Haughty in a sentence as an adjective

A haughty princess wanted to leave her pristine castle and explore the world.

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.

You're being quite judgmental and haughty toward a lifestyle which you most likely know nothing about.

Your haughty response is so incredibly out of place that I have to think that you replied to the wrong post or something.

You're obviously a smart guy, you can ask questions without the haughty manner and you'll probably be better off for it.

You come across as incredibly haughty and condescending.

It seems a little ludicrous that we're bashing the year of the Wounded Knee Massacre solely on its perceived surplus of haughty bystanders.

As a result there is a haughty "keep debating while we get the job done" attitude, which may be mistaken for anti-intellectualism.

And here it's even worse, because the author elevates these developers to the status of "great" and then paints the fact that they do not care for CoffeeScript as "haughty".

It's tempting to write these off as a stylistic device, but they are rarely actually needed; excessive use betrays lack of serious research, of which the author is unconsciously aware, but he is too haughty to admit it.

He was described as "remote, coldly aloof, ruthless aristocrat, living in lonely magnificence, disdaining the common people... an exceptional man, a lone wolf whose strength and courage could be looked up to, but at the same time had to be feared; an eccentric, misanthropic genius whose haughty bearing, cold eye and steely reserve made it impossible to like or trust him." [Interesting anecdote: He had all the walls of his penthouse office at the Tribune covered with dark wood, including the door, so that after your meeting ended, you would have great difficulty finding the door to get back out, suffering under his humiliating gaze.

Thanks for trivializing an entire profession, and the healthy helping of weasel words - I was running low."Church of Photojournalism", "journalistic rule lawyering"?Has it ever occurred to you that the journalistic standards surrounding photo manipulation may have actually been arrived at after a century of experience, rather than a bunch of tightasses obsessing over haughty principles, as you've so conveniently insinuated?This is something that bothers me about HN regularly - we have such a strong tendency here to trivialize other people's jobs, to the point where anything that isn't immediate obvious to the layman must be idiocy of some sort.> "To someone who isn't part of the Church of Photojournalism, it honestly seems very simple.

Haughty definitions


having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy; "some economists are disdainful of their colleagues in other social disciplines"; "haughty aristocrats"; "his lordly manners were offensive"; "walked with a prideful swagger"; "very sniffy about breaches of etiquette"; "his mother eyed my clothes with a supercilious air"; "a more swaggering mood than usual"- W.L.Shirer

See also: disdainful imperious lordly overbearing prideful sniffy supercilious swaggering