Rancour in a sentence as a noun

Any large community has this problem and it’s best to ignore the rancour.

Say that they offered $150, but for the possibility of parting without too much rancour you will accept $100.

If colleagues harrass me, then I must confront them directly without flinching or being mean in return, and without any private rancour.

There's already enough rancour aboard this fractious and constantly-derailing ship.

And he would still have wet feet.> Without any special rancour, Vimes stretched this theory to explain why Sybil Ramkin lived twice as comfortably as he did by spending about half as much every month.

I've also worked on teams where hooking up existing frameworks was what they were comfortable with and any footstep taken outside of that activity was marked with considerable rancour.

Without any particular rancour, this sort of thing is why the environmentalists keep experiencing a mysterious and conspiracy-like resistance to their plans.

I find it fascinating that every time I see an emacs vs. vim debate nowadays, everyone refers to the fact that it's a 'holy war' then proceeds to discuss the relative merits of the two editors sanely and without rancour.

In an age in which religious, cultural and political passions were even more extreme than in our own, they enabled people to overcome deeply rooted and potentially dangerous differences, to live harmoniously side by side, and to discourse with one another without rancour, violence or abuse.

In just five years after gaining power, the Nazis were annexing their neighbours and confiscating the wealth of Austria and Czechoslovakia, which enabled them to keep going for another year or two."How Hitler defied bankers" was more a policy of expropriation – justified by hate and rancour – and then military expansion, rather than economics.

Rancour definitions


a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will

See also: resentment bitterness gall rancor