Sweetener in a sentence as a noun

A discount would be sweetener on top of that.

It is an outdated sweetener which is not widely used.

I've never had an artificial sweetener I found halfway decent.

I like how all the people who benefit from artificial sweeteners are refuting something which the study doesn't claim.

'"\n\nIt's true that artificial sweeteners have no immediate effect on appetite, blood glucose levels, nor weight gain.

Sequencing showed that those who responded to the sweetener started out with different gut bacteria to those who didn't respond.

Other sweeteners like xylitol, stevia extract, and erythritol are easier to find.

This write up also only implicates saccharin in the harmful alterations of the gut flora, not other sweeteners.

Completely sweetener free, both natural and artificial, would be a unique experience, probably taste much like tea.

Are there reliable sources on that?Also, using Lead Acetate[1] as an artificial sweetener probably didn't help matters.

What's more, the gut bacteria of the four responders changed significantly after consuming sweeteners, while the non-responders' barely changed.

Everyone is refuting the immediate effects of artificial sweeteners.

Can someone explain to me why it's okay to give mice a human-amount of sweetener, and not a mice-amount?This means that the mice got a dose per unit of body weight like what humans would get if they ate that FDA-defined maximum.

-- Switch to using honey as a sweetener and 100% whole wheat bread.- reduce caffeine intake to around 1 cup of coffee in the morning or switch to tea instead if that works for you.- Make sure to get as much high-quality sleep as your body really needs.

Enter the "beat sweetener" -- a completely uncritical profile of a policymaker, written for the sole purpose of buttering that person up so they give greater access in the future to the reporter and/or publication that produced it.

It would be like if say, General Mills came out with a terrible wretched artificial sweetener and then decide to put it in every product they sell because well, it's their sweetener - of course they should completely dismantle all of their successful lines in the name of their incredibly unsuccessful one.

The fact that glucose intolerance is induced by a high sugar diet and leads towards a path of clinical outcomes ending in diabetes, doesn't necessarily indicate that glucose intolerance developed via artificial sweetener consumption is indicative of being on the same clinical pathways towards metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Sweetener definitions


something added to foods to make them taste sweeter

See also: sweetening


anything that serves as an enticement

See also: bait come-on hook lure