Drivel in a sentence as a noun

Don't waste your time with this sort of pop science drivel...

At least once a week we have people talking about how they "hacked" their focus, or their working hours, or other drivel.

They could use data from what stories were popular in the morning to decide which drivel to shovel out that afternoon.

> ****** some really beautiful girlsI downvoted you for this crass sexist drivel that drags down the level of discourse.

If people don't have an emotional investment in the site's success, they'll usually just write drivel and collect their fee.

Drivel in a sentence as a verb

There's also a lot of low-quality drivel on tool implementations or complete nonsense.

I enjoy these 'whiny, sensationalist drivel' because as a coFounder of a noob startup I don't hear enough of failed/failing startups.

You actually had an opportunity to leave the drivel behind and learn about something in depth from primary and secondary sources.

More dangerous than airwave broadcast drivel is our newfound self-participatory drivel.

To claim that a well known vulnerability source -- parsers executing code -- involves not only substantial new technology, but is a new frontier in vulnerability research?This is pure marketing drivel intended to spin responsibility away from Ruby/Rails, because the problems are somehow advanced and new.

Drivel definitions


a worthless message

See also: garbage


saliva spilling from the mouth

See also: drool dribble slobber


let saliva drivel from the mouth; "The baby drooled"

See also: drool slabber slaver slobber dribble