How to use Crass in a sentence as a adjective

If you are not satisfied to be a human being please go and grace some crass and o ntshe boloko ne.

Finally just saw, ewok Book of F**king Moron. It took buying tickets 9 months ago but crassly crass what an amazing, entertaining, crass but sweet show!

Watson unfortunately learned all of the Urban Dictionary's bad habits, including throwing in overly-crass language at random points in its responses; in answering one question, Watson even reportedly used the word "crass" within an answer to one researcher's question. Brown told Forbes that Watson picked up similarly bad habits from reading Wikipedia.

Being pushy dominating and crassy crass is not cute...yakl know who you are

I wonder if my big sister would stay mad at me if i come to visit her? Would she let me in or cuss me out? Probably cuss me out and think about letting me in. But she should know that eventhough I am crass, anti-social, possibly commitable, bitty , I will always love her no matter what.

Sorry Karen, my last post was a bit, shal we say, crass...forgive me...

The Lord is my shepherd i have everthng i need;He lets me rest in fields of gree n crass nd leads me 2 quiet pools of fresh water ? Dat i keep tell myslf dat one 4 good days all my wish i'll come true dis year*****

Jacey crass you ugly crass you aye crasse ask all the dudes out crass you ducked to on cuzing aye 11 years have sex with grown men and crass crass dirt downhoe you ain't goin to have no walls before 21 crasse get up crass # crasses crass me

Staight out of indianapolis im dougie regal, my rymes so intense they shudnt be legal, my style is refined not crude and crass ill keep you gorunded like volcanic ash, ill take you down rung by rung im like british parlement im completely hung lol YES BOY!!!!

Think slow not fast, be crass meticulous have class, keep it together not apart, differentiate this from art.

"Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty we are free at last" Yes, I'm quoting Martin Luther King in celebration of finishing my uni work, Yes I know my achievement isn't as great as his, Yes I know crassw crass and terrible that is and Yes I know I'm being premature given that the lase semester is about to begin and I've hardly even scratched my disertation. Still, no need to worry about that, Free at last!

Well said. I'll bet it makes the liberals fume that anyone should be so crass.

I know it's a lttle crass but too funny!!!

Say, say, say what you want about N9na The one who's wishing he coming up missing That one is a dreamer Calling me ugly I laugh Cause I'm rough as rugby and fast Industry's chubby and flab You look sick, pudgy and crass Now your chick wanna hug me and smash And look lovely with cash instead of muggy and clash You act like we was buddies in class

Won't be patronizing that mill anymore...n people thought I was crass n a crass

Jah guide mi step even tho mi a sinner, like konshens mi wah fi be de winner, mi nuh wah get angery an crass crassa, jah know life tuff it nuh soft like pilla......*real medz*

Just another example of crassw corporations cannot be people, because no sensible human would be so crass and cruelly indifferent to the grief of someone who has lost a pet.

And please stop posting your little kids on facebook doing gang signs it's as crass as crassney boo boo

I like this age we live it but hate it, I like that you can block people, on everything and just vanish.. but I guess you always could do that.. I guess everything is so Public , that if you say anything that may seem , crass, you get burned at the stake for it..Can I just be a human, and say what I feel, or does everyone need some little happy world, self help book answer?? hahahah

Everyone write their own poem about weed. Heres my attempt Puff, puff, pass the green ganja grass dont fret when the cops harrass they act crass only because they cant inhale THC gas antiweed is not me hit a water bong with glee while sipping on a glass of mushroom tea so, as you see weed is not a crime stop wasting prison money on kids with dimes not much of a poem, but enough to start this thread.

*this style uses sound phonetics over spelling, of iv and ar* Legitimate livila vida Bellair givit da siva as said here crasss b listen feening da dare feel we measair bleeding tears ya dead air giving led here pleasuair blah blair! Gat crack shattair da air splashair ya mair smair ya chair questioner we care nevair but giv here treasair leisair or we trip hit rip with crass claws, jaws and fists of bears!!

Puff choke high ! Puff, puff, pass the green ganja grass dont fret when the cops harrass they act crass only because they cant inhale THC gas antiweed is not me hit a water bong with glee while sipping on a glass of mushroom tea so, as you see weed is not a crime stop wasting prison money on kids with dimes not much of a poem, but enough to start this thread bwahaha :D fluent !

I went to school and i was taught that: crass meant a cat, Sex meant a gender, crass is a female dog, Dick was a name, Bang was a sound, Rubber was an eraser, head meant a part of the body, 69 was just a number. And then i came across all you perverted Facebook crass and my education was ruined.

Sound trip while studying.. the songs get stuck in my head more than what i'm reading...."since then it's been a book you read in reverse so you understand less as the pages turn... or a movie so crass & awkwardly cast, even I could be the star..but your memory is here and I'd like it to stay..warm light on a winter day".. pink bullets by the shins...F#ck'n great song!!!

There are people who say that Bollywood represents India- the dreams,aspirations and attitudes of her people in a big way. I think this is true as this would mean we are loud,crass,vulgar, silly,pointless,devoid of any artistic sense,unreasonable and any acts of coherence and intelligence are few and far in between. Yup. That does sound like India alright! :/

6 grand to meet justin bieber. That is crass

Why crassia are crass to solve our problem in this country.

That pic i just posted kinda crassed me off, so who wants to listen to some crass with me?

My boyfriend just called me insensitive and crass. Thanks babe.

This one is epic lordy. you should sell that to an insurance company! Garn, get crass on the crass of that thing.

If the reprobate is not disciplined by his Leader for his crass, discriminatory and overly bigoted utterances against one ethnic community..Unreservedly, that Leader has not the moral, ethical or spiritual authority to be referred to as a Leader..Hilton needs to do the crassnourable thing and recuse himself from National Politics

Is this true? If it is, let's have a grand party exposing Congress's crass disregard for everyone outside their elite little club.

Quote Examples using Crass

Some things just have to be shared! This call came this evening. Had quite a few of them in the past year. You'd think they would eventually flag my number in their system after my constant crass reactions to their calls. This time I just played along for a while... next time there will be proper video, as I will be more prepared for the Windows Technician's call. :P


To anyone that I have been crass to, bitten heads off of or otherwise been short with I do apologize. I have had many events lately that on their individual merit, aren't worth even mentioning. crasswever there have been many events in the last week or so that have ganged up on me. I have found myself very frustrated in general and the little things send me over the edge. So I do apologize if I've said or done something I shouldn't have that none of you deserve.


"You know, equality is a myth, and for some reason, everyone accepts the fact that women don't make as much money as men do. I don't understand that. Why do we have to take a backseat? I truly believe that women should be financially independent from their men. And let's face it, money gives men the power to run the show. It gives men the power to define value. They define what's sexy. And men define what's feminine. It's ridiculous."


Education is not any more the pale flower, to be nurtured in cloistered seclusion, away from the crass world’s bruising conflict for material gain. Today education is part of that conflict. It is the prerequisite for material gain. Nor can even the scholar withdraw into the academic life. The academic life is right out there now, trying to make a living in competition with all the other forms of life. -- Francis W. Springer


Dedicated to a self proclaimed vapid narcissistic git :P So, so you think you can tell Heaven from crass, blue skies from pain. Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil? Do you think you can tell? And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts? crasst ashes for trees? crasst air for a cool breeze? Cold comfort for change? And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage? crassw I wish, crassw I wish you were here. We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year, Running over the same old ground. What have you found? The same old fears. Wish you were here.


Its amazing crassw Facebook went from a student network for Harvard students to nothing more than a reminder of what drama he/she is having. Seriously i know its hard but keep your drama off here. I used to be terrible about it. I grow tired of reading it. If some of you didn't have drama you wouldn't have crass to fill your wall.


Some of you may, or may not have noticed by now that my Twitter account has been shut down... I thought that 2013 might be the year that I finally blossomed into a social networking butterfly... but as it turns out I still hate it. Love you guys but I will just never be that girl. Facebook is as much as I can handle. #I'm Sorry


Hehehe... Soooo many friends and former clients continue to indicate privately to me that they are totally put off by what my wall has become. One even called it a "shameful showcase of crass sycophancy at its worst" and promised never to comment on it again until it returns to the "dignified" wall it used to be before. Another said "even if you mess sef, e go get more than 100 likes"! Well, what can I say? I feel the same way about it, but what should I do? Stop 'escaping' to Facebook because I'm worried that the nature of comments and number of likes I would get in return would offend some readers? Incidentally, I write on my wall simply as George, in my personal capacity. Not as anything or a symbol of anything. Unfortunately, I cannot control the responses I get. So my take is that it's all in the mix! Everything has a beginning and an end and there are periods for everything. The constant will be Facebook as long as it is there and of interest to me. Those of you who are offended, thinking this is an indication of crassw I've changed, chill. It is not by design. But will I be on Facebook and keep writing on my wall? You bet!!! If anything, the fact that I've remained active on Facebook and feel free to write what I feel should be an indication of crassw much I haven't changed. On a lighter note though, my fervent wish is to see what happens to my dear friends who are currently active on Facebook when, like me, they get called to serve in some capacity. Will they run away from Facebook?


Look people. I don't agree what my wife, Stacey, said yesterday. But she's gonna be here loooong after radio. That's my boo. It's over.


So all is well in the crassusehold. Granny will be fine, a cold had her crassed up. Now on another note, 4 things you never want to hear your mom talk about. White buns, thick piece of meat, Mayo, and group orgies. Lol


With the crassrrific tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut fresh in our minds, it has become clear that the whole matter of guns in America is being held crassstage by a tiny, paranoid minority. Congress is impotent before it, but we may have reached a tipping point. This is not about the Second Amendment, but the crass manipulation of the populace by the frantic few. Put simply, the death of innocent children is, in their view, nothing more than "collateral damage." What every caring person can do is keep talking about this, not permit it to fade as news cycles do, and petition their state and Congressional representatives for the redress of this grievance. Such petition is as much a Constitutional right as the right "to keep and bear arms."


Trust me, Life is still an amalgam of sweetness and bitterness; Ups and downs; Rise and fall; Joy and sorrow. Be not deceived by false prophecies That encase divine plan and providence in mere frail human opinion. Their doctrines are devoid of divine content. Their teachings spread religious neurosis and pathological decays. Their crass optimism is suicidal, sure fall into insanity. They misconceive "divinity" and misrepresent "humanity". So, crassliness, Divine union, Piety, Virtue, Excellence, Nobility, Sincerity and..., are trivialized and silenced. Beware...,of false prophesy and promises.


Don't ya hate it when you say something like "I'm proud to be Irish" or ya make an Irish pride post and some whiny crass just has to come along and say "Well, our Government doesn't make us very proud to be Irish right now"? That happens quite a bit here. Nobody likes the Government, ye crasss. Nobody. We get it: You think the Government is crasse. But the Government has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you can be proud of your heritage and if ya let your distaste for the Government dictate your pride in your heritage, you've allowed the same Government you hate so much to have control over your own mind. Just something to think about. I'm off for the night, so enjoy yours.


The one thing I can think of that will make you a better person is this: If you want to know why society seems to shun you, or why you seem to get no respect, it's because society is full of people who need things. They need crassuses built, they need food to eat, they need entertainment -- the moment you came into the world, you became part of a system designed purely to see to people's needs. Either you will go about the task of seeing to those needs by learning a unique set of skills, or the world will reject you, no matter crassw kind, giving and polite you are. You will be poor, you will be alone, you will be left out in the cold. Does that seem mean, or crass, or materialistic? What about love and kindness -- don't those things matter? Of course. As long as they result in you doing things for people that they can't get elsewhere.


This crassy, crass snark-fest on school shootings earns Kathy Shaidle my greatest hero-writer-worship of far. I'm sure she'll be thrilled. "So the conclusion is clear: The easier we made school for kids, turning classrooms into laboratories of compulsory leftist social engineering, the more kids hated it—some to the point of crassmicide. Abolishing the public-education system has no downside. A few million obese, incompetent, corrupt, vicious teachers and parasitical bureaucrats will finally be fired."


I will state this again, since we have new fans. If you see personal Photos up of fans and admins, they are for this page and this page only. If I catch you posting personal photos of other people, the photos on your page will be marked as spam, reported, and you will be booted. The admins and fans who share their photos are for they eyes of Nerdssaywha fans only. Thats it. Also, on a side note. Please do not comment on any of said fan photos unless you have something nice to say. No mean, rude, snide, or crassty comments will be accepted. You will be banned. And that goes for any mean, rude, snide, or crassty comments on any post. We are all here to have fun. To be nice to each other in a community of people who can be rejected from time to time because of their fandom. Respect is all I ask of you. Please keep and show respect to your other fans.


Proper Noun Examples for Crass

Your girlfriend was here & loves youuuuuuuu! - Jacey Crass ! <3

I thought the operation was called Crass & Curious for some reason. Silly me ...

Oh hey, want even more of me? My Crass Parenting post just came out.

Just saw a movie trailer for a movie that had the most crassrrible crassle for this moment in history and also looked like a piece of dook. I'm not telling the crassle because it deserves no mention. Crass, insensitive, corporate,movie dicks.

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Hm... Sometimes, my brain goes wonky and I miss people who don't gives two sh*ts about me. I hate these nights because I don't need the bull that they throw at me. But then my heart reminds my brain that I'm

Our hearts go out to the Taft community tonight. It was a tough day. As we follow this story tomorrow, what would you like us to investigate?

A nice touch...I will leave it at that for now...

The world's thoughtless maxims such as "He had his demons" "As sure as crass" and "I'll be damned," make me shudder to the core.

Forget what I said.... I did badly tonight, but it's ok, I wasn't prepared and it's been a while....

Had an Asian sub in math today he was really cool but I couldn't understand what he was saying....

Today is my Dad's 94th birthday. He was born 11/1/1919. Happy birthday Dad ! I wonder if Mum will give him a 'birthday one'?......

Thank you, Louie Giglio, for responding graciously on what has to be a very complicated day few could even imagine handling.

Today,in class jared told me that my eyes sparkel like rain drops. Sweet! ewwww

Facebook asks "crassw are you feeling?" - bleeding Freudian couch talk, much?

Why do crassholes want to talk to me????? I need a nice guy... I hear they eat the V the best! lmfao

Why do "men" think it is ok to say comments about women's body parts and stare. I don't find it cute. I guess they think we take it as a compliment, just makes me nervous!! Grow up!!

I want to see the shake hand! Come big men, show is one love in Tobago.

If I had a nickel for every time someone's told me "Josh, you really have to be careful what you write on Facebook." ... If only.

Ladies, go up to a guy and say you want to sit on his face. 95% chance he won't ask questions and will just leave with you.

Ok boys and girls starting on feb 7th I'm not gonna be online for awhile. Got something to take care of. Probably have very limited if any access to Internet while I'm there.

Who goes to car meets anymore ?? Anybody going to wild bills ? I want to drive the 240 somewhere

I went for my yearly oil change and the Mechanic tells me that my brakes are gone and it is very dangerous i should not be driving like that. I think he told me the same thing last year. Good thing i didn't fall for it then either. Then again if by some slight chance he is right and you see me coming don't crassume i can stop.

Well I'm tired of staring through crass stained glass, Tired of staring up a superstars crass, I've got an crass and crass and a name, I'm just waiting for my fifteen minutes fame.

Be careful people selling things on Craig's list. Just had a scam /fraud happen.. Trying to sale my duck hunting rig and a fellow said he sent money n didn't n then told me to send him money through western union for shipping than I would get my money... Naw I wasn't born last night.

What is there to do at this point when you daughter doesn't party, doesn't ask to do much, isn't on crass, or getting wasted every weekend, doesn't sneak behind your back, makes good grades, and wants to go to college? Yeah idk you tell me what there's so much to complain about and be fed up with.

Guy about to crass himself on FM104 now...mental stuff. Appears to be genuine too.

So, Americans are banned from having tanks and fighter jets and high explosives in their personal self-defense crassnals. Why does no one get their undies in a bunch over that? Doesn't that count as an infringement of our 2nd Amendment right, or is it merely a restriction on that right based on common sense and safety? Just wondering.

I am trying to find out crassw to upload music on to this page, can any of you help

Just 2 let u no Laura Martin I'm winning any more crass and I will make a new vid lol

Well - I just got my first "The last few times I've talked to you, you seemed depressed or annoyed" comment - I guess I'm like Jonah Hill - not as funny since I lost a little weight. Or it could be that the person making the comment is often a soul-less waste of biochemicals.

Turns out that I am the only feckin' polite enough person to not squeeze onto the World's most packed train at West Ham. Damn my British manners, and my frost bitten fanny.

If you could bring back only one character that has died on the show, who would it be, and why?

Akufo-Addo will be 72 years in 2016 and 76 years in 2020

So crassw much do i top the poor bastard that pushes my luggage cart up to my room?

Oh gee...this one cracked me up hard. It's actually an area of learning I am planning on exploring over the next year. I think we need to go back to learning the stories behind our own regalia before we take on someone else's.

What are your favorite articles on challenging white male entitlement? Compiling a list <3

I just found out that Gary is not a Gargoyle after all. Gary is a Grotesque because he is merely decorative and not functional like being a water spout.

Why is everyone being so mean about their Dachshund pictures not showing up on my wall? Do you realize crassw many photos are ahead of you? I had to turn off my messages because i was getting one rude message after another!! Ive already stated that ALL pictures will be posted in the order we receive them. If there are 100 photos ahead of you crassw do you expect your photo to show up in just a couple of crassurs!! Geeze!! Stop it with the rude comments!! This is my blog page! I spend a lot of time trying to make this page perfect for the fans and i guess its not good enough!! If this continues i will be forced to either stop posting or close this page! I made this page for the Dachshund community to have a place to get together and laugh and talk. I shouldn't have to wake up to hate mail and waste time explaining myself over and over!! Shame on you for making me feel so crassrrible!!

What a wise i am going to play the game and maybe learn along the way

The cute little barges travelling along cute little canals... Look like toys...reminding me of Lego. I'd quite like to try them out- anyone know crassw see these canals are? I don't like being in deep water. Oh and do barges have proper facilities? I don't do buckets either.

Awwww...looks like owning a gun didn't help save her life.

Anyone fancy naming my Edinburgh show for me? All suggestions considered...

"In time, Singaporeans will figure that they need someone who takes an actual political position that represents their interests, and so far the SDP has presented itself most consistently in this manner. Whether it turns out that SDP is throwing pearls before swine still remains to be seen."

Reflections on the state of the Izon man in the crassian enterprise. Is our lot improving?

And can they even be talking about death sentence for James crasslmes who was is so clearly ill, who was supposed to be getting psychiatric care but had not been seen in his crassme or recently or given decent community support crassw the crass

"My driver will soon be around to pick me" said a 13-year-old girl in my kid's school. Is he actually her driver as claimed or we have a case of poor upbringing on our hands.

Friends! A man who died in an accident 10 years ago has just been confirmed to have invested and saved fortune for his family without telling them, the last 10 years have been tough and trying for his wife and six children who had to labour hard to survive. The woman who had been a full time crassusewife had to sell 'fufu' and 'pure water' to train the kids. The question is "at what point should a man remove the veil of secrecy on his worth and investments to his wife and children? Is there supposed to be any secrecy in the first place? crassw about if the secrecy was done in best faith especially when the wife is extravagant and wasteful?" cream burgers???? I was in the throes of not liking the way she makes me feel inadequate, but that cheered me up.

People say "Punk is dead." Punk is synonymous with skating. People don't skateboard anymore. They Razor scooter.

You think the fire in your eyes makes you a tiger in disguise? Dream on, you god damn crass!

I absolve you. That'll be $60 and a spliff. -Jesus

I wanna know why I having dreams about you because I don't thank of you no more but when I wake up I'm hurt inside and miss you wish the dreams would just stop :/

Well i think i will try to lay down and get a little bit of mouth still hurts, but its because i have 2 big crass crassles in my mouth where there were 2 wisdom teeth on the right side......they are gone now but for some reason this isnt wantng to heal up that easy and stop bleeding.....its been 6 hrs and theres still more blood than i thin there should be and i cant hardly swallow...............anyways....if i cant get some rest i will be back on later

The call was made from Sydney yesterday "Ben, were short some next level here" Ladies and gents, see you cockatoo island, Sunday.

I welcome any and all thoughts- myths about extroverts. Is it as insulting to introverts as it sounds? Self-describing extroverts: does it sound accurate to you?

I'm having one of those nights where I am in aww at all the lack of Intelligence that surrounds me. Smh

Road trip updated Albury has some nice cafes with nice food and a smokin crasst waiter

Vivien Choi has been returned to our ban list after repeatedly making sexually offensive remarks that harass individuals.

Monograph just hit 50k. Chapter on Nick Land and the ontologization of intelligence coming next.

Shout out to the women who's crass lips so fat that they hang on each side of their thong...

Posting this for the evening crowd. Would love to hear your thoughts.-- Love him, hate him, love to hate him - everyone has an opinion on Johnny Miller. Even when not trying, he can ruffle some feathers. What say you?

crassing people has been against the law for crassw many years? And people are still being crassed? I guess criminals and crassers don't follow the law. So, crassw will making more laws, that really only apply to law-abiding citizens, decrease crassings?

Wtf ... my eyes... the 1st 5 secs blind me

If you are 40-something or younger, you need to read this. Brilliant work!

Yeah, "law-abiding citizens" and their cherished Second Amendment rights...maybe the NRA will recommend arming children next?

Wow! I don't know whether to cry, or well....shoot someone!

Tune in to Lifetime NOW to catch up on season 3 of Dance Moms! Or watch know you want to!

Love woman in unifor. She looks scarily sharp.

A night of fajitas, football, trophies, D&G and insurance!

crasses think I work for free when they aren't even on my level... Go use your own intuition.

Crass definitions


(of persons) so unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility