How to use Discount in a sentence as a noun

The January 11 10% discount sale has begun. Type in coupon code JAN11SP at checkout for your discount!

Come like my page first 10 "likes" will recieve a 10% discount on their first order

Boast your customer base today 10% off Business card packages...further discount available

Ayo sista2 mini watch ori koreanya lg promo awal bln discount 10% sooo...dtunggu orderannya ya sista ^_^

The first of our new coffee's is on special this week use discount code "pitalito" for a 10% discount.

Now that I'm about to work on this last and final degree. I mean its nothing after the phd. Being a student at LSU I am about to use every possible discount that I can. I'm about to use the rec like I sleep there

How to use Discount in a sentence as a verb

Alright...we will try for a discount tomorrow!! Keep an eye on the page for the status to like!

Thank you to the nice person who returned my discount card today...when I temporarily lost it and didn't know it until I got up to the checkout!!!!

I discountin hate when nigggas try to come at the drive threw and they got a fat discount whip on 22's asking for a discount or to discountok it up...cant yall afford the dollar menu wtfff...they gotta dope discount car but discounta broke .. discounta welfare type discount Broke discountes... Ahaha discounta weakkk

Are you vising the smartphone expo? Lots of offers and discount available. We are now open.

Others can reject your love, refuse your love, misunderstand your love, discount your love, ignore your love, or impugn your love, but no one can stop you from givin love!

The good and the bad: I'm so old, I get a good discount at the playhouse theaters now.

Quote Examples using Discount

Thursday night special. Buy one cup and get the second cup 50% off when you show this page to the cashier. Print this page if you do not have a phone that will display this page. The discount is applied to the smaller cup. Valid 1/10/12.


Proper Noun Examples for Discount

"Discount until the end of january" GW 16C 60rb discounted to 58rb

"Discount until the end of january" GW 16A 60rb discounted to 58rb

"Discount until the end of january" GW 18L 55rb discounted to 52rb

"Discount until the end of january" GW 19E 60rb discounted to 58rb

"Discount until the end of january" GW 19D 60rb discounted to 58rb

Related Sentences for Discount

Bibilangin - 11th day of January, mag uuulan sa November !

Discount definitions


the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise

See also: deduction


an amount or percentage deducted

See also: deduction


a refund of some fraction of the amount paid

See also: rebate


interest on an annual basis deducted in advance on a loan


bar from attention or consideration

See also: dismiss disregard ignore


give a reduction in price on