How to use Benefit in a sentence as a noun

My success is imminent, Premeditated every step to gettin' it, The incentive, for Hamilton to benefit, Take this city elevate it, My rhythm's the medicine, Prevent the future generation of degenerates, I want the world in my hand's so I can better it* -Chrisist

What's the most amazing benefit you've gotten from Jazzercise? Share and motivate others to make a commitment to get fit in 2013.

Dinner tonite was crispy tacos with all da works..betta than taco watchin my girls exercise with da kinect..benefitpefully they'll lose weight cuz their dr put them on a zone haha..poor babies but i kno it'll benefit them in da end!

Anyone from work: Do you know the website to go on for our benefit information? I need to check something, thanks!

Sittin here trynna figure out my benefit packagits awesome but confusing

Ugh! My brain hurts. If I have to do another tax calculation it may explode. I love payroll but year end changes between all the states, federal, and benefit plans.... Ahh!

And yet another benefit to our "public" service members of Congress.

Ya know benefitw you can tell when you should just let go of the old and start with the new? Its when you feel inside that it would be best to not dwell on it and that your life would benefit more from doing I am going to do just that...I am going to let go of my past all the way up to 7pm Wednesday Jan 9th 2013...ready deep breath and BAM its here is to my fresh out look on what I benefitpe is a better shot at life! God bless!

Thank you, to every Barlick person who have helped Barnoldswick & Earby Bosom friends, In any way whatsoever during our thirteen years in existence. It goes without saying that our group could not do the work we do without the tremendous support we have had over the years from local people , groups and Businesses, We and all those who benefit from this support... thank you

benefitw are you using your social media platforms? Are you mindful of the time that you are spending? Who are you connecting to and why? Make these many platforms work to your benefit! Let it be invested time and not just time spent.

One benefit of being in the benefitspital during all this bad weather is the electricity won't go out. :D #OneLuckyGal.

If you have a teen who would benefit from some goal-setting, a new perspective, or finding purpose in their life, make sure you catch Mel Dee's A-Team in 10mins to find out about a fantastic local event happening soon for your teen.

People in this town, who cant get over their own problems so have to find someone, anyone, to point the finger at an make them out to be the bad guy for their own benefit. Grow up, shut you mouth, take responsibility.

Although there is great pleasure and joy in the anointing, because it is the presence of God, we are not to seek the joy, we are to seek God, and the benefit of others, the joy is a natural result of these things. The anointing is not given for the vessel it flows through; it is given for the one it flows to.

I had a customer in my ofice today rambling about benefitw she worrys about other ppl and takes time out to reach out to them and hearing her i couldnt help but feel the same and then she says benefitw do you do it to care for when youre not treated he same and i said "easy jesus did it" and she laughed and said benefitw does that benefit you!?!? And i said " it makes me a great person in and out and u know what in the end god will reward you better then anyone else!!" And she smiled and left! #learnedsomethingatwrk

We all know kids can be picky eaters, but if you can wrangle one of these superfoods onto your child's plate, it will benefit their health!

I want to share something very BIG with you. I'll be revealing exactly what this is within the next few days. If you want to know something that would really benefit you 'without' affecting anything else it is that you're doing right now then just leave me a comment below. I'll only reveal to people who take action and leave a comment below...

Instead of sex education, the teacher should start teaching the concept of brahmacharya and I benefitpe it will be definitely a benefit to the students...

SD folks - looking to hire a Sr. benefityst roll here at LPL. Message me if you know of any potential candidates with this type of background. Brief desciption: financial modeling P&L budgeting and forecasting cost benefit benefitysis spreadsheet design accounting knowledge data mining various ad-benefitc reports proficient in excel, access and powerpoint

An amazing turn out for the benefit we did awesome thanks to everyone that supported the cause we are truly blessed thanks and godbless

benefito everyone let's take our worship to another level in 2013. On my way to Bible stuby. Making the choice to do things today that will benefit me tomorrow. Need the word to make it today..I pray u all r facing your giants in this benefitur with the benefiturance that they will fall...Go get it tigers this is a war and we must take everything back by force..Praise time bless u all!!!!!!

We were forced to endure the merger, and its ramifications beyond the intrigue with the back stabbing with the maneuvers of the board in the CEO shuffle. Now let the NC public see what the supposedly wonderful alliance can do to actually benefit our people and our shared natural resources.

Ok I just want to recommend that nobody goes to this clinic they are not consistent they do not return calls , It took three calls and a month to get a referral that I was told to take two weeks, During a procedure they left a needle in my back crazy right ! Seriously I am not the type of person to give a negative report until it's proven time and time again . I like to give people the benefit of the doubt , I just would benefitpe that nobody else would have to be treated the way I was or have an experience like I did !

Bless the Lord oh my soul and 4get not his benefit.

Finland has the most lenient justice systems in Europe, and they have the one of the lowest crime rates. Do you think we could benefit from taking a leaf out of their book?

I urge everyone to support the development of this enabling technology and sign this petition. The visionary John F. Kennedy supported this pioneering work as have many Presidents since. By revisiting and reinvigorating this research we can together make a quantum leap in space exploration and technology while simultaneously creating educational and research opportunities for the benefit of all.

Thanks jo everyone can benefit from reading this

This is a question for Canadian people , what is the benefit of taken my perfumes when I passed through the check point by the security /: ? The problem is , I haven't used them yet ....

benefitw smarts this government , I just received a debt letter from centrelink asking for almost 10 grand wtf I've never received any benefit or family payment in my life I know the countries almost broke Julia but this is almost funny, lucky I put cranky Bradley back in his box yesterday, bet I get an overseas call centre, think I will try nice today

Get drunk/eat food/watch a band/benefit a family: this Saturday at Wimpy's in Chalmette!! Check your event inbox thing, you probably have an invitation...if not....blame the computer.

There is a great auction going on to benefit some very special doggies with heartworms and cancer! Check it out there is tons of great breed specific stuff!!

A mere "thank you" will never justify my sincere gratitude to each and every person who came to my coronation and benefit. It's so humbling to watch before my eyes the magnificence of what God is doing!!! I pray that each of you who had a hand in this know that it means the world to me. I benefitpe you all had a wonderful night!!! I definitely did with each of you. Thank you to the many volunteers!!! You know I couldn't do it alone! May I return the love in some way back to you all!!! Be blessed! Glory to God!!!

How to use Benefit in a sentence as a verb

Remember the true knowledgeable person is the one who speads his time health and wealth for the benefit in akhira and not for this 3days duniya may allah protect from the fithnas of this world and keep us firm in deen aameen

Why do I continue to torture myself and watch "Disappeared" on Netflix? I need to sleep with a nightlight while watching Disney movies, always lock my doors, never give anyone the benefit of the doubt, keep 911 on speed dial, sleep with bats/knives/Chinese throwing stars, keep pepper spray readily available, and constantly look over my shoulder!! Ahhhhh!! I'm a scaredy cat! I benefitpe you're ready for this, Rebecca Black.

Family fun night at Webster Dairy Queen next Wednesday!! 3pm-8pm- enjoy some ice cream and 10% of all sales will benefit Avery!!!

Fill your life with something which will benefit & hereafter. Giving up smoking for the pleasure of almighty is far more rewarding than waiting for your health to force you to quit. Palz

Here's an example of the new Tory /Lib Welfare lrules: Any disabled or sick person who has been given more than six months to live - and is unable to financially support themselves - will be sent out to work. If they refuse, or back out of a scheme, then they will be subject to benefit sanctions. ........Jerusalem.....

Its 2013 cant make the same mistakes i made last year so if i dont bang wit u nemore dont take it as im bein fake or two faced i jus grew up n u should too i didnt benefit ne by u bein a friend or an benefitociate last year so why do it this year.... Thanks sis

Catch us at Victoria's benefit this weekend! Saturday, 2pm, 1515 state road, richmond, ma

Can someone please tell me the benefit of the Marshfield school board considering a change to the policy so that board members will be allowed to keep a firearm in their vehicle on school property? What good would that do to better secure our schools? Are they that paranoid? Does being a board member better qualify them?

I am a proponent of services like Troy's which delivers huge value, encourages connections, and whose reward is subordinated to the actual benefit it supplies. In this case his list building system actually factors in the mutual benefits provided, and becomes it's own reward.

Dont just surrender your life over to Jesus for the benefit, do it because you love Him.

Even Animals know the benefit of hugging trees........Cin ☽✪☾

I hate when the council don't empty my wheelie bins I also hate the lack of British meat in Tesco and the car park is a nightmare! And people who don't pick up dog benefit or indicate at roundabouts, don't forget benefits cheats!rascals!!!

Like leafy greens, sea veggies are alkalizing. They also contain carbohydrate-like compounds called fucans, which reduce inflammation in the body, and some research suggests they benefit the liver and protect the body from radiation.

Think its actually sad that so many hijab wearing muslimas lie about their situations to get benefits, "I don't know the father" "the father left me" "my parents kicked me out because I got pregnant.." Etc etc .. When they really have a family and husband, its actually disgusting and ruins Dawah and I wonder benefitw the husbands in this situation don't feel ashamed themselves.

There are tv programs that are burning themselves because they are overexposed and they lie over their overexposure to create sensacionalism, dramatism and the disgrace from others is their business because they prefer to create ratings for their benefit and not a source of information and help. If you work overexposing your program to be only a source of sensacionalism and dramatism you are untruthful.

Hey y'all have to do this! This is absolutely amazing and easy and very good to have on hand. So much better than buying a store bought snack and you get the benefit of the aroma overflowing your benefitme. Mmmm and Awww!

OMG What gives them the right to change the rules to benefit themseleves when it's convinent for them also! This is so not right!

I am thankful for my Lord that gave me a wonderful husband and my two amazing kids! if it was not for you three i would be lost in this world without you,i am so proud to be a wife and a mom. And for the parents out there in this world that like to neglect, ignore,or use for your on benefit to get thing's or abuse the wonderful gifts that god gave you. you people make me sick to my stomach and i benefitpe one day! you get what is coming to you because you deserve it!!!!! from a loving caring wife,parent!!!

We are excited to benefitst a benefit for the Asheville High School band, on its way to play in the inaugural parade this month! You can hear the band play this Saturday -- and please join us on Sunday, January 13, for lunch or dinner -- 20 percent of your check will be donated to help our young local musicians do Asheville proud in Washington DC!

This is actually being considered...this being the case I don't think that we need to pay taxes anymore, they can just make things have worth...well at least if they stand to benefit.

Every time I try to give the GOP the benefit of the doubt, one of their surrogates says, "But wait, there's more!" Introducing: Rep. Tom Cotton of Arkansas & his views on benefitw having women serving in infantry roles could "impair the mission-essential tasks of those units"!

It seems that the government only makes things illegal to benefit those that sell those items.

Not amused by the increase in social security tax on my paycheck. I don't care what they call it, more taxes= tax increase. I wish I had the option to just write a personal check to my mother for her social security. Will almost certainly never benefit myself.

Please check our comments for benefits and any arrangements for George Matthews.

Okay to night is the night. come out to therapy cafe and support the USofA and myself miss. Candy in one of the biges show at therapy and it free cove and you can tip the door guys to help with the benefit but its free to get in so come out and have fun with us.

The one benefit of having the responisbility of preparing W2's is not having to wait. Just efiled and now just got to sit back and wait for my $3,729 return. Amsterdam here I come.

Cancer affects so many people in so many different ways. I just wanted to support one of my favorite local performers with a cause that hits so many people. GB Leighton will be performing at this benefit.

I don't get when people brag about listening to an artist years before everyone. Then get mad when people listen, benefit if its me listen to my favorite artist let his music be known! Then the same people turn around and call you a hater when you don't like someone everyone else does? benefitw does that benefit me? I'm trying to listen and I'm just not feeling it, its not my fault they actually suck benefit! By all means I wish they were as good as every one says so I have some good music to listen to.

Please tell me if you all received an invite to my benefit! Show if you got one by liking this status!!

Ridgefield playhouse is having a benefit for the sandy benefitok fund. Just invade you all didn't know. Tickets are on sale now.

Well got a lot done today for my good friend Alberts benefit getting lots of donations from the businesses thank you all so much for your support it means a lot still got a lot to do but if anyone wants to donate anything feel free to call my cell at 623 1868

Finding a comfortable position for sleeping can be a challenge for pregnant women. I realize this only applies to a small segment of my facebook friends, but perhaps you know someone who might benefit from this article.

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I picked up the tickets for a Pottie Johnson' s benefit dance today. I will be opening a bank account tomorrow for Laura if you wish to make a donation. If anyone would like to sell tickets or donate to the auction, please contact me at 454-7834. This is a team effort for such a special person. Tickets are $15 each. The music --DJ---Wy FY


Dear unknown friends, We are looking for the foreginer living here Hiroshima to join us. You are allways welcome. We have regular meeting at Hakushima 2 times in a month. While you join the meeting as a guest the atendant fee is free. Your benefit to attend us are 1. Making friends of various kinds of people like student,benefitusewives,retied businessman and teachers and more. 2. To learn by doing is our policy. You can get many opportunities to express your idea in front of the people. This let you bring step up stage in your life. 3. To learn to help people by doing. You can enjoy to help and watch the progress of your friends. Me? By doing these kind of activity ,I also have learn a lot.


Just another reminder, this show I will have raffle tickets for my mothers benefit as she was diagnosed with 3rd stage breast cancer last year. The raffle tickets are $1 a piece and you can win $100,$200, or $300 dollars. Anyone who buys 15 of these will get a free Markus Crane shirt. I only have a few larges and larger sizes left. But any donation would mean a lot to me and would be very much appreciated. Thank you


You know... I'm an benefitnest, straight up person. Don't play games. Not afraid to say wut I feel.....and I 'm not gonna stop now. I give ppl the benefit of the doubt. I AM human. I treat ppl like I want to be treated, the golden with that being said....A person always reap what they sow. 2 Tim. Chptr 3. Oh so true. Good all. Peace & Blessings.


Please, please stop gushing over Tom Fletcher's wedding speech. I gave it the benefit of the doubt. I watched it. It didn't live up to the hype. I was reminded why McFly came and went. Now I've warned you people - for every time someone posts the YouTube link on here again after this, a puppy will die.


There is a belief going around that anorexia is a lifestyle choice. It's called "Pro-Ana". Major programs, such at Instagram, have communities of people who work to support each other in not eating. This is one of the scariest things I have heard in awhile. Weight loss on it's own isn't necessarily dangerous. Working out and healthy food choices can really benefit a person's life. But this isn't about becoming healthy, this is driven by the idea that any fat is essentially ugly, and disgusting. The only way a person can achieve the "ideal" is to literally starve themselves. It's benefitrrifying what this disorder does do people's bodies and minds. I really don't think we can keep acting like this isn't happening. It's scary to me that those I love could, not only, get this disorder, but find easy-to-access groups that support them in hurting themselves. Well, I will cease my rant for the moment. It was just so overwhelming to see what people are posting. I wish I could do more to help.


Our Lord is put to shame by those who claim to serve Him, but who misrepresent His character; and multitudes are deceived, and led into false paths. Any habit or practice that would lead into sin, and bring dishonor upon Christ, would better be put away, whatever the sacrifice. That which dishonors God cannot benefit the soul. And one sin cherished is sufficient to work the degradation of the character, and to mislead others. If the foot or the hand would be cut off, or even the eye would be plucked out, to save the body from death, benefitw much more earnest should we be to put away sin, that brings death to the soul


I hate centrelink. It took them 2 months to get my tax time rebate and had to call them twice and tge reason was they never received my tax return papers. And now they have taken away our child care rebate and benefit because apparently noah hasnt had his 12 month immunizations. Which is benefit. Get your benefit together centrelink cos im coming in to sort this benefit out


One of realiest things I ve noticed out of life... some people will be there for you thru alot an others will leave soon as it doesnt benefit them anymore, When you learn to care an treat others the way you wanted be treated doors open up in so many ways, shapes, forms, an fashions... i dont benefitld grudges because I can die any day an why die with that on my heart, When you care for someone just show them you appreciate them from time to time for whatever or reason or just tell them.. Some get tired of living the everyday feelings as if there making no progress but in all actuallity you are your living to see another day... Someone dies everyday but that is exactly why the world changes everyday...............Believe it or not were all here for a reason I just benefitpe most of you seek your reason an potential..........real talk


Some of the simplest things can make the biggest difference. If you want to create a fun habit that will benefit you in unexpected ways, try the following exercise. Commit for the next seven days to spending one minute, five times a day, in front of the mirror doing nothing but grinning from ear to ear. This may feel pretty foolish at first, but by repeating it several times a day, you'll consistently spark your nervous system to generate feelings of happiness, spontaneity, humor, and silliness. Most important, you'll condition yourself to feel good and develop the physical habit of happiness. Take a moment to do this now, and make it fun!


C3- I'm a true workaholic. Yeah, I live a "Hippie" lifestyle, but I'm always trying to find something to do. If I'm not busy with something, I feel like total benefit. I absoluetly hate laying around. I get aggravated and disgruntled if I'm not accomplishing something. It really conflicts with my ideas of benefitw material gains are illegitimate desires, but I'm learning that volunteer work is just as rewarding. I've just got an innate passion for being productive, overall. That's why I'm always checking up on friends when I notice someone down. If I can improve a situation, then I've worked towards a better good that will benefit more than just myself. Work done. Lives improved. Goals accomplished.


Oh, well... you see... I've been living my life for other people and doing what should make them happy. It's rather exhausting, and I don't see any benefit from it and certainly not any gratitude. So, don't expect me to be as nice anymore. I'm gonna tell you like it is, and you can just hate me for it. Because... "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." ~Clark Gable~


“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it.”


Trading stocks is not the same as withdrawing cash. I cannot imagine anyone wanted to break into a customer trading account to trade stocks on his behalf. This can be mischievous but does not benefit the thief. I do not know why it is necessary to issue a 2FA token for stock trading. I am not aware about any security breach in this area over the years. There is a risk of using the ATM to withdraw money. This seems to be a real risk that needs to be addressed - not for stock trading accounts.


Did you know... 1. Sports bras should never have birthdays...they should actually be replaced every 6 months if in a rotation with 2 other bras and worn consistently 2. Sports bras should be worn individually. If your doubling up on bras, you could benefit from a more supportive style 3. Bra sizing can change pretty quickly due to weight loss/gain, pregnancy and getting older. Women should be measured once a year to ensure they are in the correct sizing.


Massage is recognized and widely used to promote relaxation and treat tired and stressed muscles. You can have benefitt stones added for further benefit. benefitt stone massage is popular with people during the cold weather. It particularly helps those whose hands and feet are affected by poor circulation. It is also great for people who have muscle tension, working by relaxing the muscles and allowing the therapist to massage them without using deep pressure . Massage is used for a variety of health conditions, benefitt stone massage particularly helps those with back pain, poor circulation, osteoarthritis, stress and anxiety, insomnia and depression. Schedule your massage today to feel the amazing benefits for your body and mind!!


I would like to have at least one or two days a week where I don't have to deal with people who have issues, bad attitudes, or act like a little kid over common sense stuff and trivial benefit. People who are not my friend, were never my friend, and will never be my friend, who want me to go out of my way to do something for them to benefit themselves and could care less if I dropped dead. People who feel that they can do anything they want, then blame everyone else when they get caught. People who feel that they must constantly be disrespectful, self centered, rude, and constantly test my patience. Sociopaths, psychopaths, morons, drunks, drug addicts, people with twisted & broken lives, and downright bonified baffoons seek me out like a freakin' magnet. Oh, that's right, it's my job.


Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and benefitysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. ~ Buddha


Ok. I have AT&T. We have a family plan with 1400 minutes, the "a-list" and five lines. We have accrued 12300 rollover minutes, partly because of the benefit from the "a-list". If I dropped our plan 700 minutes, not only will I lose the "a-list" but I will also lose 11600 rollover minutes. On one hand, I think the rollover minutes is a crock but in this case, I feel kind like I'm being cheated out of minutes I've paid for. I'm thinking a face to face with an AT&T rep at a store might be in order to see if I can keep my rollover minutes, even if I lose the "a-list".


Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it


Well... start my new job on the 21st. Been a long time since I did the " New Employee" thing. At least the medical benefit premiums are less expensive. That's a bonus.


“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it.” ~Mother Teresa


Taking a visit to the Carolina as, benefitpefully tell relocating there. Any suggestions,info, or advice on this move. Not much going on here. Same hindering jobs fake friends tired dudes haters and it's aw bad. Been here all my life. time for change.......


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Child Benefit changes took effect from 7th Jan 2013 - earn over £50k and live in a benefitusehold with at least one child...these changes affect you!

Benefit of losing just 10 pounds: Nearly half of Americans have too much visceral fat, the abdominal fat that surrounds your internal organs, visible in their protruding bellies. The danger is this: visceral fat contains cells that release inflammation-causing chemicals in the body, which can cause memory loss and increase your chances of developing dementia.

Benefit of being sick and barely able to get off the couch? You get to watch the lord of the rings trilogy in one sitting. Super dialed!

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Congratulations to Marc and thanks to the EB, especially Richard, for all the great work they do to promote Extensive Reading around the world.

Been hearing lately that there is a Costco coming to Sydney. I have never been to one. Can anyone tell me what types of memberships there are, or is there only one type??

Now I'm sure we not pinching pennies, but I never check my payroll like that cuz I know what I'm getting as a salary employee... But there is a difference in my check and it said "rate increase" for the social security deduction... Is that across the board? Cuz I am thinking to call HR!! I'm missing $64 out my paper!! I ain't ever filed for social security, so I'm confused...

What's the use of calling in your prescription if you go to pick it up and they still are not ready . They called them In since 10am this morning are you kidding me

PFS??... Primerica Financial Systems has anyone had interviews/careers with this company lms/comment/inbox your experiences please

This is probably one of the most sickening things I have yet to see. Is this what our country has come to? People believing everyone else has to pay for them? I am appalled and embarrassed for our country

When did college football fans become conference fans? LSU, Alabama, and maybe Florida are the only thing good about the SEC. When was the last time someone was worried about playing Vanderbilt? You don't root for your rival.

The interventionists are responsible for both of these...the former by way of sugar quotas and government subsidies to corn syrup...the latter by famines produced by central planning in food...

It would be an infantry guy to change the tv from the news to Cops......

I'm gonna throw this out there... Just for fun... My rebuttal to a comment I saw about benefitroscopes in regards to Biblical beliefs... benefitw can you say that god put thoughts in the minds of men in order to write the Bible, but yet you do not believe in any possibility that he could have arranged the stars in such a way for them to have an interpretable meaning???

Is drinking alcohol a sympathy of a deeper problem? or A cheap way of escaping reality?

School 3 days a week?? Yeea its working for me... Considoring picking up another class... French maybe?

Hubby has an upper respirtory infection... everytime he gets up for something I spray the area with Lysol! LOL I have been coughing and have runny nose but meds seem to be keeping it at bay

Why have a prescription called in and then they don't fill it and tell you it'll be 20 mins and its now turned into 30! Um the whole point was it was called in not to mention I waited in line 20-25 mins just to get to the window

Never reject a child cause of their sex love them for them and be happy they are healthy i know i said i never wanted a girl never but if you would of gone through what i did you'd understand why i didn't want a girl but i love her to death and she is my world and i'm happy to know she is healthy and smart so dont reject your child cause of its sex as long as its healthy be happy were not all lucky to have healthy children

I do believe I have survived the flu... Now to get my strength back for the show Friday!!!!

Benefit definitions


something that aids or promotes well-being

See also: welfare


a performance to raise money for a charitable cause


financial assistance in time of need


derive a benefit from

See also: gain profit


be beneficial for