Bitterness in a sentence as a noun

There are better things to do, and bitterness only hurts yourself.

It isn't, but I took the entire post as one rooted in envy and bitterness.

I'd call that more justifiable anger than bitterness.

Have you read the privacy policy on those lately?All this anti-Facebook pride strikes me as bitterness.

* I write this out of bitterness because I don't drink or play video games, which oddly I feel disqualifies me from working many places.

Yet nobody is suggesting any bitterness or jealousy... So who exactly is this directed at?

Anyway, although I think you are focusing on the weakest part of Greenspan's argument - the point where he comes closest to bitterness - I was wondering if you'd like to invest $20,000 in my new venture.

To admit your mistakes without shame, and try again without bitterness--to lose your ego, in other words--is something I certainly aspire to, as a programmer and a human being.

And I realized that the inherent bitterness and negativity of programming arguments and technical defensiveness on the web were making me bitter and negative.

The idealistic idea that competition breeds productivity and effectiveness is a flat-out lie. Instead, you get in-fighting, unfairness, bitterness, resentment, and incorrect direction.

Why couldn't better load testing simulate and predict what they're seeing today?Regardless, as many have said, this will ruin the name of Sim City, at least for a period, and will cause even more bitterness with EA than what already exists.

If you were passionate about a project and believe that, had you been trusted enough to be given adequate resources, you could've built something great for the company you amount of severance can completely eliminate the bitterness.

Pardon my bitterness, but it's an interesting question to wonder whether, by funding researchers to invent algorithms of this type and lock them away behind a patent-wall for two decades, USG is advancing the progress of technology or in fact retarding it.

Bitterness definitions


a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will

See also: resentment gall rancor rancour


a rough and bitter manner

See also: acrimony acerbity jaundice tartness thorniness


the taste experience when quinine or coffee is taken into the mouth

See also: bitter


the property of having a harsh unpleasant taste

See also: bitter