See also: carry


let saliva drivel from the mouth; "The baby drooled"

See also: drivel drool slabber slaver slobber