Photograph in a sentence as a noun

"You know how photographs work, with copyright and all.

This one photograph lends better context to the story than all the others combined.

Bob reports that the ****** is complete and sends the photograph, which DPR accepts as genuine.

You should look at hundreds of photos a day, that's the only way to develop your photographic taste.

It can be drawn with skill and make the same point, but it is not a photograph and so does not deserve a photography award.

Of all art forms, photography has some of the least claim on being an entirely original creation of the artist.

If there's a photograph up online of me, I own it."I guess lawyers don't read the terms and conditions when they use websites, either.

I got routine calls from the same rep for about 3 days and also continuous text messages asking me to submit just the photograph.

Yet these paintings don't appear to suffer from such distortion, the shape and color reproduction is as exact as a tracing or photograph.

Photograph in a sentence as a verb

They do not work like photographs or audio recordings; instead memories are laid down in nerve connections and are refreshed by running through them again.

I was working on this with a painting teacher at the school I go to, whose fascination with unconventional forms of photography got me interested as well.

I remember when I just got into photography, I was looking at all the cool photos and I really wanted to know the f-stop, the exposure, the ISO that the author used.

The photograph of the Earth from the moon by the Apollo 8 astronauts has been enormously inspirational throughout history, for example.

I have a photograph from those days showing me seated at the controls of a commercial airliner, which the crew of the airliner took after I boarded a flight early in the boarding process.

Bob quotes a price, which DPR says is twice the last price that DPR has arranged a ****** at. DPR eventually agrees to the price, pays, and instructs Bob to take a photograph of the corpse with a random alphanumeric string in the frame, to ascertain that the photograph was indeed produced after the request.

They gave us pushback when we refused to sign a liability waiver before getting treatment and we had some security guy who kept insisting to come into our room to photograph the shoes my wife was wearing at the time.

I wonder how the photographer would feel if the company that manufactured the trumpet played by Miles Davis had claimed that his photograph violated the copyright of their "sculpture" and the tailor Miles got his suit from also protested.

I think the number of applications which had buffer overflows at least at some point is statistically indistinguishable from 100%.Try this hotel analogy: you go to a hotel in which you once stayed, and tell them that you're going to dump every bit of possessions and furnishings in all the rooms outside on the street, rifle through them, set them on fire, then photograph all their guests in the nude and distribute the pictures.

Photograph definitions


a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material

See also: photo exposure picture


record on photographic film; "I photographed the scene of the accident"; "She snapped a picture of the President"

See also: snap shoot


undergo being photographed in a certain way; "Children photograph well"