Acrimony in a sentence as a noun

It's seen as a waste of time and a seed of acrimony that we're better off not indulging in as a field.

If you're just trying to homogenize your user base, then you deserve the acrimony you're going to get.

" It seems like it would be the same message as a strict anti-cheating policy, but without the acrimony.

There's a certain amount of acrimony between the projects, which is unfortunate.

If people aren't doing that, it's somewhat understandable, but long term the acrimony can be poisonous.

This restauranteur thinks that tipping makes it harder to reward staff fairly, and that this is a direct cause of acrimony in the kitchen.

There's too much acrimony, with more attacks on ideology and ad hominems from the patent advocates.

Hey buddy, we have differences of opinion but there's no reason to resort to name calling and personal acrimony.

I think OnSwipe is in for a lot of acrimony without this, especially from tech savvy users who might otherwise be promoters in some spaces.

The price to be paid by technology professionals for this acrimony will be large, similar to what mainframe professionals went through.

It's like the Internet is the Babelfish from the Hitchikers series, causing more acrimony than ever before, now that we have fuller access to what everyone else thinks.

Of course the problem is the mutual suspicion and factional acrimony that would inevitably characterize such an undertaking, but then that was true of the first one as well.

Wikipedia, for all its politicking and acrimony, has a very tight community of core contributors.

Fantastic, the Treasury's donation program allows both preferences to be satisfied without acrimony.

Even if it's a software update, Apple bears the full brunt of all the acrimony, because when it comes to Macintosh products, Apple takes credit for the whole thing, regardless of where the failure originates, be it hardware or software.

In recent years the vote has become fractious and controversial, with widespread acrimony, factional polarization, and several outright assassinations.

Every divergence in values or priorities serves as the basis for an all-or-nothing struggle, that invariably spills over into the rest of society, and corrupts our social relations to the point that every other institution and community in society becomes polluted by political acrimony, even in contexts where the political state has no legitimate role.

Acrimony definitions


a rough and bitter manner

See also: bitterness acerbity jaundice tartness thorniness