Feast in a sentence as a noun

Hungry people don't turn down a decent meal for the promise of a huge feast later on.

Search for [admin] on Themeforest and feast your eyes.

To me, your question is about the feast or famine side of freelancing and consulting.

Also the feast or famine nature of consulting can be a little brutal.

Since each person in the 10x network brings in his/her own dealflow, one person's feast can ease another's famine.

With a dairy animal, you go **** the guy who controls the next pasture and let Old Bessie the cow feast on the grass.

A feast's aim is to gastronomically excite the user.

I like that I can feast everyday and on top of that its much easier to eat healthy and make a good decision about the foods for your feast.

> Been fasting everyday> I can feast everydayPardon me for asking, but which one are you doing exactly?

Feast in a sentence as a verb

"Professor, without knowing precisely what the danger is, would you say it's time for our viewers to crack each other's heads open and feast on the goo inside?

They even share customers... our customer development has revealed that the #1 complaint from freelancers is that it's feast-or-famine.

Survivorship bias is a powerful fallacy, and far more organizations starve from narcissistic self-regard than feast out on their good looks.

Larry Page hadn't yet made his "more wood behind fewer arrows" statement, but the writing was on the wall that we can't all just feast off of Google's generosity and altruism forever.

Are geeks sexually excited by the eBay data?>pleasure comes from many things that are non-sexual such as eating>So let's swap 'geek porn' for a 'geek feast'.But why isn't "feast" defined symmetrically?

""Remain seated as little as possible; trust no thought that is not born in the open, to the accompaniment of free bodily motion-nor one in which your very muscles do not celebrate a feast.

In the great feast at your financial corpse, will your wealth go to the banks, as mortgage interest, or the hospital, or the assisted living... they're all going to be pretty pissed off if the cruise ships start competing on their turf.

"I am very glad every fool knows that too," said Wamba, "and pork, I think, is good Norman-French; and so when the brute lives, and is in the charge of a Saxon slave, she goes by her Saxon name; but becomes a Norman, and is called pork, when she is carried to the Castle-hall to feast among the nobles; what dost thou think of this, friend Gurth, ha?

I've got no idea why Americans get so worried that the country can manufacture so much stuff so profitably and with so little labor input that most their citizens get to work in the booming service and leisure economy made possible by that unprecedented level of efficiency, and feast on the luxury it produces, instead of grinding away on assembly lines.

Feast definitions


a ceremonial dinner party for many people

See also: banquet


something experienced with great delight; "a feast for the eyes"


a meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed; "a banquet for the graduating seniors"; "the Thanksgiving feast"; "they put out quite a spread"

See also: banquet spread


an elaborate party (often outdoors)

See also: fete fiesta


partake in a feast or banquet

See also: banquet junket


provide a feast or banquet for

See also: banquet junket


gratify; "feed one's eyes on a gorgeous view"

See also: feed