Interested in a sentence as an adjective

Didn't think so. "It's a piece of ****" says a highly self-interested blogger, and Hacker News jumps on that like starving dogs on Alpo.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has noticed any difference over the past day or so.

It's not pg's job to equalize the gender ratio in programming, nor is it his job to get girls interested in it.

If your landlord was interested in running a tenement home/boarding house/hotel, they wouldn't sign you into a year-long lease.

If my work mates are talking about something other than work, I'm probably not interested.

I think the description in the RFS is misguided:"We’re interested in helping developers create better software, faster.

That he's somehow looked past the person's "shortcomings"?It seems to me more people are interested in being internet bullies than achieving true social justice.

The sheer amount of fakeness delivered through ads and ******** mass media has made us very interested in "real" things, in hanging out with our friends, in starting families.

Our patron made the requisite politely interested noises and, at one point, suggested that a particular implementation detail might be improved upon.

"I read a great article a while back that I unfortunately can't find now, but it talked about a CEO who thought he was having a casual "hey, I'm interested in developing my skills, can you mentor me a bit?

Certainly I, and many other Googlers, are simply super-motivated and willing to use our free time to work on projects that use our infrstructure because we're intrinsically interested in using these things to make new products.

Interested definitions


having or showing interest; especially curiosity or fascination or concern; "an interested audience"; "interested in sports"; "was interested to hear about her family"; "interested in knowing who was on the telephone"; "interested spectators"


involved in or affected by or having a claim to or share in; "a memorandum to those concerned"; "an enterprise in which three men are concerned"; "factors concerned in the rise and fall of epidemics"; "the interested parties met to discuss the business"

See also: concerned