Photo in a sentence as a noun

But just like his dumb *** comments posting photos cannot be undone.

IMO the problem isn't that he looks 20, but rather that he looks pretty douchey in that photo.

Most importantly: what are the substitutes to this photo and how much do they cost?

I was a huge believe in the mobile photo sharing opportunity, and I went for it with all of my heart.

Is that scallion?How can this article be trusted when their choice of stock photo is so wrong I question if they've ever even had the dish?

The only thing novel or unique is the fact is that some genius realized that with enough legal terms, you could patent a photo shoot.

Therefore I don't post anything and keep my best photos up.- Speaking of getting laid, too much girl drama whenever I add them on facebook.

It seems highly possible that users self-select a photo that will best affirm the image of themselves they wish to cultivate.

Sometimes he'd get their wives/husbands on the phone, and he'd nicely explain that he was an artist, and would they mind if he borrowed the family photo album?

Microsoft Press was one of his favorite clients back in the day. Growing up, he'd tell me stories of disorganized secretaries at Microsoft sending him awful reference photos, so he'd look up the execs in the phonebook and call them at home.

As for the photo, I think it's actually kind of an interestingly shot, but I don't think it's the one you want plastered all over the interwebs in a crisis scenario.

I don't want you posting a photo of us together, because that sends the signal to other girls that I'm not available when I would definitely consider myself so. I also don't want pics of me and a bunch of my guy friends, because that's "gay" for not having girls in the group.- Constant reputation management.

Clearly it is not a cost-based market like gypsum, or there would not exist sites selling photos with royalties attached, or photos costing hundreds of dollars --- which clearly those sites do exist.

So instead of arguing about how much photos should cost --- because, again, they cost what the market says they cost, not what you think it costs to make them yourself --- think instead about how this discussion applies to your own work product.

But, exclusivity aside, the value of the photo also has nothing to do with how much it cost the photographer to take each shot at the margin, and it has nothing to do with the cost to make each marginal sale.

I am not clear on what exactly people want, an apology for trying?The fact is, I saw the writing on the wall that we wouldn't win early and pivoted out of photo sharing which I had ~90% of my series A cash still in the bank.

It doesn't matter what the commentators claim the various photos are 'worth' -- it's not their right to speculate, and just because you released your material CCL, you don't have the right to feel more privileged than someone who chose to exercise their right to be compensated.

Infact, I'd be more surprised if someone couldn't!The techniques used are not particularly ingenious here, especially as most of the photo's seem to depict some obvious landmarks to provide an easy point of reference, especially when given the extra information to focus on a specific location.

But first please provide:• Full names and home towns of your children and your wife• Picture of your house – include a clear photo of your car's license plate• Your home town, so anyone can locate you on Google Maps• Your work history• Your net worth• Your health history• Any notable personality traits you have, so the whole world can comment on themSeriously, put up or shut up.

Photo definitions


a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide; recorded by a camera on light-sensitive material

See also: photograph exposure picture