Scrunch in a sentence as a noun

"What does Bill mean by the word "scrunch" here?

"Do you fold or scrunch toilet paper" ?

I'll cross my arms, and even scrunch my shoulders over.

If you scrunch your nose when giving them broccoli, they won't like it.

"And then the source code got scrunched and I didn't have a complete listing.

Yes, and that something is to scrunch the right side not one tab to the left of the left side.

Nothing makes me more miserable than having to scrunch up my hand to hit the Alt key.

We used to scrunch down the wrappers on drinking straws, put the wrapper on the table, then add a few drops of water.

You want to scrunch as much detail as possible into h1 and h2, while making them as short as possible.

Scrunch in a sentence as a verb

They'd drink a can, scrunch it and then lop it out the open window before cracking open another.

Take a sniff, scrunch up your face, blow snot on the ground, load up your elephant gun and head to Africa for King and Country!

""I actually used [be] to edit itself and scrunched the source code - sort of old home day, because we used to do that all the time.

""If that scrunch had not happened, vi would have multiple windows, and I might have put in some programmability - but I don't know.

It was not unknown for folks to photocopy one, scrunch it up, and wander into a convenience store in the early hours when the staffer was tired...

It seems like the heating/cooling might even cause the steel to weaken enough such that, rather than rolling the tube towards the station, it would start to scrunch like an accordion.

You'd occasionally hear stories of people who'd simply photocopy the bill on standard paper, scrunch it up to look used, then find a sleepy clerk at a late night convenience store.

I call this the "no mercy" phase, where these newly-minted senior programmers think defensive programming is for noobs, and scrunch their C code down to the fewest number of lines and characters.

Have you ... ever tried it?My experience of it decades ago was anything other than 'elegant', unless having one's face scrunch up like a bulldog pissing on a nettle before exploding into a sneezing fit can be considered 'elegant'.

Scrunch definitions


a crunching noise


make a noise typical of an engine lacking lubricants

See also: crump thud


sit on one's heels; "In some cultures, the women give birth while squatting"; "The children hunkered down to protect themselves from the sandstorm"

See also: squat crouch hunker


make wrinkles or creases on a smooth surface; make a pressed, folded or wrinkled line in; "The dress got wrinkled"; "crease the paper like this to make a crane"

See also: wrinkle ruckle crease crinkle crisp