Swaggering in a sentence as an adjective

From the article: Uber built a whole system and gave it a swaggering name.

Let me say that Trump is a swaggering, incompetent.

- There is a special breed of large, swaggering, ignorant, low, angry white men that tend to live in small towns.

' The swaggering cowboy-ness of the whole thing was so tempting, as was the untrammeled greed.

Getting teenaged boys to stop swaggering at each other, especially in front of the girls?

It's trying to be a "pointed threat," but it's really pompous, swaggering machismo, which we might as well call "bragging.

I'm just saying I find that hard to square with poisoning folks in London and issuing dick-swaggering videos like this.

Nothing you can do about internet idiots swaggering around with an "Oh, yeah?

That's not some kind of swaggering nonchalance, just a very simple assessment of the history of price action.

Swaggerize-express or swole for the routing, but also swaggering-mongoose or objection's schema loaded from the yaml file for the database model.

That's why all these news articles about Silicon Valley swaggering around and swinging their weight around by deciding who sees and who says what represent more danger than you realize.

Combined with the heavy paramilitary police presence, swaggering around with submachineguns, it wasn't very inviting.

Having maneuvered a dream deal out of the DOJ's lawyers, Gates proceeded to hurt their feelings by swaggering about telling everyone that nothing had changed and that Microsoft would continue with business as usual.

To caricature the attitude, imagine someone swaggering in citing "basic supply and demand" to justify some socially harmful action or outcome by saying the laws of physics say a corporation must act that way.

And I remember that I dropped out of the very first coding class I took after a few weeks because I was completely intimidated by the swaggering guy classmates who threw around terms I wasn't yet familiar with -- I felt out of place and was full of self-doubt.

Gutenberg's version of Rabelais is a very old translation, but I append a sample anyway:Going from Bourges, he came to Orleans, where he found store of swaggering scholars that made him great entertainment at his coming, and with whom he learned to play at tennis so well that he was a master at that game.

Swaggering definitions


having or showing arrogant superiority to and disdain of those one views as unworthy; "some economists are disdainful of their colleagues in other social disciplines"; "haughty aristocrats"; "his lordly manners were offensive"; "walked with a prideful swagger"; "very sniffy about breaches of etiquette"; "his mother eyed my clothes with a supercilious air"; "a more swaggering mood than usual"- W.L.Shirer

See also: disdainful haughty imperious lordly overbearing prideful sniffy supercilious


flamboyantly adventurous

See also: swashbuckling