Tartness in a sentence as a noun

The triple sec is sweet and offsets the tartness of the cranberry juice and lime juice.

The cup is smooth, sweet, and with a touch of malic tartness in the acidity.

The tartness of the cheese is match made in heaven with the sweetness of the watermelon.

It has a strong taste of raspberries but is complimented by a nice tartness that comes through as well.

If you come across a Costa Rica, you should try it. It’s my favorite due to the tartness and fruit flavors that come through.

Right there with you on the beans from Kenya -- my local roaster has a Kenyan "Kifahari" that has a nice tartness to it.

If it isn't sugar added, those additives can add bitterness, which takes away from the crisp tartness you want from a fermented food.

Fujis are very nice but I notice that there is a lot more variance in their tartness level than in some other varieties.

You're not just sweetening the food, you're removing the unpleasant tartness and bitterness of foods that otherwise mask the taste of the food.

I like making it at home because I can play with the tartness a little more by adding in some grannies, and I like to leave in the skin for the added nutrients.

By removing unpleasant bitterness, tartness, and funk, it allows you to discover flavors that were previously masked.

They are a horticultural variety that was produced through traditional breeding practices to increase the sugar content, reduce tartness, and add the hint of vanilla flavor.

" Unfortunately, since both bitter and sour can be indicators of unsafe foods, with the safeguards cranked up, everything that has even a hint of tartness or bite tastes like absolute ****.

Cokes and Pepsis are reminiscent of each other, but the difference between them on, say, a multidimensional tartness-sweetness-bitterness spectrum is as great as the similarity between them on the cola-hotdog spectrum.

Tartness definitions


the taste experience when vinegar or lemon juice is taken into the mouth

See also: sour sourness


a sharp sour taste

See also: acerbity


a rough and bitter manner

See also: bitterness acrimony acerbity jaundice thorniness