How to use Discount in a sentence as a noun

People can and do work at some discount in order to work on things they think are important, but it rarely stretches as much as 10x.

Otherwise, B&N wouldn't be able to place a "20% off" sticker on bestselling titles, or offer large discounts to move remaindered stock.

Retailers like Apple and B&N/Nook have agreed to agency pricing on ebooks in the hopes of shutting down Amazon's ability to discount, with the understanding that publishers were attempting to force Amazon to do the same.

It may very well be a Google problem, since Apple was indeed successful in keeping the kruft off the iPhone, but Android devices come to market in a completely different way than iPhones, and as long as we sign over our rights in exchange for a $400 device discount we're going to have to deal with some of it.

You have a discount code at your checkout?

It makes me feel like I'm getting ripped off when I see discount code and I don't have one.

Until a company learns how to ensure that a business is obtaining a profit from providing this massive discount, without cheapening the product, and cannibalizing existing sales, the daily deals industry will continue to fall by the wayside.

What this is telling the consumer, is NOT that you are signing up to the VIP program and getting a discount because of it, it's saying "hey, since you're new, we are giving you a discount".Would a consumer walk away from the happy path with the assumption that they had signed up to a subscription in exchange for the 50% off for their first item?

[1] I should note that I received my testing laptop at a 20% discount, though after using it, I would be willing to pay full price for it if I'd had to.

How to use Discount in a sentence as a verb

How'd they make it to so many other stores?The kids physically go to the store to buy school computers?The kids are such good actors that they fooled the author & all other salespeople?A teacher would actually allow kids to pretend that they're disabled?No bulk discount or pre-arranged deal?All other employees in the mall were mean to deaf kids?Author doesn't remember which Apple product was debuting?I hate to be "that guy" -- but this story is most likely fiction.

The other is an open air discount outlet mall and it's packed, shoulder to shoulder, at all times.

If, however, the company can do a qualified funding before the note matures, the debt converts into preferred-stock equity on the terms struck with the equity investors at first funding, usually with a price discount, sometimes with a price cap, and typically with merger-premium protection for the converting noteholders for the added risk they take in being early in the game when risks are at their highest.

Is it enough to compensate them with a discounted price or price cap at conversion?

The original price took in to account a lot of users would be using a discount.

But, potentially, you will get a lot of customers that only buy because they find a discount.

Why do you think half the apps in the app stores have "Limited time discount offer!

Relatedly, your discount rate is probably too low, and you probably overestimate your odds of a liquidity event and the upside potential.

Discount definitions


the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise

See also: deduction


interest on an annual basis deducted in advance on a loan


a refund of some fraction of the amount paid

See also: rebate


an amount or percentage deducted

See also: deduction


bar from attention or consideration; "She dismissed his advances"

See also: dismiss disregard ignore


give a reduction in price on; "I never discount these books-they sell like hot cakes"