Liability in a sentence as a noun

Honestly, AirBnB just seems like a massive liability time bomb waiting to go off.

Is it liability, lack of character, "best practices", what?

Sure, the network will cover your liability, but only because they have been forced to by regulators.

Not to mention the insurance and liability issues that aren't even remotely discussed in the post.

The CDA basically absolves them from any liability for user content so the best result you can get from "suing" them is that you would lose.

Had the settlement been set aside, the liability overhang would very likely have messed up its IPO, among other serious consequences.

On the macro level, law has been a boom business ever since at least the 1960s when expansive liability theories came to be widely adopted by the legislatures and the courts.

But where is the liability when no equity is being sold and instead you have commitments that backers will receive only little perks associated with a completed development effort?

"Doing free tech support for non-technical people is a wonderful thought, but it can also provide a harsh lesson in the dangers of unlimited liability for open-ended, no-fee, no-contract work.

That case involved blatant theft of Oracle's software by TomorrowNow, an SAP subsidiary, and was so bad that SAP admitted liability up front such that the only issue to be tried was the amount of the damages suffered by Oracle.

So, what used to be regarded as a dispute over garbage at the local dump becomes a massive environmental enforcement action by which dozens of parties face multi-million dollar liabilities; what used to be a distribution chain in which only the end-point seller typically bore liability to the consumer becomes massive product liability suits going back to the manufacturers and imposing strict liability on them in ways that can ruin a multi-billion business; what used to be the $.25 that a cab driver overcharged you because of some shifty trade practice becomes a major class action in which all the vendors in the area are swept in to face a protracted legal fight and potentially substantial damage exposure; etc., etc., etc.

Liability definitions


the state of being legally obliged and responsible


an obligation to pay money to another party

See also: indebtedness


the quality of being something that holds you back