Resentment in a sentence as a noun

That's a lot of time to build resentment and hatred, if that's what was happening.

The racism was terrible at times, and it filled me with resentment for the first few years.

I understand the resentment, but the right course of action must surely be to not upgrade.

This breeds further resentment, complaints about the high unemployment rate, and so on.

Since the interaction is terse and factual, the students won't have much face-time in which to build resentment.

No amount of mentoring or example setting has helped, it just breeds resentment.

Most people don't want to offend you, so don't spend your time walking around with silent resentment over something that's done by mistake.

I think there is a real resentment among people who work hard to master technical details, only to have guys in positions like Jobs's more or less float over that.

Is it no wonder that there is some resentment of people who are perceived to truly be free to create?This is why something like basic income[2] is so interesting.

Their world view traps them right where they are and their rejection, resentment, and hostility to a better way of life creates their poverty and isolation.

With no other opportunity and with a deep resentment towards the millionaire, the fisherman's sons become involved in the drug trade.

I remember reading this published insight[1] from Marissa Mayer a few months ago:Burnout is caused by resentmentWhich sounded amazing, until this guy who dated a neuroscientist commented[2]:No. Burnout is caused when you repeatedly make large amounts of sacrifice and or effort into high-risk problems that fail.

Depression, irritability, and resentment are not positive qualities in producing working code or customer engagement.

Similarly, I'm assuming you still, despite the resentment, let The Expert tell you exactly what type of contact lenses you need.> What I love about computer programming is that basically all you need to be an expert on something is time, persistence, and an Internet connection.

But\n > setting limits on those activities, along with clear\n > expectations for what else these employees need to\n > accomplish, can help ensure that they complete their\n > primary work and avoid resentment from their\n > nonblogging, nontweeting colleagues.\n\nThe paternalism of this remark is mindblowing.

Resentment definitions


a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will

See also: bitterness gall rancor rancour