Rancor in a sentence as a noun

If the time comes when you have to file a lawsuit, then just do it, without anger, rancor --- or warning [1].

Step back, smell the flowers, save the rest of us some of the internet rancor that shouldn't even show up here.

There is the possibility that despite the populist rancor, no actual laws were broken.

She had forgotten old rancors...."This bears repeating, because it's both interesting and unexpected.

In every case, some opposite constituency shows up with a diametrically and adamantly opposed POV. I'm not saying who's right or who's wrong, but it's almost impossible to talk about these things without rancor any more.

The failure is excusable and was always a risk but the dishonesty and almost total lack of transparence makes the rancor of some backers very understandable.

The point about a humanities background and internet regulation reminds me of some great dialogue from a Stephenson novel: "Randy was forever telling people, without rancor, that they were full of ****.

There's certainly no rancor against men evident in this fact-based argument!This end to the article is especially unfortunate because there should be some real concern about how men are portrayed in modern media.

The behavior of the Reddit community during this process, a behavior that was blatantly sexist and clearly occurred at an outsized volume and level of rancor because Ellen Pao was a woman, cannot and should not be ignored.

Do you want that outcome for women?I ask this in all sincerity, without judgment or rancor -- do you want a society in which men and women pay attention only to their own instincts and needs, and make no effort to construct a society composed of both men and women?

" They are bringing teams together and smoothing out rancor and NIH, getting agreement on things that are hard to get agreement on, researching things that nobody else has time to do, ensuring that Joe and Susan and Amhed are talking to each other regularly, and they know everything about the project, at least at a high level.

Rancor definitions


a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will

See also: resentment bitterness gall rancour